Sep 9, 2022
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Special military operation of the RF Armed Forces and events in Ukraine September 9, evening

The battle for Kharkov: the situation on the Izyum-Kupyansky sector of the front as of 17.00 September 9, 2022 from the Telegram channel Rybar:

– The redeployed reserves of the RF Armed Forces from the side of BOROVOYA managed to repel the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on GOROHOVATKA and prevent the cutting of the bridge IZYUM – BOROVAYA. Fighting is currently underway in the area of ​​the village of YASINOVATOE.

– The settlements of SINIKHA, SENKOVO, FOREST WALL, FYODOROVKA are under constant fire control of the RF Armed Forces. The main shock fist of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not yet been activated in this area: small maneuverable groups tried to pass from SENKOVO and GRUSHEVKA to the south.

– In KUPYANSK and IZYUM, they announced the evacuation of the civilian population: the RF Armed Forces are preparing for defense and a possible siege of settlements. A significant part of the residents do not want to leave their homes – even despite the threat of reprisals from the Ukrainian forces.

– APU “Haymarsami” struck at the command post of the RF Armed Forces in Dvurechnaya. As a result of shelling, the bridge in KUPYANSK across the Oskol River was partially disabled.

– The fate of the eastern BALAKLEIA and the section of the BALAKLEIA – SAVINTSA highway remains unclear.

At this stage, the most optimistic scenario for the development of the situation on the part of the command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is the creation of a pocket and the destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the square SHEVCHENKOVO – KUPYANSK – IZYUM – BALAKLEYA.

How realistic this scenario is, only time will tell. So far, the task of the day of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is to stop the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and prevent it from gaining a foothold on the achieved lines.

The Ukrainian tactics of using small maneuverable groups in the style of the “Islamic State” justified itself at the first stage, now heavy equipment and mobile air defense systems are being brought up.

If the Armed Forces of Ukraine manage to gain a foothold, then it will be much more difficult to recapture the occupied territories, and the battle will obviously not be on these lines.

However, really large forces are being transferred to KUPYANSK and IZYUM.

* * *

The latest situation near Kupyansk and Izyum from the Telegram channel Poddubny Z/O/V/ edition.

Our group from the landing point of the Mi-26, with which the Ministry of Defense transfers reserves all day, returned to Kupyansk.

The main enemy forces are located 8-9 km from the city. They inflict a massive fire defeat on Kupyansk.

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to surround the Russian grouping in Izyum. To do this, the mobile groups of the Kyiv regime went to the Oskol River across rough terrain in the Senkovo ​​area. South of Izyum, the enemy also increased activity. Kupyansk is ready for defense, despite the massive firepower of the regime formations. I contacted Izyum, they also fully own the situation there. They are doing everything possible and impossible to eliminate the threat of the environment. The aviation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, army and assault, is working. Reserves continue to arrive to us since yesterday. By air and by land.

As of 20:00 Kupyansk is still under enemy fire. Our reserves arrive at the LBS. Today the air bridge operates all day long. “Cows” carry equipment and personnel. Columns move across the ground. The enemy must be defeated. Control over Kupyansk and Izyum is stable. Stormtroopers on the “Rooks” nightmare the enemy.

* * *

Judging by the incoming reports, the Russian Armed Forces managed to transfer reinforcements to the Kharkov front, including cannon and rocket artillery, as quickly as possible, the Telegram channel writes. Older than Edda. Taking into account the incessant attacks of our aircraft on the enemy, it will now be easier to contain the offensive impulse of crests. And in general, it seems that some confusion at the beginning of the defensive phase of the Kharkov battle has passed.

It will be possible to evaluate the preliminary results of the defensive phase in a couple of days after the crests introduce the main part of the reserves into it, and our aviators and missilemen work to the maximum on marching columns and enemy deployment sites. I think that the atmosphere in Chuguev or Kharkov is not the most rosy now, given the number of strikes on these operational bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

* * *

The Russian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on targets in Chuguev, Kharkiv region – writes the Telegram channel Readovka.

Presumably, the missile hit the MLRS launcher. Chuguev is the rear zone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from there they receive supplies in order to attack in the Izyum direction. The city has many warehouses, equipment and manpower of the Ukrainian army.

* * *

As a result of enemy actions, the bridge over the Oskol River in Kupyansk was seriously damaged, writes the Telegram channel. Kupyansk For Peace!

The city is now under attack by artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Formations of the neo-Nazi regime use Western MLRS, howitzers and self-propelled guns. The defense of Kupyansk continues. Reserves keep coming

* * *

The Nazis fired at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, near the square. Victory killed a man and a woman, writes the Telegram channel Reporter Rudenko V.

It is inhumane to publish such footage in relation to the dead and their relatives. But people need to know who we are fighting against. These non-humans have been killing people in the Donbas for the ninth year. And this must end.

And this is exactly what a special operation should do.

The second wave of shelling in the center of Donetsk fell on the intersection of Prospekt Mira and st. Universitetskaya (terminal trolleybus).

The impact resulted in at least two deaths. There are no military personnel in this square, only peaceful objects, such as the Forged Figures Park, the city administration and shops.

Bastards beat twice with a break of 30 minutes. Nonhumans used 155mm artillery (NATO).

Another one who died as a result of the shelling of the center of Donetsk was found in his own car in a parking lot near the intersection of Mira Avenue and st. University.

The center of Donetsk, like all other districts, has become a front line.

In the evening, the Nazis fired on the Kalinin hospital in the center of Donetsk. One of the buildings is on fire.

* * *

Ukrainian Armed Forces continue shelling Energodar, writes Telegram channel South Bridgehead.

As a result of another shelling, an open 150 kV switchgear was damaged in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhya TPP.

According to the press service of the State Unitary Enterprise “Tavria-Energo”, this caused a power outage in several settlements of the Zaporozhye region.

Within an hour, power supply was restored to most consumers.

Currently, work is underway to connect subscribers of Energodar and Kamensko-Dneprovsky district.

* * *

Experts continue to work on the restoration of Severodonetskaya and Lisichanskaya electrical substations, writes the Telegram channel LETNAB.

Five kilometers of the 110 kV high-voltage line Rubizhnaya-Severodonetskaya have already been restored, which will make it possible to establish power supply to a part of Severodonetsk.

At the Lisichanskaya electrical substation, local specialists, together with electricians from Russia, are restoring the 110 kV outdoor switchgear strictly according to the schedule for the transit of electricity to the sections from which the rest of the city and the AZOT plant will be powered.

Very soon, power supply will be established in the liberated cities and life will return to normal.

In the title photo: Russian paratroopers in the Krivoy Rog-Nikolaev direction

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