Apr 19, 2021
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Speed ​​and quality. Construction companies in Russia will work faster

No load generation

The construction company of the Lipetsk region “ODSK Lipetsk” joined the national project “Labor productivity and employment support” at the end of last year. With the help of the Federal Competence Center (FCC), they began to introduce a lean production system in the process of plastering the walls of a residential building. This made it possible to determine at what stages losses are allowed, and to draw up a plan for their elimination.

“Instructions were developed for employees to bring everyone up to date,” said senior project manager from the side of FCC Nikolay Svetov… “In addition, if we measure the effectiveness of the project in monetary terms, then the implemented methods will save from 5 to 6 million rubles on the construction of each facility.”

The company also plans to shorten the commissioning period by 40%. Head of the plasterer’s brigade Valery Dureev noted that for a shift, workers now manage to plaster about 200 sq. m, whereas earlier this figure did not rise above 100. Despite the fact that the output has almost doubled, the physical activity has remained at the same level.

Lossless production

The Building Materials Plant in the Tyumen Region is also a participant in the national project. The staff of the Regional Competence Center (RCC) helped him to significantly increase his productivity and master the tools of lean manufacturing.

They decided to apply the new principles to the process stream producing silicate blocks. First, a working group of employees of the enterprise analyzed the reasons for the downtime of equipment, and then began to implement improvements. As a result, the monthly downtime of one press was reduced by 5.5 hours, and for technological reasons – by 4.5 hours per month.

The changes also affected the area of ​​packaging and storage of products. They also increased labor productivity.

“The implemented measures made it possible to increase the daily output of the plant by 10% – to 201.1 thousand pieces and to reduce the time of the process itself by 1 hour 36 minutes, i.e. by 9.8%. This is a tangible result for an automated production line, ”said the head of the plant Vladimir Artanovsky.

It’s never too late to learn

During the year, the employees of the company “Energosila” of the Sakhalin Region will be trained in the principles of lean technologies. Deputy General Director Andrey Surdin noted that the process of finishing work at one of the construction sites of the enterprise from the city of Korsakov was taken as a basis.

“We will break it down into ‘minor’ tasks and see where our losses occur,” he added. This can be unnecessary movements, unnecessary transportation, waiting for materials or documents, waste or downtime. We will find that we can correct the omissions in order to reduce losses. And in the future, on this basis, I think, we will learn to independently arrange other internal processes. “

Project manager from FCC Alexander Veselov noted that for the first time the experts will stay at the enterprise for a year (previously, the training took 6 months). During this time, the team plans to help Energosil identify losses, develop schemes for their elimination and establish a culture of continuous improvement and the use of lean technologies in the team.

“Thanks to this, the company will be able to increase profits without additional investments, and use the released funds to improve working conditions for employees, modernize equipment and technology, and other useful things,” he added.

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