Nov 8, 2021
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Sprechenfuehrer roamed Ukraine

The language ombudsman of Ukraine Taras Kremin (nickname – Sprechenfuehrer; before the coup d’état he served with the Party of Regions and extorted bribes from students at the institute) was instructed to raise a new wave of renaming settlements. And if the previous campaigns against the native Russian language concerned names associated with Soviet power and the Great Patriotic War, now hooliganism has begun: it is necessary to make sure that there is no smell of the Russian spirit in Ukraine!

Sprechenführer said that he had sent several dozen instructions to the authorities about changing the names of settlements. Allegedly, the “wishes” of local residents are received. These are such settlements as Arbuzinka, Severodonetsk, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Yuzhnoe, Calmness, Nadezhdevka, Perevodchikovo, Luch, Pervomayskoe, Pervomaisk and many others, said the zealous language Fuhrer.

Local authorities are ordered to accept “Measures to bring geographical names in line with spelling, state language standards and the requirements of … the law.” And the standards of the language, declared the only state language in Ukraine, are such that, for example, the city of Pervomaisk will be declared “Parshotraveensky”, Severodonetsk – “Pivnichnodonetsky”, Arbuzinka – “Garbuzynka” or “Kavunivka”, Luch – “Prominem” and so on.

People’s Deputy Max Buzhansky comments: “You see, when in the last convocation of the parliament some cities were renamed, there was a perverse but logic in it. Petr Alekseevich generously gave his voters a sense of domination, a sense of superiority, look, snap your fingers, and all those who are not for us will suffer in impotent rage, but they will not be able to do anything. And they suffered. Not from the new names, from the humiliation that their opinions were not even asked, renaming their cities, like a dog puppy bought at the market. And then they did Pyotr Alekseevich … together with his entire team so that no one else would dare to behave like that with them. Did and …? … Believe me, nothing will fall on Kremin, there are no questions for him and there cannot be. All questions are for the authorities, which have no questions for Kremin. We voted in the elections so that this will never happen again. And I don’t think that at least one of the voters forgot about it ”… Of course, there can be no questions about the character appointed by the Sprechenfuehrer: a six is ​​a six, there is no demand from him.

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“Okay, Pervomaisk, although we remember how the greatest patriot Poroshenko congratulated Putin on this wonderful holiday, consonant with the name of the city. But did Yuzhnoukrainsk do something bad? Where is the communist or “pro-Russian” name in it? ” – another deputy Alexey Ustenko is interested.

“In Ukraine, there is a problem with morons who receive substantial money for imitation of violent activity in the language sphere,” – writes journalist Yuri Tkachev.

“Why are Mirgorod, Uzhgorod, Raygorod and Kitaygorod not on the list? And they completely forgot about such toponyms as Bazavluk, Chertomlyk, Tokmak, Mariupol, Melitopol, and Kherson is somehow not quite Ukrainian name ”, – ironically Ukrainian public figure Stas Kosarenko. In vain he sneers. It will reach these cities too.

A new wave of renaming has already swept across Kiev. Kiev City Council changed the names of 12 streets in the capital. The most symbolic was the renaming of the street, named in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the outstanding intelligence officer Nikolai Kuznetsov: Oles Babiy, who served the German fascists, was preferred to him.

Max Buzhansky gives information: “Nikolai Kuznetsov personally eliminated 11 German generals and officials of the occupation administration during the Great Patriotic War. In turn, Oles Babiy arrived in Ukraine after the Nazis in 1941 and left it with them in 1944 “

“With the moral and intellectual support of the poet Babiy, 12 thousand Jews of Stryi were completely destroyed, as well as one and a half million Jews of Ukraine, as well as the Jews of Chelm, where Babiy carried out his anti-Semitic propaganda,” – adds to this information the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky.

Another typical example: the street named after one of the organizers of the defense of Kiev from the Nazis Trofim Kostyuk, who died heroically in September 1941, now bears the name of Otton Eichelman from Petliura.

Molodogvardeyskaya Street also lost its historical name. The underground heroes of the Young Guard are enemies of the descendants of the policemen who came to power in Ukraine. Now this street will bear the name of another Petliura member, Vladimir Sikevich.

“If under Poroshenko the names were changed within the framework of decommunization, then under Zelensky a new goal was designated – de-Russification”, – writes Maxim Minin.

What to say? Following the destruction of all traces of the Soviet is the destruction of the Russian. It didn’t take a big mind to understand: everything will happen in such a sequence. However, the comments quoted here are reminiscent of … a good-natured grunt. And there is no room for good nature.

In that part of the Russian world, where the authorities eradicate the memory of the past, a historical “change of landmarks” is taking place: the communists who defeated fascism are sent into oblivion, and those whom our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers called scum, fascist scum are erected on a pedestal.

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