Sep 14, 2020
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SRSLY Blogger and Influencer Edition Launches Thailand Special Project and Competition

12:31, 09/14/2020

You can not only learn more about the country, but also win beauty products popular there.

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At the end of August, a non-trivial special project dedicated to Thailand was launched on the SRSLY website. In a series of articles, the country opened up from a completely unexpected angle. This is not a banal guide to the resorts of Phuket and Pattaya with information on where to buy the best fruits or get a quality massage, but a look at Thailand through the prism of Instagram.

In the first review, we are talking about millionaire bloggers and what they live and breathe. For example, you can learn about Thai flora from local Greta Thunberg with 1.5 million followers, who studies the nature of her country and publishes photos of a variety of plants. Or figure out what cosmetics to bring from Thailand by reading about the best products from a beauty blogger with 1.2 million subscribers. Or learn about gastronomic delights from a food blogger with an audience of 1.3 million people.

Mayan lifestyle and food blogger (@mayyr)

It will be no less interesting to read about Russian bloggers who live in Thailand. The second article is dedicated to them. The Russian woman, who has been living in the resort Pattaya for six years, raises personal topics in her blog, talks about her relationship with her Thai husband and his relatives, about their life and about the mentality of the nation in general. A couple who have lived in Thailand for two years now share life hacks on how to save money on vacation. A former teacher who meets with a local guy of model appearance, humorously talks about their relationship and, in general, about the differences between Asian men and European ones.

Diana (@urman_thai) with her lover

Finally, in the final special project material, we are talking about Thai media bloggers who are known outside of Instagram. For example, designer Vatanika Patamasing, whose dresses are worn by Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger. Or food blogger Mark Vince, who was even invited to breakfast by the famous Russian chef Vladimir Mukhin. Or the girl who made her a special feature of the fact that she loves to travel alone, and whose YouTube channel has 1.66 million people from all over the world.

Travel blogger Mint @iroamalone

And on September 11, a competition will start on the official SRSLY Instagram account in which you can win authentic Thai beauty products. 10 winners will receive a set of natural crystal deodorant, coconut face scrub, tropical lip balm, natural coconut oil, moisturizing coconut shower gel. It is very easy to take part in the competition: you need to subscribe to @ and @amazing Thailand and tag your friend. Important conditions - the participant's profile must be open, the age of 18 and the place of residence of the Russian Federation. The results will be announced on September 18 at 20:00 - the winners will be randomly selected and their names will be published immediately in the story.

Read more about the conditions of the competition in the post.

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