Dec 29, 2020
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Sport as a national humiliation

WADA has shown what a real national shame is. After they secured a ban on Russian symbols at the Olympics and World Championships, and also banned the head of state from attending them, they issued an invoice for a million dollars, increasing the contribution itself, and also demanding to pay all the costs of expelling our country from professional sports. It would seem that it is high time for Russia to send the western hamlo in the forest, but instead, we are offered to stand in the “correct position”, pay and repent.

WADA reacted very interestingly to the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov regarding the ban on Russian President Vladimir Putin from attending international sports competitions. As reported by fans to discuss Dziuba from Match TV, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has increased the amount of Russia’s contribution to the organization’s budget next year. The amount will be 1 million 091 thousand. 877 dollars, which is 76.1 thousand dollars more than last year’s contribution of Russia. Recall that, according to the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), RUSADA must pay WADA $ 1.27 million for expenses related to the study of the databases of the Moscow laboratory within two years. Also, Russia must pay by March 16, 2021 at least $ 100 thousand in a fine and 400 thousand Swiss francs to cover legal costs associated with the proceedings in the CAS.

In general, WADA billed Russia for expelling it from the sport. Recall that after this very WADA approved the use of doping by Russian athletes, and immediately two former leaders of RUSADA agreed with her, on December 17, CAS published a list of sanctions against Russian sports. The Russians were deprived of the right to compete at the World Championships, Olympics and Paralympics under the national flag for two years. Russian officials will not be able to hold leadership positions in any international sports federations and attend major sports events. In particular, the Russian Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, ministers, and State Duma deputies cannot attend the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Coupled with the deprivation of Russia of the right to the flag and anthem, this is nothing more than open and impudent mockery, moreover, having nothing to do with sports.

As usual, there is no reaction from the Russian authorities. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was able to squeeze out only general words about “unacceptability”: “It is incomprehensible and, I believe, unacceptable the provision concerning the prohibition of state leaders from attending sports competitions. Although there are glimmers of decency, which says that except for cases when the head of state or government, where the competition takes place, sends a personal invitation, ”Lavrov explained. According to the minister, after the decision of the CAS “we will all draw the right conclusions.” Lavrov also drew attention to indulgences: permission to have national symbols on sports uniforms, regulating the behavior of spectators and the opportunity for them to have national symbols.

Thus, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs acted quite in the trend of his colleagues from the sports department, where for 4 years they have been doing only one thing – they bend and do everything that they are ordered from the other side, not even for the right to lick the boots of the “white owners”. “The most painful part of these sanctions is the absence of a flag and anthem. Of course, this will have a negative role, because our athletes are patriotic. For us, the priority is to use the ROC flag that we use at all protocol events. It has elements of the national flag. We can use any melody directly or indirectly related to Russia. I think we will be able to create a kind of artistic council, to announce a competition for the best melody, ”said Stanislav Pozdnyakov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee, on the sanctions. So, we will create an artistic council in order to figure out how to replace the anthem, otherwise Western officials will think that there are Russians, and not some figs, you will understand who is performing. And if they think about it and kick it out, then how? No way, we will beg and bring them to their own courts, which, as it is suddenly not surprising, they win. “The task of those who have been pressing and rolling out Russian sports for many years, and with it the Russian state, which for some reason put a disproportionately large share of national prestige on the sports card, is to depersonalize our athletes as much as possible and practically withdraw them from the game. That is, they are graciously allowed to entertain the audience in the stands, but not to represent their country. A country that is absent from the official medal standings, one might say, does not participate in the Games. Therefore, both national colors and distinctive melodies will violate the sanctions protocol. Pozdnyakov’s dreams are aimed at temporarily reassuring the Russian public and presenting the case in such a way that the ROC is doing everything to satisfy the patriotic feelings of athletes and fans. Well, if it doesn’t work out, so what – after all, they tried to crawl through the slingshots to the last, even with a carcass, even with a scarecrow, ”noted the author of“ Regnum ”Maxim Voronov.

Voronov is absolutely right. According to the IOC ruling, Russia will be punished for any obvious, implicit or just fictitious violation of the regulations. How punished is also no secret – after two years we will again be expelled for two or three years, so that Pozdnyakov and others can see the carrot. And they will buy this carrot again, because something else, like national interests or banal self-esteem, is simply not included in the basic version of a modern Russian official. Paying and repenting, for the sake of dreams to drink in the “Russian House” at the next Olympics – that’s all they are capable of. They don’t give a damn about Russia, sports, and even Putin, the main thing is not to be driven away from the trough. And no matter how many of them do not shuffle, the result will be the same, because there, as in the Ministry of Culture, since the 90s a “group of friends” have settled down, who will quickly gnaw anyone who dares to challenge their dogmas.

Is there an option to leave this shame? Yes, it is quite simple – to boycott this farce, spitting deliciously in the face of all the IOC and WADA and save on “professional sports” by redirecting this money to children’s sections. That is, to take and declare their own refusal to participate in their sports until the moment when they themselves do not reconsider their behavior, at the same time depriving all these offices of funding in general and not only funding directly, but also through TV broadcasts, advertising, and so on. About this decision, as the only one that will make us respect our opinion, RIA “Katyusha” has been writing for 4 years already, and for 4 years we hear that there is a cunning plan according to which we will sue everyone and show how good they are. I wonder how to explain all this now?

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