Sep 22, 2022
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Spiteful critics tried to trample Agatha Muceniece


33-year-old actress Agatha Muceniece was attacked after talking about her ex-husband and his wife.

The theater and film star remained silent for some time after it became known about the romance of 34-year-old Pavel Priluchny and 26-year-old Zepyur Brutyan. However, after the wedding of her ex-husband, Agatha chose to dot the “i” and speak out on this topic.

Muceniece was glad that after the confessions in the studio of Yulia Menshova, most of the fans supported her. However, those who criticized her were also found. “Lest you think that I am self-admiring, I will publish negative comments as well. Not all the same to the cat Maslenitsa“, – said Agatha.

Most of all, the star of the film “Tobol” got from the fans of her ex-husband. Pavel’s fans were not shy in terms, defending the main “major” of Russian cinema and his new chosen one. The TV presenter showed the most offensive attacks against her.

Agata Muceniece - photo from the archive -
Agata Mutsenietse

Agatha is sick in the head, behind laughter, of course, a lot of things are hidden. They parted with Priluchny in vain. Two inadequate”, “Unpleasant and stupid person Agatha. Julia is a professional. But it’s impossible to watch this interview”, “Horror, some kind of disgusting interview, absolutely frivolous, all the time laughing blogger. This is stupid youth. Of course, now I can not say anything good about her. The quality of people leaves much to be desired”, “Leave Priluchny alone. Sticky. The third year you won’t shut up. Live your own life. May God forgive you all the hate and persecution of poor Pasha! He is connected with the children, not with you. Copying Zepyur is already the bottom of the bottom”, “How much pathos and pretense. How can you watch it”, – the haters of the star of the series “I know your secrets” were outraged.

However, the artist said that all these insulting words did not hurt her, because by and large she received a lot of support from her real fans. “To be honest, it’s so hard to find negative comments! Just one in a million! Thank you. This is love and happiness“, – added Muceniece.

Pavel and Agatha met on the set of the series “Closed School”. In 2011, they secretly signed in the Moscow registry office. The couple have two joint children – 9-year-old Timofey and 6-year-old Mia. One of the most beautiful couples in Russian cinema broke up in 2020.

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