Nov 11, 2021
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Stable development. Important issues were discussed in Adygea

The meeting of the Council under the Head of the Republic of Adygea was held in the region under the chairmanship of the head of the region Murata Kumpilova… It was devoted to the condemnation of interethnic relations and interaction with religious associations.

At the beginning of the event, Murat Kumpilov stressed that the situation in the field of interfaith and interethnic relations in the region is stable and calm. And this was achieved through the joint efforts of the authorities and public leaders.

Photo: administration of the Republic of Adygea / A. Gusev.

“This is especially important in a difficult period of a pandemic. Our task with you is to support the inhabitants of the republic in this difficult time. People should know that they can always count on help in a difficult situation, that their issues are being dealt with and they will not be left alone with their problem. On the other hand, the residents of Adygea should understand that a lot depends on themselves. It is important to be conscientious, to comply with sanitary measures, not to refuse vaccination. It is necessary to convey this to the representatives of religious communities and national communities, ”the head of Adygea noted.

He also identified a number of priority tasks in the field of interethnic and interfaith relations. Particular attention is paid to attracting young people to work. It is carried out by religious organizations and national public associations. And the youth activists, in the opinion of local authorities, are quite willing to respond to offers to be volunteers. They help pensioners, disabled people, large families, orphans. This is especially important during a pandemic. And to support youth initiatives, a Volunteer Resource Center was even created.

Murat Kumpilov noted that it is very important to involve national and public organizations in the implementation of state policy in the field of education and culture.

Photo: administration of the Republic of Adygea / A. Gusev.

“For our part, we will continue to support the work of your organizations; help in the implementation of your proposed projects. Now we need to act together and strengthen interaction. The main condition for the stable development of the region, for improving the quality of life of citizens of our entire country is public consent, ”summed up Murat Kumpilov.

They also heard information about the educational and social activities of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Republic, Krasnodar Territory, Maikop and Adyghe Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was noted that good interfaith cooperation has developed in the region. In addition, they separately highlighted the support from the leadership of the republic in the implementation of socially significant projects.

Also at the meeting, the issues of interaction of regional national-cultural communities with the executive authorities of the Republic of Adygea and territorial subdivisions of federal authorities, including in the field of extremism prevention, were considered.

Cabinet meeting

Also, Murat Kumpilov held a meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers of the region. The main topic was the discussion of the implementation of national projects and state programs in the region. In addition, the individual program for the development of the region was also considered.

In Adygea, within the framework of the implementation of national projects, it was planned to build or overhaul 19 objects this year. On 10 of them, work is nearing completion. This is a major overhaul of the building of the Giaginskaya Children’s Art School, houses of culture in the village of Prikubanskiy, Takhtamukayskiy district and in the village. Volnoe Koshekhablsky district, sports complexes in the village of Kamennomostsky and in the village of Pervomaisky, construction of a water intake facility a. Ulyap, as well as the reconstruction of the water intake facility in the village. Psekups and three similar objects in Adygeisk.

Photo: administration of the Republic of Adygea / A. Gusev.

Murat Kumpilov instructed to increase the pace of work, where there is a lag in terms of time. This lag is explained by the rise in the cost of building materials. We also examined in detail the stages of construction of four kindergartens with nursery groups in a. Hatukay, s. White, s. Sadovoe Krasnogvardeisky district and in the village. Tikhonov, Shovgenovsky district. By the end of 2022, it is planned to complete the construction of a school for 1100 places on the street. Mikhailov in Maykop. It is also planned to build a number of sports complexes next year.

“Plan all design work carefully. Many processes require synchronization. Simultaneously with the construction of facilities, think over the supply of equipment, as well as landscaping and landscaping of the adjacent territory, arrangement of parking spaces, ramps. Each project must be brought to its logical conclusion so that the objects are functional, comfortable and aesthetic, “- set the task Murat Kumpilov.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Anzaur Kuanov made his report on the progress of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of facilities that were planned in the state program of the Republic of Adygea “Integrated Development of Rural Areas”. The program provides for the construction and repair of 41 facilities this year for almost 1.2 billion rubles. Most of the objects are already ready. Separately, the minister informed about construction work on the following social facilities: preschool educational institution in st. Giaginskaya, in st. Kelermesskaya, h. Krasnaya Ulka, FOKi a. Gatlukay and H. Psekups, an extension of the preschool educational institution to the school in the village. Novosevastopolskoe, recreation center in the village. Sergievskoe.

Head of the RA Murat Kumpilov.

