Apr 26, 2022
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Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine April 26, day

Daily briefing by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense Major General Igor Konashenkov:

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

– During the night, high-precision air-launched missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit four military facilities of Ukraine. Including two areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the enemy, as well as two ammunition depots in the districts of KURULKA and NOVAYA DMITROVKA of the Kharkiv region.

– Operational-tactical and army aviation hit 87 military installations of Ukraine. Among them: 79 areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment.

About 500 enemy personnel, 59 armored vehicles, artillery pieces and vehicles were destroyed, as well as more than 60 militants of the Donbass nationalist formation in the area of ​​the settlement of RUBTSY of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

In addition, two launchers of Buk-M1 and Osa AKM anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed in the areas of VESELOYE and PRISHIB, as well as two ammunition depots in the areas of the settlements of NOVOSELOVKA and SLAVYANSK.

– Rocket troops and artillery completed 1299 fire missions during the day.

Affected: 37 command posts, 114 strongholds of Ukrainian troops, 983 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, 139 positions of Ukrainian artillery and 21 ammunition depots.

Also, two Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, a Tochka-U tactical missile launcher and an electronic warfare station were destroyed near the BARVENKOVO settlement.

– Shot down by Russian air defense 13 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the areas of settlements NOVY MIR, OCHERETINO MIRNOE, DONETSK, NOVOLYUBOVKA, BALAKLEYA, KAZACHIA LOPAN.

In addition, the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system shot down two Ukrainian Tochka-U missiles in the air over the settlements of TOMKAK, Zaporozhye region and SVATOVO, Kharkiv region.

In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed: 141 aircraft, 110 helicopters, 583 unmanned aerial vehicles, 269 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2576 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 287 multiple rocket launchers, 1111 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 2392 units of special military vehicles.

* * *

Losses of the Ukrainian side as a result of a special military operation of the RF Armed Forces as of April 26, 2022 according to calculations Telegram-channel Rybar.

APU lost in a day 404 people killed, wounded and captured. Total losses in killed, wounded and captured in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NGU and State Border Service over 45 thousand people.

According to the internal report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, lost 12 tanks, eighteen units of armored vehicles, eleven field artillery and mortars, 2 SAM long and medium range, 21 unit of automotive and special equipment and 3 UAV.

All data is predictive: the Ukrainian side in internal reports does not have the exact number of casualties for each category. There is no communication with some units, and they are listed as missing, some equipment can be restored after the strike. Therefore, in internal reports, the trend always leads to an underestimation of the real number of losses.

* * *

The DPR troops in Mariupol seized the OSCE archive, and the archive is just a storehouse of evidence of how this organization covered up the crimes of Kyiv. There is data on war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (starting from 2014), which, of course, were not included in the official reports of the OSCE in Ukraine.

It is interesting that two days ago it was reported that employees of the State Security Service of the LPR found documents on the interaction of the OSCE with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Several employees of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission were even detained in Luhansk over the weekend, which greatly angered US Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter. More recently, he served as an ex-adviser to Biden and was associated with the preparation of the “orange revolution” in Belarus in 2020. Carpenter tweeted that claims that “OSCE SMM personnel in Ukraine were spying for the Ukrainian government” are false.

Curious to know what he will say now, ask a rhetorical question Operational reports.

* * *

“Not so long ago I mentioned that there are still mines along the roadsides. Today, in the area of ​​Kominternovo, a KAMAZ was blown up on an anti-tank station – one serviceman was killed. Kominternovo is no longer just a rear, but the deepest rear, but mine clearance is not being carried out. Why? Who is missing? Where are the sappers? There is not enough Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Konev, Tolbukhin, Vatutin …. The generation of military leaders, born of years of unprincipled capitalism, needs high-quality filtration. Here I would also like to add frontal assaults on Avdiivka and other settlements, which are not the pinnacle of operational thinking, ”

– writes Alexander Khodakovsky.

