Nov 20, 2021
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Stanovsky: Europe will freeze in winter without Nord Stream 2


Stanovsky: Europe will freeze in winter without Nord Stream 2
FBA “Economics Today”

In an article for the author’s Telegram channel “Armageddonych”, the expert suggested that the certification procedure for the gas pipeline would stretch until next summer. Without enough blue fuel, Europe will freeze this winter. The EU will accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin and Gazprom of this, allegedly they are the ones who are delaying certification.

“It doesn’t matter who will blame, although it certainly won’t do without Poland and Ukraine. On the other hand, was the gas pipeline completed by September? Completed. And then let the Europeans decide for themselves what they want. Maybe warm. Maybe the other way around. Their countries, their officials, their state and supranational structure. They have the right, ”the political scientist wrote.

The expert also spoke about the settlement of the conflict in the east of Ukraine. He expressed confidence that no one will fulfill the terms of the Minsk agreements. The West wants to hold a meeting in the “Normandy format”, even if there is absolutely no point in it.

Earlier, readers of the German newspaper Die Zeit expressed concern that the delay in the launch of SP-2 would result in higher energy prices for ordinary Germans. They accused the German authorities of artificially slowing down the process of registering the gas pipeline.

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