They also noted that this year Adygea is in fourth place in the country in terms of participation in this program. Good performance for the approved applications for the next year. So, in 2022, under the program “Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas”, the region plans to allocate 1.9 billion rubles from the budgets of all levels for projects announced by Koshekhablsky, Krasnogvardeisky, Shovgenovsky and Teuchezhsky districts.

“We cannot reduce the rate of participation in this program. It significantly helps the regions to improve the quality of life in rural areas. Next year we will continue to work on the repair and construction of social facilities, roads, “- said the head of Adygea.

Photo: administration of the Republic of Adygea / A. Gusev.

During the meeting, special attention was paid to the individual program of socio-economic development of Adygea. 8 large projects are being implemented here, including the creation of an industrial park and a ski resort. These projects are of particular importance to the region.

The report of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Adygea was also read out Zaur Sheujena… It was noted that preparatory work is underway on the construction project of the Lagonaki ski resort in terms of technological connection to power grids. As for the industrial park, the concept of creating an industrial zone in the Takhtamukaysky district has already been developed. Also, a positive conclusion was received on the first stage of design, which includes: construction of local treatment facilities; on-site roads and sidewalks; vertical layout; exits from the Enem-Druzhny motorway, as well as fencing and landscaping. The head of the region pointed out the importance of developing the transport infrastructure of the industrial park. For this purpose, a transport interchange is already under construction near the Enem settlement.

Another important project is the reconstruction of the Dakhovskaya – Lagonaki plateau highway. It has been completed in full. Here the Head of the RA instructed to pay attention to the organization of roadside service, which should be safe, comfortable and modern, while preserving the national flavor.

In addition, the reconstruction of the automated gas distribution station of the Krasnooktyabrsky settlement began, the strengthening of the right and left banks of the river continues. White in the city of Maykop. This project is rolling over to the next year.

For several years, work is planned to provide engineering infrastructure for land plots allocated to large families in the area of ​​st. Nizpotashnaya, the territory of the former airport, the eastern part of Maykop, in the village of Rodnikovsky and st. Khanskaya. The overhaul of the building of the Pushkin National House is 82% complete. On behalf of Murat Kumpilov, additional funds were allocated for landscaping, landscaping, lighting of the common area at the entrance to the Pushkin People’s House and the city park. The reconstruction of the freestyle wrestling school has been practically completed. At the beginning of December, she should start working.

This year, a regional program for the modernization of the primary health care sector of the Republic of Adygea was launched. According to it, it is planned to renovate 11 facilities and build 15 healthcare facilities by 2025. In 2021, the construction of the children’s outpatient department of the Giaginsky CRH, the FAP of the Krasnogvardeyskaya CRH in the village will be completed. Yelenovskoe, a medical outpatient clinic of the Koshekhablskaya Central Regional Hospital in a. Blechpsin. Also, the overhaul of the surgical building of the Krasnogvardeyskaya CRH, the outpatient department of the Shovgenovskaya CRH is being completed. The construction of the building of the Maykop city polyclinic in the Voskhod microdistrict will be completed at the end of 2022.

Particular attention is paid to the renovation of schools. Next year, it is planned to renovate 8 educational institutions. There are also plans to start construction of three new schools in the Takhtamukaysky district. The head of the region supervises the repairs in the Maykop secondary school No. 6, in the school in the village of Khamyshki, as well as equipping with equipment after the renovation of the school at st. Kuzhorskaya .. This settlement requires a special approach. Murat Kumpilov listened to the report of the head of the “Maikop District” Oleg Toporov on the results of the execution of instructions following the results of the working trip to Art. Kuzhorskaya.

Also, the head of Adygea also controls the solution of the tasks outlined in the course of a direct line with the residents of the republic. Murat Kumpilov voiced the most relevant of them again at the gliding meeting and demanded that the republican and municipal departments constantly and carefully consider all citizens’ appeals.

In addition, the issue of combating coronavirus infection was considered. Now the level of vaccination in the republic is 54% of the plan. Among the patients who are in intensive care, there are no vaccinated. The situation with vaccination in the context of municipalities was analyzed separately. Murat Kumpilov gave instructions to the heads of the territories to intensify the vaccination campaign and strengthen explanatory work, especially among elderly citizens.

Sofia Trofimova and the head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov.

“Use all resources to accelerate vaccination and herd immunity. In addition, it is important to strengthen control over the implementation of restrictive measures, including during funerals and weddings. Only comprehensive measures will help us stop the spread of coronavirus infection, ”said Murat Kumpilov.

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