Jun 22, 2022
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Spring-cleaning. Where to begin?

Spring-cleaning.  Where to begin?

Many housewives with fear imagine the moment of the onset of general cleaning, when they will have to wash out every crack, which usually their hands do not reach. General cleaning usually happens twice a year, but every time there is a feeling that the apartment has not been cleaned for years.

There is no need to be afraid of general cleaning. Then it will not seem so laborious and requiring full physical and moral dedication. It must be approached wisely as an important and obligatory process in your life. Make a plan that will help you to distribute the entire cleaning process in stages.

Of course, you need to start with living rooms, in which the first thing you need to do is wash the ceilings, walls, windows, chandeliers. Everything that is at the top, and from where dust and other small rubbish is pouring. Starting with the floor, you will end with the floor. So save your energy and don’t do the same job twice. So, wipe the ceilings and walls with a slightly damp cloth. Chandeliers are treated with a cleaning agent that will give them shine and shine. Before you start washing windows, remove the curtains from them and send them to the washing machine. There must have been a lot of dust in them. My windows are washed from top to bottom – starting with the upper frames and ending with the window sill.

Let’s get to the furniture. First, we wipe the dust from wooden and metal furniture, if necessary, rub it with polish. Things are more complicated with upholstered furniture. Starting to clean sofas and armchairs, you need to consider what they are made of. It is easier to remove stains from textiles, but leather requires more reverent care. It is better not to deal with hard-to-remove stains on your own, but to use such a wonderful service as dry cleaning of sofas and armchairs.

After the furniture, we proceed to the floors, or rather, first to the carpets, which must be thoroughly vacuumed, and then walked with a damp cloth or mop with a sponge nozzle. If after cleaning a stain remains in the most visible place, do not use chemicals, but contact a cleaning agency where you can order dry cleaning of carpets with a call. Once the stain is treated by professionals, your carpet will be as good as new.

It’s the turn of the kitchen, which is best visited with a whole arsenal of cleaning products that can deal with dried grease and other stubborn stains. It is also best to start from the top down. First, we begin to restore order in the hanging cabinets, disassemble all the dishes, along the way throwing out long-forgotten unnecessary things. Then we apply a cleaning agent to the walls (depending on what they are covered with). Tiles, wall panels and wallpapers with the addition of silicone are not afraid of cleaning products. Then I wash the countertop and the lower cabinets with their contents. We complete the cleaning in the kitchen by mopping the floors.

The last thing left is the toilet and the bathroom. We start by applying a cleaning agent to the walls and plumbing and giving it a little time to be effective. Then the dirt will be washed off without much effort. If there is limescale in the toilet, it is best to cover it with bleach and leave it overnight. But it’s better not to let that happen. Is the bathroom sparkling clean? Congratulations! General cleaning successfully completed.

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