Aug 5, 2022
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Spy passions: the USA and Britain are in hysterics – foreigners take the FBI under the “cap”

Spy passions: the US and Britain are in hysterics - foreigners take the FBI under the

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There is a new epidemic in the USA. Her name, however, is old: spy mania. It developed among the Yankees, it seems, against the backdrop of the Ukrainian events, provoked by them. It struck the employees not of some trust there, but of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in which, as it is believed, everything is tracked and “caught” everywhere, a provocative mouse will not slip through, an unfriendly mosquito will not fly by unnoticed.

Nervous SOS are now rushing from there: Beijing, they say, is about to take the FBI under the “cap”. Of the details, there are only hints of some kind of super-powerful Chinese equipment located on American territory near important military installations. Under certain conditions, it can allegedly seize control of the US nuclear arsenal – no more, no less!

It all started five years ago when the Chinese government offered the US a $100 million investment project to build an ornate Chinese garden in Washington DC. With an arboretum, various wonderful pavilions, and, most importantly, a 20-meter White Pagoda (Buddhist temple), similar to the one in the city of Lanzhou on the banks of the Yellow River in the central part of China, only cooler. They were convinced that this would help attract thousands of additional tourists to the American capital.

And almost convinced. They even chose a place for an amazing garden with a Pagoda – on one of the highest points in Washington, three kilometers from the Capitol. Uncle Sam tensed, thoughtful: only three kilometers away? And do the Chinese want to deliver materials for their construction overseas by diplomatic mail, which the customs authorities do not have the right to check? And killed the project.

Moreover, there have already been precedents. In 2012, T-Mobile filed a lawsuit against the Chinese company Huawei, accusing it of stealing not only information about the characteristics of the Tappy robot (simulates the use of smartphones), but also its individual elements. This, they say, helped the company’s specialists use the stolen parts of the robot to “develop, improve and troubleshoot their own android.” The Chinese denied the accusation, and though not without difficulty, they settled the dispute.

This time, the US claims to them are much more serious. As CNN recently reported, citing its reliable sources, the FBI conducted a thorough investigation. It showed that Chinese-made mobile communications equipment located near important US government and military installations was able to (quote) “detect, intercept, and even disrupt US Department of Defense communications. Which in turn opens a window for control of the US nuclear arsenal.”

If that’s really the case, what, to paraphrase “our everything” A. S. Pushkin“Ah, yes, the Chinese, ah, yes, sons of bitches”! They “washed” what is believed to be the most cyber-advanced power in the world.

And, note, not for the first time in the last 5-7 years. According to the FBI, as recently as last year, Beijing intended to steal information from American organizations by hacking into the Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox server. And only the vigilance of the Yankees, as they themselves claim, did not allow the Chinese to bring the matter to its logical end.

Beijing did not remain indebted, reporting last spring about American cyberattacks, during which Chinese computers were temporarily taken under control. To carry out attacks from them on objects in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine. The US went quiet after that. To prepare for new attacks, provocations, accusations?

How else to regard the recent warning of the FBI director Christopher Ray Western companies to be careful when cooperating with China. “Chinese spies,” he said during a meeting with the head of the British MI5 Ken McCallum in London, they follow companies everywhere, from big cities to small ones, from Fortune 100 companies to startups. They are interested in everything — aviation, artificial intelligence, pharmaceuticals.”

In China, all such accusations by the Americans, as well as the Anglo-Saxons who do not lag behind them, are denied. “U.S. politicians are constantly exaggerating the Chinese threat, vilifying and attacking us. The relevant statements by a US intelligence official completely exposed his ingrained Cold War mentality and ideological prejudices. As far as the statements from the British side are concerned, everyone knows that MI5 and MI6 publish reports that are made out of thin air, scare them with a fictitious danger. Their goal is to inflate the “China threat theory” and provoke a confrontation, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday. Zhao Lijian.

Painfully familiar story, isn’t it? The United States and the United Kingdom have been trying to put pressure on Russia with such accusations since the 2010s, if not earlier. The difference is purely substantive: ours allegedly poisoned someone, the Chinese are allegedly torn to the technological secrets of the “magnificent West”. The rest is one on one!

“There have already been situations like the current one between China and the United States,” said “SP” military expert Ivan Konovalov, director of the Center for Strategic Studies. – The Pentagon and the FBI are afraid that the Chinese will steal their industrial and military secrets and are trying to somehow fight it. “Involving”, in particular, politics, in order to inflate a large-scale scandal, certainly for the whole world. Against the background of current political events, such a scandal, as they hope across the ocean, will help to remove the Chinese from the path of hegemony. This can be seen in all cases of their recent claims to the PRC. When a competitor is serious, not much inferior to you, all means are good, according to the White House. Usual US style.

“SP”: – Huawei lit up in Washington, first in 2012, and then in 2017, when it promoted its “arboretum project” near the walls of the Capitol. But the FBI fanned the scandal only now, five years later. Waiting for the right moment, what was the situation in Ukraine?

– US security forces often work clumsily. They differ in the ability to screw everything up. It may have had an effect in this case as well. As for the right occasion, the Americans never needed it. For no reason or for a far-fetched reason, they usually accuse, attack, persecute.

“SP”: – What do you think, the current accusations of China in its intention to seize control of the US nuclear arsenal, a bluff of the FBI or a real fact?

– Hard to say. There are no proofs. It is very likely that the United States “caught up a blizzard” to increase pressure on Beijing. In my opinion, a purely political Anglo-American action. We can talk about some of its similarities with the anti-Russian, when our country was accused of “high-profile poisoning.”

In fact, Washington and London have been waging a hybrid war with us for a long time. They do not hide their intentions, if not to destroy, then to weaken Russia. The aggravation began after 2014. But the hybrid war itself had been going on for more than a year by that time. China is a slightly different story. It is a serious economic competitor to the United States.

“SP”: – How is the European Union?

“Europe is no longer a competitor to the Americans. Lost its own face along with sovereignty. It is completely subordinate to Washington, which openly mocks it, forcing it to supply Ukraine with weapons, to provide it with material assistance to the detriment of its interests.

“SP”: – Many experts in our country and abroad believe that attacks on the PRC, as conceived by the Americans, should turn it away from Russia. If this is so, that it is very similar, why does the Kremlin not react in any way to overseas attacks on the Chinese?

China and Russia are not allies, but partners. Both we and they clearly share where and in what to assist each other, to help. And where not to interfere. There are certain areas of competence beyond which it is not customary for bona fide partners to intervene.

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