Apr 30, 2022
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Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine April 30, evening

Briefing by the official representative of the RF Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov on the course of the special operation in Ukraine, April 30, evening:

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

– High-precision air-based missiles during the day defeated 17 military facilities of Ukraine. Among them: eight areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, five firing positions of artillery and installations of multiple launch rocket systems, as well as two strong points. Also destroyed: a command post and a warehouse of rocket and artillery weapons in the area of ​​​​the settlement POKROVSKOE, Dnepropetrovsk region.

– Operational-tactical aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces during the day hit two command posts, nine strongholds and areas of concentration of manpower and equipment, as well as five ammunition and fuel depots. As a result of the strikes, over 200 nationalists and 23 armored vehicles were destroyed.

– Rocket troops and artillery hit 319 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, 12 command posts and two depots of rocket and artillery weapons.

– Russian air defense systems in the area of ​​​​the village of CHERVONYY YAR, Kherson region, shot down a Su-25 of the Ukrainian Air Force in the air. Also, over the settlement of Vladimirovka, two Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed and 12 rockets of the Smerch multiple launch rocket system were intercepted in the area of ​​​​Kamenka of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

* * *

The Kyiv regime has prepared in advance another sophisticated provocation in order to discredit the Russian Armed Forces before the world community – Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

– Near the water intake of household and drinking supplies in the settlement of PISKUNOVKA of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed an artillery battery (comprising three D-30 howitzers), its task is to provoke return fire from the Armed Forces of Russia at the water intake, if it is destroyed, 27 inhabitants will be left without water supply points with a total number of more than 15 thousand people.

In the near future, the Kyiv authorities plan to use this cynical provocation to accuse Russian servicemen of alleged atrocities against civilians, followed by wide coverage in Ukrainian and Western media.

– Such actions and provocations of the Kyiv regime, once again, demonstrate an inhuman attitude towards the fate of their own citizens and indicate a complete disregard for all norms of morality and international humanitarian law.

* * *

Soldiers’ mothers, the mothers of Ukrainian soldiers who were taken prisoner, are becoming a very unpleasant factor for our authorities. This is already thousands and thousands … Moreover, the Russians do not interfere with our prisoners to communicate with their parents. Now relatives are already becoming real repeaters of conditional Russian narratives. And these narratives are not very convenient for us. The Russians really understand that this is their weighty “trump card” and therefore treat the prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Terodefense with humanity.

In addition, the parents and relatives of captured soldiers are a very active group of the population that will use the media in their pressure, including on our government.

A very sad and difficult topic is the identification of dead Ukrainian soldiers. Our authorities talk about 3,000 dead, which no one here believes. A lot of our guys died, there are different numbers, but they are somewhere between 13 and 25 thousand, no one can say for sure, everything is classified. Now Russian public pages are full of photos and videos with the bodies of our soldiers and officers scattered across the fields and forests. And this problem of identification, search for graves will form an even more active and numerous social group.

According to our data, many Ukrainians began to read Russian telegram channels, hoping that they could “accidentally” see there more information about their relatives and friends who are now fighting on the line of contact, because our media and LOMs are forbidden to publish “bad” information, and only “positive news” to keep the masses in the illusion of victory – writes the Ukrainian Telegram channel legitimate.

* * *

Mariupol. Survivors talk about those who were not given a chance to survive.

A Ukrainian sniper who was sitting on the church (!) shot the inhabitants of the city. People fled from a burning house – and they were shot at …

And against the background of these terrible stories from the very recent past – ringing children’s laughter:

– And why should we be afraid, we are conspired. Conspired is when nothing takes him …

* * *

25 civilians, including 6 children, left the Azovstal plant – TASS information.

* * *

The procession “Belarus Behind Russia”.

* * *

Due to problems with personnel (captivity and losses), the Ukrainian command is transferring territorial defense brigades from Galicia and Transcarpathia to Donbass.

Protest rallies immediately began in Transcarpathia. The Hungarian diaspora is not ready to die for American interests in Ukraine, and for British ones too. And for the Bloody Clown Zelensky.

Top photo: Spring and children’s laughter in Mariupol. It seemed like an ordinary photo. But no, it’s not normal at all…

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