Nov 24, 2022
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Spies by ad

Americans instruct how to sell the homeland

Wall Street Magazine publicly announced the start of recruitment by the Central Intelligence Agency of Russians “dissatisfied with the Ukrainian war.” CIA Deputy Director David Marlow announced this. “This conflict a massive failure for Moscow. And now Western intelligence agencies should take the opportunity to recruit disgruntled Russians, of whom there are many in the Russian Federation. Among them are businessmen, security officials, government officials… We are looking for those who, like us, are disgusted by the special operation. Now we are open for cooperation”– said Marlow, speaking at the think tank at George Mason University.

The most surprising thing here is not the offer itself, but the exit of a high-ranking recruiter into the public space. The purpose of this statement is hardly to find the dissatisfied. There seems to be no need to look for them this way: thousands of “fugitive liberals” have left the country and have been openly expressing their disagreement with the Kremlin’s policies in the Western media and social networks for nine months now. From this crowd of dissatisfied, it remains only to select those who are ready to serve America.

Major General of the FSB of Russia, retired Alexander Mikhailov says: “This is a natural practice of American special services. They turn to society with a certain frequency, offer to cooperate… In general, this practice is dictated by the situation that has developed in the world today. And most importantly, the “moral and moral” climate that exists in the special services … And, of course, behind this lies a completely obvious thing: they perceive these people, who are socio-politically dissatisfied, as some kind of cattle, a kind of herd that is ready for a carrot to sell the Motherland… How effective is it? I actually doubt it very much … What information can you get from the dissatisfied, except that they are dissatisfied?

Probably, American intelligence began to experience not only a shortage of information, but also problems with the introduction of disinformation after the flight from the country of those very “disaffected”. And perhaps the Office is going to activate its, as they say, “bookmarks” – agents already working for America.

David Marlow does not waste time. The proposal to commit high treason (this is what we are talking about) is addressed to military personnel, officials, big businessmen, and representatives of the government apparatus. According to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, those convicted of such crimes face 10-20 years in prison.

Recruiting agents, explains Marlowe, is possible not only directly, but also indirectly, through citizens who have gone abroad. Just why so publicly, in the style of advertising hype? Maybe the CIA is sure that “such people” will come in a big school? The main calculation is made on the impoverishment of the once wealthy businessmen and officials. The CIA relies mainly on “disgruntled officers and oligarchs, whose fortunes have decreased due to anti-Russian sanctions”.

It seems that such confidence has become a hallmark of the employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. As early as March 2022, immediately after the start of the SVO, the CIA distributed instructions in Russian on social networks for recruiting agents. The instructions indicated how to contact members of the Office via the Internet to provide information that might be useful. The Office asked individuals with access to classified data to provide their full name, the country from which they correspond, their position, and the degree of clearance to information of interest to the United States. It is recommended to use VPN or a special browser, use the browser in incognito mode and delete history regularly.

Even then, he claims Washington Postthe department assured that citizens dissatisfied with the policy of their state regularly contact the CIA. Meanwhile, says Alexander Mikhailov, increased interest in issues of national importance may be the reason for an investigation. Suffice it to recall the cases of physicists involved in supersonic and hypersonic weapons, the case of journalist Ivan Safronov, who served as adviser to the head of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin: it is unlikely that people of this position with access to classified information were recruited “by an ad in a newspaper.”

“A set of spies by ad” is designed for smaller figures. These are “disposable agents” that do not have important information and their value is relative. The CIA will take no special measures to keep “their people” from exposure and punishment. The publicity and conspicuousness of recruitment to a greater extent indicates the intention to destabilize the situation in the country, to increase the defeatist mood in society.

Before us is unceremonious interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, a brazen attempt to influence the mood of Russian citizens, not so much in order to obtain secret data, but in the interests of achieving a noticeable social and psychological effect.

Photo: NYpost

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