Apr 29, 2022
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Special operation of the RF Armed Forces and events in Ukraine April 29, day

Briefing official representative MO RF Igor Konashenkov about progress holding special operations on the Ukraine 29 April, day:

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

– High-precision long-range air-based weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the production buildings of the Artyom rocket and space industry enterprise in the city of Kyiv.

– High-precision long-range sea-based missiles “Caliber” destroyed three traction electrical substations in the areas of the railway junctions FASTOV, KRASNOSELKA and POLONNOE.

– High-precision air-based missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit ten military facilities in Ukraine.

Among them: nine areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, as well as an ammunition depot near the village of ILYICHOVKA.

– Operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 112 military facilities of Ukraine at night. Among them: two command posts, 11 strongholds, 95 places of concentration of manpower and military equipment, as well as four depots of rocket and artillery weapons in the settlements of POKROVSKOE and GOROKHOVSKOE.

– Rocket forces hit 13 Ukrainian military facilities during the night.

In the area of ​​​​the village of GOROKHOVSKOE, Mykolaiv region, a launcher was identified and destroyed along with the combat crew of the Ukrainian Tochka-U missile system, from which yesterday a strike was struck on residential areas of the city of KHERSON.

– In addition, six areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment were defeated, as well as three artillery batteries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a division of multiple launch rocket systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed.

– Artillery units completed 975 fire missions during the night. Affected: 21 command posts, 69 strong points, 763 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, as well as 107 artillery positions.

As a result of the strikes, more than 280 nationalists and 38 armored vehicles and vehicles were destroyed.

– Russian air defense systems destroyed 13 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the settlements of REDKODUB, SHIIKOVKA, NEVSKE, MALA KAMYSHEVAKHA, STEPNOY YAR, PETROVSKOE, ZELENOE POLE, BUKOVO, PANTELEIMONOVKA, MAKIEVKA, CHERNOBAEVKA, including “Bayraktar-TB2” on the Russian- Ukrainian border near Novovodyannoe.

Also, in the area of ​​​​the settlement of KAMENKA, a rocket was shot down from the Ukrainian Smerch multiple rocket launcher.

* * *

Residents of Ukraine talk about the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A woman from Severodonetsk talks about UAF attacks on civilians. She notes that the Bandera people behaved inhumanely: they prepared fortifications near the houses of citizens, turned off communications, and also used people as human shields.

* * *

Correspondent of the publicationUkraine.RU» in Kherson visited places affected by the shelling of missiles “Tochka-U” of the terrorist Kyiv regime.

* * *

According to Polskoye Radio, Warsaw handed over to Kyiv 200 T-72 tanks, several dozen infantry fighting vehicles, 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery mounts, BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems, air-to-air missiles for fighters MiG-29 and Su-27.

01 Map of Polish exercises

At the same time, as informs Telegram– the Reconquista Canal, the Spanish Navy logistics ship Isabel arrived in the Polish port of Gdynia, carrying 200 tons of weapons and military equipment for Ukraine.

In addition to ammunition and other materials, the delivery to Ukraine from Spain includes 30 trucks and 10 light SUVs.

In light of the increasing supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime, the destruction of Ukraine’s transport infrastructure is becoming the most important task and the key to saving the lives of Russian soldiers.

* * *

Telegram-channel Welders publishes footage of the operation of the Solntsepyok systems on the positions of Ukrainian militants in the Avdiivka area

Header photo: The Russian Aerospace Forces hit the production buildings of the Artyom rocket and space industry enterprise in Kyiv with long-range precision weapons, source: MOMENT

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