Apr 2, 2021
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Spring Menu: X-Fit Experts on Good Offseason Nutrition

In a couple of months, a sultry sunny summer awaits us, and the hunt should be prepared for the season of swimwear in order to shine on the beaches in all its glory. However, the notes about winter in the guise of a lack of vitamins and microelements are still too alive, so this is not the time to go on tough diets when the body’s resources are already depleted. Inessa Tsarkova, a nutritionist, a specialist in the course of X-Fit fitness testing in Russia, tells about how to correctly compose a balanced spring diet.

Spring Menu: X-Fit Experts on Good Offseason Nutrition

After a long, frozen winter, we are unusually lacking in warmth and sun. The correct feeding, taking into account the characteristics of the season, can help the body replenish the missing resources.

So much, for example, in order to keep warm, protect ourselves from colds and recharge with energy, we need polyunsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins, unusually vitamins A and D. An excellent measure of such substances is sea fish and eggs with a watery yolk, for example, in the form of a poached egg. Zinc and selenium play a special role in strengthening the immune system, as well as maintaining the correct functioning of the hormonal system. These microelements are present in large numbers in cheeses (for example, Dorblu cheese), shrimp, eggs, fish, among other things, rich in proteins. These foods also contain calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth and for maintaining muscle and vascular health.

Unpolished brown or wild rice, which, due to its composition, has a beneficial effect on the work of internal organs and contributes to longevity, will serve as a great addition to the appearance of a side dish, the key of complex carbohydrates. Another healthy side dish is cauliflower, which is packed with valuable dietary fiber, vitamin C – one of the most powerful antioxidants – and vitamin K, which is essential for good blood clotting and strengthening of the walls of blood vessels.

Chicken, which is part of the spring menu, is to measure phosphorus and B vitamins, without which normal work of the feverish and cardiovascular systems is impossible. In addition, phosphorus is a part of ATP molecules – the main carriers of energy in cells and even a part of DNA and RNA, which are responsible for the transmission of hereditary information. Chicken also contains cobalt, which is essential for the formation and maturation of red blood cells.

The most important thing is to measure dietary fiber (healthy fiber) in the spring, as if at any time of the year – fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs: cauliflower, spinach, celery, lettuce, eggplant, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, Chinese cabbage, cherry tomatoes … You can add lime juice, mint, cilantro, nuts, seeds, spices to sauces – they will not only add spicy notes to the dishes, but they will also serve as a healthy key of valuable substances.

Several dishes for the spring menu from Inessa Tsarkova

Spring smoothie

It’s time to recharge with vitamins – with the help of a bright and healthy super drink! Pear, bananas, spinach and vegetable milk turn into a wonderful cocktail for health and well-being, as it seems to the elders, as well as the children. Great locomotion, protection from viruses, satisfying hunger without unnecessary calories: it’s all he – spring smoothie!

Dish weight – 400 ml

One serving – 398.8 kcal

Proteins – 9.6

Fats – 22.7

Carbohydrates – 41


Vegetable milk 200 ml

Pear – 70 g

Banana – 100 g

Spinach – 20 g


Peel the banana and pear and beat them into pieces. Then put all the ingredients in a blender, beat, pour into a large glass. Top the smoothie with a sprig of mint.

Cauliflower cream soup with salmon, mint and lime

Make a spring day even sweeter when you make this incredibly delicate creamy cauliflower soup with salmon.

Dish weight – 350 g

One serving – 549.9 kcal

Proteins – 11

Fats – 50.1

Carbohydrates – 12


Salmon – ~ 30 g

Cauliflower – ~ 135 g

Coconut milk – ~ 50 ml

Cream 33% – ~ 50 ml

Water – ~ 100 ml

Bulb onions


Vegetable oil

lime letter






For the alphabet, we lightly fry the onions and celery. Then add lime leaf and cauliflower and boil everything until tender. After that, pour the ingredients with cream and coconut milk, bring to a boil, put in fresh mint leaves and beat the mixture with a blender. Put the pre-fried salmon cubes, boiled cabbage inflorescences, sprinkle with sesame seeds on top of the airy soup and decorate with cilantro.

Teppanyaki rice with vegetables, egg and shrimps / chicken breast

It’s no secret that rice goes well with many foods, including shrimp. Therefore, without a doubt, many will like this dish.

Dish weight – 270 g

One serving – 355.2 kcal

Proteins – 20.1

Fats – 11.5

Carbohydrates – 41.4


Rice – ~ 100 g

Water – ~ 700 ml

Rice vinegar – ~ 8 ml

Sugar – ~ 1/2 tsp

Eggplant – ~ 20 g

Zucchini – ~ 20 g

Onions – ~ 10 g

Scarlet Bulgarian pepper – ~ 20 g

Chinese cabbage – ~ 40 g

Chicken egg – 1 pc.

Soy sauce – ~ 15 ml

Sesame oil – incomplete teaspoon

Shrimps – ~ 65 g

Vegetable oil

White sesame

Sesame agate



Boil the rice until tender, then lightly rinse with hot water. Add sugar and rice vinegar to the rice, mix everything carefully. Cut eggplants, zucchini, peppers and onions into cubes and fry in vegetable oil, then add shrimp to the vegetables, then rice, soy sauce, sesame oil and Chinese cabbage, also diced. Mix everything, warm it up and put it on a plate. Sprinkle with sesame seeds on top and decorate with a sprig of cilantro.

Alternatively, use chicken breast instead of shrimp.

Often, a tight schedule does not allow us to devote countless time to cooking shamovka. It’s great that X-Fit’s nutritionists and chefs have taken care of that too! Fitness cafes in X-Fit clubs have already updated their menus. The spring assortment includes an abyss of tasty and healthy dishes with a balanced combination of KBZhU.

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