Oct 13, 2020
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Sports glory will not save. Clubs are fined for non-compliance with sanitary measures

Around the world, and especially in countries where the situation with the pandemic is the most serious, sports facilities have been reformatted into covid hospitals. For the time being, our stadiums are used for their intended purpose and hold matches, while training sessions are underway in sports complexes, but in compliance with certain safety measures. However, not all of them fulfill them.

The punishment for all is one

The sports violators of the capital include not only private clubs, but also entire stadiums and even sports complexes. Among those who ignore anti-antiquity measures in a difficult epidemic period, there was also Megasport on Khodynka. On October 10, the first day of the competition at the second stage of the Russian Figure Skating Cup in 2020 was held in the palace.

"During the inspection, the following violations were identified: non-compliance with the norms of social distancing at the entrance, as well as violations of compliance with the completeness of the disinfection regime," she noted Oksana Panova, chief specialist-expert of the Rospotrebnadzor Administration for Moscow.

For non-compliance with the established rules during a pandemic, Megasport faces a large fine in the amount of up to 500 thousand rubles. In addition, it is even possible to suspend its activities for up to 90 days.

A few days earlier, Rospotrebnadzor filed documents with the court regarding violations at the stadium during the Spartak - Zenit match. In a pandemic, stadiums can be filled by 50%, and at the same time, a social distance must be observed: there must be at least 1.5 m between each person. The management of the Otkrytie Arena complex significantly underestimated the number of visitors to the game on the day of that match.

We play by the rules

Colorful photos from the long-awaited match between Spartak and Zenit were published by all sports publications. And the pictures show that there are visually more guests at the stadium than the announced 17,150 people. “It's just so loud, beautiful, and that's why it seems like a lot of people. In fact, there, according to statistics, 17,200. In my opinion, so ", - I'm sure General Director of "Spartak" Shamil Gazizov.

He faces a fine of up to 150 thousand rubles, "Spartak" - up to 500 thousand rubles. or administrative suspension of activities, even, perhaps, we are talking about the temporary closure of the stadium.

“The organizer of the event did not ensure proper control and did not take effective measures to observe the social distance and mask and glove regime in the stands throughout the match by both Spartak and Zenit fans. For failure to comply with the requirements aimed at breaking the transmission mechanism during the period of increased incidence of coronavirus infection and registration of predominantly asymptomatic forms among young people, specialists from the Territorial Department of the Rospotrebnadzor Administration for Moscow in the SZAO have initiated an administrative investigation, ”the report says.

In the near future, Spartak was to play four home matches at the Otkritie Arena stadium: against Rostov, Dynamo, Rotor and Tambov.

In addition to violators in sports, there are those who hold competitions without comments from the regulatory authorities. For example, the CSKA-Dynamo hockey match that took place last week. 2400 spectators came to watch the game, which is 20% of the total capacity of the ice arena. At the entrance, everyone's temperature was measured and masks with gloves were distributed. The situation within the league taught me to take seriously both myself and the KHL fans. More than a third of the hockey players announced for the season have had COVID-19.

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