Sep 15, 2022
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Squirrel left 10,000 people without electricity

squirrel entered the substationAbout 10,000 people, including two schools in Virginia Beach (Virginia, USA), were without electricity for an hour.

squirrel entered the substation

And although the power supply was restored, many citizens showed interest in the cause of the inconvenience delivered to them.

squirrel entered the substation

Bonita Billingsley Harris, a spokeswoman for Dominion Energy, explained that the trouble was caused by a squirrel entering the substation. The unfortunate animal found itself between the circuit breaker and the transformer, causing a power surge and thus breaking the transformer. Of course, one cannot but feel sorry for the squirrel, but for what happened, she could only blame her own indefatigable curiosity and the desire to climb where she doesn’t need to.

Squirrel began to gnaw the found electronic cigarette

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