Mar 30, 2021
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Stanislav Yarushin commented on the possibility of his participation in the show “Mask”

20:53, 03/30/2021

Fans are sure that it is the actor who is hiding in the Rhino costume.

Last Sunday, the seventh episode of the second season of The Mask went on the air. There are only eight members left on the project. Spectators and judges put forward more and more assumptions and guesses about who is hiding behind the image of this or that character.

For example, the actor and performer Stanislav Yarushin, by his own admission, learned about the existence of the show “Mask” due to a strange coincidence, because the artist is increasingly “recognized” in a Rhino costume. Moreover, he is suspected of participating not only by fans, but also by close friends, and even his own daughter. It is worth noting that Stanislav Yarushin was nominated as a possible participant in the project back in the first season of the show. He was credited with either the Egg costume, or the Panda costume.

Panda’s performance in the show “Mask”

The actor himself, who has outstanding vocal skills and is keen on music, commented on the situation to the “7 Days” portal jokingly and ambiguously: “I am being terrorized because of the Rhino. I say: “Well, I’m not in this show!” Although I can say “no”, but I can be there … “. However, the idea that the star of “Univer” may well be hiding under the mask of the Rhino is suggested not only by the man’s vague comments, but by the little daughter of Yarushin Stephanie… The girl confidently declares that her dad is definitely singing in The Mask.

It is noteworthy that participation in the show is stubbornly attributed not only to Stanislav Yarushin, but also to other media personalities. So, for example, in the first season of “The Mask” Maxim Galkin was predicted almost every issue of the Eagle costume. However, Galkin, in his microblog on Instagram, upset the fans, saying that he was not in the suit. And, I must say, he did not deceive. The comedian and showman really participated only in the parody project “Toch-in-Toch” on Channel One.

Recall that in the seventh issue of “The Mask”, almost all members of the star jury, including Philip Kirkorov, could not guess who was in the suit of the Sun. The most perspicacious were Alexander Revva and Timur Rodriguez, who unmistakably named Marina Kravets. Most of all, the pop king was surprised, who got the decisive vote in the final of the program. Kirkorov literally crumbled in compliments to the vocal abilities of the artist, hiding under the mask, and even invited Marina to perform at Eurovision from Russia. The Comedy Club star, in a joking manner, told the jury that she was open to any suggestions as soon as the Schengen was issued.

Marina Kravets and Philip Kirkorov

It should be noted that this is not the first “blunder” of the chairman of the star jury. In the sixth issue of the show, Kirkorov did not recognize his bosom friend Olga Buzova in a Pink Panther costume. Moreover, Philip took the singer for Tatyana Navka, along with the rest of the jury, who did not even voice Olga’s name among the assumptions. Recall that in the sixth issue of “The Mask” the Sun was also a nominee for the elimination, but then Marina Kravets managed to avoid revealing her identity

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