Oct 24, 2021
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Speech is directly related to health and financial well-being

Speech is directly related to health and financial well-being

Karma is determined by our speech

And this applies not only to spiritual people, but also to those who want to succeed financially. Speaking and listening skills are taken very seriously in all business schools. Even in the criminal world, in order to rise in the gangster hierarchy, you need to be able to control the language. It is very realized that they quote the Buddha’s saying that a word can kill a person. Three minutes of anger can destroy a ten-year friendship. Words strongly define our karma. You can engage in spiritual development, charitable activities for ten years, but by insulting a great personality, you can lose everything at all levels and degrade into lower forms of life. Where does it come from? From insults.

Vedic astrology says that the shadow planet Ketu is responsible for offenses. Ketu is a planet that responds quickly, often instantly. Ketu also gives liberation. But in the negative aspect, She punishes for insults and disrespectful speech, quickly depriving a person of everything that he has achieved in spiritual and material terms.

In the Vedic civilization, everyone was taught to be very careful about their speech. Until a person speaks, it is difficult to recognize him. You can tell a fool from a sage when he speaks. Speech has a very strong energy. Specialists with subtle vision say that people who use obscenities, speak rudely and offensively, in a certain place of the subtle body immediately get a black spot, which in a year or two can develop into a cancerous tumor.


The most important thing for which the language is intended for us is reading prayers, mantras and discussing topics that bring us closer to the Divine. You can also, as necessary, discuss practical matters, communicate with loved ones. But, most importantly, do not overdo it. Ayurveda says that speech is a manifestation of prana. Prana is life force, universal energy. The more prana, the more healthy, successful, charismatic and harmonious a person is. So, first of all, prana is spent when a person speaks. Especially when someone criticizes, condemns, makes claims, swears. According to statistics, 90% of all fights happen because we say bad things about someone.

The most successful people are those who speak pleasantly and know how to control their speech. In the Bhagavad-gita it is said that austerity of speech consists in the ability to speak the truth in pleasant words. People who speak rudely occupy the last places in all hierarchies. This also applies to countries in general. Please note that countries with a high culture of speech are more successful – Japan, Germany, and in general all states that are part of the Big Eight. Although there is now a cultural degeneration, which includes the degradation of the culture of speech. And this affects both the economy and spiritual life in general. In the East, a person who simply cannot control his speech is considered very primitive, although he may be a professor in the West.


It is important to remember that if we criticize someone, then we take on negative karma and bad qualities of this person’s character. This is how the law of karma works. And we also take the qualities of the person we are praising. Therefore, the Vedas call for always talking about God and about the saints and praising them. This is the easiest way to attain divine qualities. That is, if you want to acquire some qualities, you just need to read about some saint who possesses them or discuss his qualities with someone. It has long been noticed that we acquire the qualities of the person we think about and, therefore, talk about. Therefore, even Western psychologists advise thinking and talking about successful and harmonious people. But the more selfishness and envy we have, the harder it is for us to speak well of someone. We must learn not to criticize anyone. I had one patient who, according to the horoscope, was supposed to have a serious illness from a certain year, but everything was fine with him. I asked him what he started doing this year. He answered me that he had made a vow that he would not criticize anyone. And he said that he really noticed that his life had improved, his spiritual practice had reached a new level.

The one who criticizes us gives us his positive karma and takes away our bad. Therefore, in the Vedas it has always been considered that it is good when we are criticized. How does speech work with our karma? The Mahabharata says that if you have planned something, want to do something, do not tell anyone about it. Once you’ve said it, it’s 80% less likely that it will happen, especially if you’ve shared it with an envious, greedy person. Why do people who speak little and thoughtfully achieve more? They don’t waste energy. Another simple rule related to speech is that if we have done something good to someone and boasted of it to others, then at that moment we lose positive karma and all our fruits of piety that we earned by this act. Bouncers achieve little. Therefore, we should never brag about our achievements, since at this moment we lose all the fruits that we have earned before. “… Let your left hand not know what your right hand is doing” (Gospel of Matthew 6: 3).

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