* * *

In Kharkov, more and more often, newly mobilized in the Armed Forces of Ukraine or in the defense industry complain that they have to buy all the equipment themselves or turn to volunteers, transmits Telegram-channel KHARKOV OUR. These complaints contrast sharply with the constant bravura statements about the most powerful military assistance to Ukraine from Western states. But the contrast is imaginary: military assistance from the other side is most often old equipment and artillery, and when they give something new, it does not always reach Kharkov, and the emphasis in assistance is on weapons, not equipment. Why? Well, probably because the EU and the USA don’t have old Soviet bulletproof vests that could be fused to Ukraine without any pity, and the West doesn’t give a damn about Ukrainian soldiers; they don’t need a victory, but for the war to last longer. However, here they seem to have a complete harmony of goals and guidelines with the Ukrainian authorities.

* * *

On the situation in Transnistria with reference to official sources informs Telegram-channel Dambiev:

1. Peacekeeping forces in Transnistria control the situation in the Security Zone, said Oleg Belyakov, co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission.

2. Three terrorist attacks were recorded during the day: the building of the Ministry of State Security of the PMR in the city of Tiraspol, the military unit near the village of Parkany and the towers of the radio and television center near the village of Mayak were damaged.

3. A decision was made to introduce a “red” level of terrorist threat in the country. The “red” level of terrorist danger is set for 15 days.

4. The Victory Parade on May 9 in Transnistria has been cancelled. The flower-laying ceremony will take place.

5. City educational institutions will work remotely until the end of the academic year.

6. The queue at the border due to the enhanced regime of document verification. People calmly cross the border.

7. Checkpoints will be set up at the entrance to the cities of Transnistria. Inspection of vehicles and citizens during the daytime will be selective, at night control measures will affect everyone entering the settlement. The power structures have been transferred to an enhanced mode of service.

8. Criminal cases have been initiated on the fact of the shelling of the building of the Ministry of State Security. Now establish all the circumstances and the perpetrators. A number of special examinations have been appointed.

* * *

I will not be at all surprised that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go on the attack on Transnistria, writes Older than Edda. It is extremely important for Kyiv to reduce the pressure on its grouping in the Donbass (this is a military necessity), as well as to withdraw the remnants of the militants from Azovstal (this is a political expediency).

In order to achieve these two goals, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can attempt to invade the PMR and take the war to a new level, after all, a third party will be attacked, and in international law, which the West loves to squeal about, this will be an attack on Moldova.

The question is, what will the Moldovan army do and will it participate in the attack on Transnistria, drawing NATO member Romania into the war?

* * *

Kyiv is asking the US administration for at least $2bn a month in emergency economic assistance, saying that without the funds Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis could worsen, Ukraine’s finance minister said. Sergei Marchenko newspaper Washington Post. And the day before, at the Ramstein airbase in Germany took place meeting of representatives of 40 countries with the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Military assistance to Ukraine was discussed. Among other things, it was announced that Germany would supply Ukraine with obsolete tanks “Leopard-1”, ZSU “Gepard”, BMP “Marder”.

Previously, the German authorities refused to supply heavy equipment, citing the fact that they would make it impossible to fulfill obligations within NATO. Obviously, the Germans were convinced that such deliveries were precisely the fulfillment of obligations. BUT Sergei Lavrov yesterday he pointed out that a NATO proxy war against Russia is actually being waged on the territory of Ukraine.

* * *

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the USA Anatoly Antonov noted that behind the actions of Washington lies the desire to delay the special operation by any means – thus, politicians are trying to inflict maximum damage on Russia and destabilize the situation in Europe.

“The US wants to keep a hotbed of instability in Europe. Thus, rally Western allies around themselves in order to maintain the position of the United States on the world stage. Nevertheless, the world is moving towards multipolarity. This fact cannot be ignored.”

Antonov said.

The diplomat clarified that the conflict in Ukraine is now being used by the ruling circles as a diversion of voters’ attention from failures in public administration and the growing coma of political and socio-economic problems in the United States. In this regard, Antonov suggested that the Ukrainian conflict was deliberately provoked by the West.

“Russia cannot be brought to its knees. Illusory Western projects are a thing of the past. It’s time to understand this and respect Russian national interests,”

– the diplomat is sure.

* * *

Britain cancels duties on all goods from Ukraine, writes Reuters. We are talking about honey, barley, canned tomatoes, poultry meat and other products, according to the British Department of International Trade.

“We unwaveringly support Ukraine in this ongoing struggle, and will work to ensure that Ukraine survives and prospers as a free and sovereign nation.” On the eve of the biggest food crisis, the UK is raking Ukrainian bins clean. Strongly.

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