Apr 26, 2022
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Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine April 26, evening

Russia has launched a military operation in Ukraine in full compliance with the UN Charter, said Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Russia was forced to recognize the DPR and LPR in order to stop the genocide of people in the Donbass, the President of Russia stressed.

The agreements in Minsk were an attempt at a peaceful settlement, but the Donbass remained under blockade and under military pressure, Putin said.

“Russia looks with surprise at the claims of some countries for exclusive rights in the world.”

“We know who did what in Bucha.”

Vladimir Putin dwelled in detail on the situation in Mariupol, which has become the subject of numerous conjectures and fabrications:

“The Azovstal plant is completely isolated. I gave the order not to conduct assault operations there. Yes, we hear from the Ukrainian authorities that there are civilians there. But then the servicemen of the Ukrainian army are obliged to release them, or they act as terrorists, like ISIS in Syria, hiding behind the civilian population. The easiest thing to do is to let these people out. What is easier? You say that humanitarian corridors do not work. You have been misled, they act. 130 thousand people left Mariupol. The same can be done by civilians, if they are at Azovstal. What is easier – to release civilians! We are in contact with them, with those who are sitting there in the dungeons of Azovstal. And they have a good example. Their comrades in arms have come out and laid down those weapons, and nothing is happening to them. Moreover, if there is a desire to see how they are kept, we are ready to provide it. This is the simplest solution to this seemingly difficult issue.”

In addition, the Russian president argued with the UN Secretary General about Kosovo and the Donbass republics. According to the decision of the International Court of Justice on the self-proclaimed Kosovo, the territories may not apply to the central authorities for permission for sovereignty. The independence of the Serbian region was recognized by many countries as a state. Russia did the same with respect to the LNR and the DNR.

“The Republics of Donbass have the same right to declare sovereignty without appealing to the central authorities, because the precedent has been created,”

Putin concluded.

* * *

The Russian Ministry of Defense drew attention to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain James Hippiethat it “would not necessarily be a problem” if the weapons provided by the UK to Kyiv were used to strike targets on Russian territory:

We want to emphasize that London’s direct provocation of the Kyiv regime to such actions, in the event of an attempt to implement them, will immediately lead to our proportional response.

As we have warned, the Russian Armed Forces are on standby around the clock to launch long-range precision-guided retaliatory strikes against their decision-making centers in Kyiv.

Based in Ukrainian decision-making centers in Kyiv, advisers from among the nationals of one of the Western countries “will not necessarily be a problem” in Russia’s decisions to respond.

* * *

Ukrainian fighters are being transferred from Western Ukraine to the Kharkiv region. APU suffer serious losses, writes Telegram-channel Go and see.

“The nationalist divisions are also pulling up to the Kharkiv region:“ Revenge ”and MTR“ Azov ”, — said the source of the channel.

The militants of the “Carpathian Sich” territorial defense even managed to give out their location without outside help. So, on one of the Ukrainian YouTube channels “Khloptsі z lisu”, the presenter says that at the moment they are deployed in the Kharkiv region.

* * *

As part of the deterioration of the overall situation on the Ukrainian railway network, it is necessary to strike at recovery trains, writes Rybar, sharing competitive object coordinates. They are located at key large stations (several units for each direction).

The recovery trains include a track gauge, a defectoscope car with measuring equipment, a tracklayer, a sleeper tamping trolley, a trolley for general work, a heavy-duty overhead crane, a crane, platforms, a diesel locomotive, and recreational cars.

The failure of cranes and equipment will greatly affect the repair and restoration capabilities of damaged tracks and the lifting of derailed trains.

* * *

The map of Ukrainian wheat production is published Al Jazeera.

23% of the territory where crops were grown falls within the war zone. Ukraine has lost control over the ports in Mariupol and Kherson, and it is also impossible to ship grain from the ports of Odessa and Nikolaev. Foreign governments are making forecasts in order to minimize the consequences of the food crisis. Although it is customary in the West to say that food shortages will affect the countries of Africa and the East, in reality, famine is approaching Europe as well, warns Kharkiv Z.

* * *

Reporter Rudenko published footage of shelling by Ukrainian armed formations of the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk.

It is also reported about the arrival in the Chervonogvardeisky district of Makeevka, there are wounded. One woman near the house had her arm torn off by shrapnel

* * *

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

– During the day, 32 military facilities of Ukraine were hit by high-precision air-launched missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Among them: 20 areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment, four depots of rocket and artillery weapons in the areas of Slavyansk and Druzhkovka of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a command and observation post of the 105th territorial defense battalion, as well as two artillery batteries.

The operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 33 military facilities of Ukraine, including 23 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the enemy. As a result of the strikes, up to 200 nationalists and more than 40 armored vehicles, artillery pieces and vehicles were destroyed.

The Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system in the Slavyansk region and three ammunition and fuel depots in the areas of Volnoe Pole and Chervonnoye were also destroyed.

Rocket troops and artillery completed 100 fire missions during the day. Affected: 5 command posts of the Ukrainian troops, 81 areas of concentration of enemy manpower and military equipment, as well as 8 artillery batteries.

Two installations of multiple rocket launchers near the settlement of Berezovka were destroyed, as well as an anti-aircraft missile system “Buk-M1” near the settlement of Komar.

Russian air defense systems shot down 6 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the areas of the settlements of Brazhkovka, Kolesnikovka, Komissarovka, Kozinka, Lozovaya and Lenina.

In total, since the start of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed: 141 aircraft, 110 helicopters, 589 unmanned aerial vehicles, 272 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,588 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 292 multiple rocket launchers, 1,124 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 2,403 units of special military vehicles.

In the title photo: Destroyed Ukrainian units in the “O” direction of the forces of the Central Military District

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