Aug 23, 2022
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Stanislav Bondarenko and his wife fused the children


The wife of actor Stanislav Bondarenko, Aurika complained to fans.

The 36-year-old model shared her revelations about maternal everyday life. Aurika Alekhina admitted that the summer months without children did not go according to plan.

Aurika and actor Stas Bondarenko are raising two daughters – 4-year-old Alexia and 3-year-old Mikaela. The star spouses sent the girls to rest, while they themselves remained in Moscow. Stas was busy filming. The model admitted that she had many plans for how to spend her free time.

Two months without children. Expectation: I will finally reach the hall, dance, I will devote more time to myself“, – said Alekhina.

Beloved star of the film “Street Racers” admitted that in fact everything did not go according to plan. “Reality: work, no hall, let alone dancing. I’m talking about care in general. I didn’t even make a single mask during this time, ”the actor’s wife complained.

Stanislav Bondarenko with his wife - photo from the archive -
Stanislav Bondarenko with his wife – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

And yet, the young mother was able to fulfill one of her dreams. The beloved of the performer of the role in the TV series “Talisman of Love” boasted that she began to attend sports training. The representative of the star family starred next to the simulators. Aurelia appeared in a white top and tight khaki leggings. The blogger showed elastic press.

Okay, actually, I’ve already started going to the gym. I’ve been twice last week, I’ll be going this one too.‘, Aurika added.

Stas and Aurika got married in 2017. In the spring, the lovers celebrated a wooden wedding. For the artist, this is the second marriage. Bondarenko spent seven years with his colleague Yulia Chiplieva. In this union, Stas had a son, Mark, who is now 14 years old.

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