Jul 20, 2021
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Stalin’s great-granddaughter goes to court

Stalin’s great-granddaughter goes to court

Stalin’s great-granddaughter intends to prove her kinship with him through court, return her surname, and also claim the rights to the copyright heritage of the great ancestor.


For more than a decade, biographers and Stalinist historians have been arguing about the number of real descendants of the Generalissimo, dozens of scientific articles and works have been written.

– And more than a dozen more will write, there is something to explore. The personality of Joseph Vissarionovich is unique and legendary. Unappreciated, – Anna Stalina reflects. She calls herself the great-granddaughter of the Generalissimo and has already turned to lawyers in order to prove her relationship with him through court. The most tragic story of the life of Anna herself.

– I was born in the family of Yevgeny Yakovlevich (this is Stalin’s grandson through the line of Yakov’s son), but in infancy I was sent to another family – also in Tbilisi, next to Dzhugashvili. In Georgia, this is possible, children can be given to distant relatives, – says a woman who is already over fifty. “I don’t know why they gave me away. But I will definitely find out. Only a few years ago I began to piece together the history of my real family – Dzhugashvili … Every month an unknown man in civilian clothes came to the house where I grew up, strictly told his adoptive parents (I will call them that), pointing at me: “Be more attentive and more responsible, after all, you are looking after Stalin’s great-granddaughter! ” They stretched to attention. Then, I observed more than once, the visitor took out the money and gave it to my adoptive father and mother, I suppose, for my maintenance. When I was in school, about the eighth grade, the same man came up to me once after classes and handed me a book: “This is a collection of works by Joseph Vissarionovich. This is a rare labor, save it. ” Later I found out that it is really an extremely rare book, released literally in a few gift copies. I keep it carefully to this day.

Bureaucratic issues

– I learned that I was directly related to Stalin’s family only when I was twenty-eight years old. One of the neighbors, an old grandmother, told me about this, – continues Anna. – By that time, the adoptive parents were no longer alive. I asked the sisters and brother I grew up with, “Did you know?” They answered: “Of course! Parents told us a long time ago. But what does it matter now, so many years have passed ?! “

– Now you are over fifty. Why did you decide to publicly announce the relationship?

– Well, first of all, who should have known for a long time. And all my relatives in Georgia, and my classmates, and neighbors … We are in touch with my brother Vissarion (we are twins), he lives in America, plans to come to Moscow – we’ll see you. I am active on the Internet – people write from all over the former USSR, they advise me to get involved in politics seriously. They say, as they say, origin obliges, and outwardly, in the opinion of others, I am a spitting image of great-grandfather. Subscribers talk about their problems, ask for help: “It can be seen that you have a great-grandfather’s character, punchy, help …” I help as much as I can. Now I am getting a higher education in law – it is impossible to support anyone without knowledge of the laws. I really want and feel great strength to help. Why has it become especially active now? You see, I got married early, gave birth to six sons. She divorced their father (he cheated, but I did not forgive) and raised the boys alone. Without anyone’s help. In such a situation – mothers with many children will understand me – a woman is not up to an active social position, she would have to survive. Well, when the sons grew up, got an education, got on their feet – then I exhaled, decided that it was time to take up social work. Perhaps I will go to the deputies. But not now – later. For now, bureaucratic issues need to be resolved. In my documents I have the name of my ex-husband – Bagdasaryan, but everyone knows me as Stalin, she took such a pseudonym. But I would like to return the one to which I think I have the right – Dzhugashvili. It is also important to confirm your official relationship. Probably, you will have to do this through the court and DNA procedures, I am ready for both, I have already consulted with experienced lawyers. Also, I still intend to claim the rights to Stalin’s legacy. For a long time and carefully study his works, I note with horror that in the public field his quotes often sound taken out of context, are twisted, the meaning is deliberately distorted, sometimes turning into the exact opposite.

I do not need an inheritance in financial terms, the woman emphasizes. – But I am categorically opposed to distorting the words of my great ancestor. For this reason, I intend to file a copyright lawsuit. Stalin is a powerful figure. Scandalized after death, unfortunately. It is time to correct this situation in the public field, to convey the truth to people. He is not a villain, not a tyrant, but a creator of a huge great country!

Victoria Kataeva.

From the archive of A. Stalina

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