Sep 15, 2020
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St. Petersburg reports on the resumed queues from ambulances to hospitals

"Well, we waited again for queues from the ambulances ... We are tenth in Pokrovskaya," Lev Averbakh wrote the night before on his Facebook page. According to the head physician of Coris Assistance, hospital beds are running out.

Vladimir Mkrtchyan

"COVID. Viral pneumonia. We detect a lot of PCR +. The available hospitals are running out, ”said the head of the St. Petersburg ambulance service Coris Assistance.

At the same time, Averbakh dispelled rumors that we are talking about "reinsurance" because of the seasonal exacerbation of acute respiratory viral infections: "They are taking heavy people," the doctor said.

It is noteworthy that last Thursday the readers of the Fontanka newspaper reported on queues of cars from the ambulance in St. Petersburg. Then it was about the Pokrovskaya hospital. The newspaper itself was informed that the number of admissions to the hospital had indeed increased: in August, 10-12 people were brought there every day, now - 40-60.

On the eve of the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova called the epidemiological situation in Russia stable. “The growth rate is no more than 0.5%. Only in 15 constituent entities of the Russian Federation this figure is slightly more than one, ”the official said. According to her, Russia retains the 40th place in the world in terms of the incidence of COVID-19 per 100 thousand population.

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