Apr 7, 2021
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Stake on rejuvenation: United Russia primaries set records for the number of young candidates

The United Russia party held the first online seminar for people who try themselves in politics for the first time. Among these citizens are social activists and volunteers.

During the online seminar, the listeners learned about the current socio-political situation in the country, and what the data of sociological research mean. The experts also revealed the basic tasks in the election campaign and effective technologies for working with voters.

In addition, public figures and volunteers wishing to take part in the preliminary voting were told how to register and apply for participation in the procedure. The winners of the primaries will become candidates from United Russia in the elections to the State Duma in September 2021.

According to Viktor Poturemsky, director for political analysis of the Institute of Social Marketing INSOMAR, the participants in the party procedure are united by their focus on helping people. They say that caring citizens are an important human resource for political parties.

It is worth noting that more than a third of the parties who applied for the primaries are teachers, social and cultural workers, doctors and volunteers. The participation of the latter in the preliminary voting, by the way, was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with activists of the action “We Are Together” on March 4.

Konstantin Kostin, Chairman of the Board of FORGO, noted that volunteers helped citizens even during a pandemic. However, most activists have no political experience, so it is very important to help them acquire the skills they need to compete during the vote.

“The request for renewal that exists in society and the instant reaction of the United Russia party to this request is a sign of the openness of the government and a sincere desire to provide young and not indifferent citizens with an opportunity to get into representative bodies of power,” said the head of the ONF Youth Igor Kostyukevich.

Registration of candidates began on March 15 and will end on April 29. It is noted that in the first three weeks, about 1.3 thousand applications were accepted. 32% were representatives of medium and small business, 29% were current deputies of various levels, 41% were non-partisan.


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