Sep 16, 2022
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Special military operation of the RF Armed Forces and events in Ukraine September 16, evening

The number of victims of a missile strike in the center of Kherson is 13 people, three of them are in serious condition, the rest are in moderate condition, the Telegram channel writes. Operational reports.

Three more people died – including the driver of the local Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Alla Barkhatnova, and two bystanders.

The deputy head of the administration himself, whose office was hit, remained alive only due to the fact that he was at that moment on the air of the Crimea 24 TV channel.

It is also reported that during the analysis of the rubble of the administration, elements of the HIMARS rocket were found. At the same time, Ukrainian resources cynically declare about the next “self-shelling” by Russia of territories controlled by it.

From Western weapons, yes.

* * *

“To say that Ukraine is a state of law is absolutely inappropriate after such incidents”– Telegram channel FROM.EN.

Andrey Marochko, officer of the NM of the LPR, said that the explosion in the center of Lugansk was officially recognized as a terrorist act. As Marochko told Izvestiya correspondent Dmitry Zimenkin, he was not far from the scene of the tragedy, and at the first examination it became clear that an improvised explosive device had gone off. Emergency services are on site.

* * *

Tonight, in the Andreevsky sector, militants from the 35th Marine Brigade decided to launch an “offensive” across the Ingulets River, writes Telegram channel Kherson Herald. Russian troops were already waiting for these guys, where in a matter of minutes they destroyed about 35 neo-Nazis and more than 20 were seriously injured. All the corpses and wounded militants are floating in the river, there is no “overcoming”. Hospitals in the city of Mykolaiv are already full of Ukronazis. The plan of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has once again failed.

* * *

The Russian army retreated from the eastern part of Kupyansk – writes the Telegram channel Readovka.

Tonight, Russian military correspondents reported that the eastern bank of Kupyansk had been abandoned. Readovka sources confirm this information – the forces of the Izyum group of the RF Armed Forces are retreating from Kupyansk. Ukrainian troops crossed to the left bank of the Oskol River in this area.

* * *

The fighters of the Vostok battalion conduct aerial reconnaissance in the Ugledar direction, the Telegram channel writes. Donetsk time.

The positions of the Vostok battalion in the Ugledar direction, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are building up their forces and have already removed minefields from their side. In order to prevent a breakthrough, our fighters conduct aerial reconnaissance.

“He (the enemy – ed.) began to work both with direct fire and from a closed position much more actively, moreover, using everything that he has in his arsenal. Tanks come out to work on our positions, and we don’t see any particular specific expediency, just create such unbearable conditions, ” – says the commander of the battalion “Vostok” Alexander Khodakovsky.

Over the past 4 days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have twice tried to get into the positions of the DPR, but these attempts are being stopped.

The enemy also sets up false firing positions, puts up dummies, fires from there in order to provoke an attack by the allied forces and in this way reveal their real firing positions. Our fighters have already learned not to react to such provocations.

* * *

Croatian mercenary Andro Fabijanich from Zagreb liquidated in Kharkiv region, writes Telegram channel Kharkiv Z. At home, he was a fitness trainer and was a member of the Ustasha movement. Hiding behind humanitarian activities, in Ukraine he found himself a slave, brought her home and was about to go back, but was blown up by a mine.

* * *

VGTRK reporter Andrey Rudenko @RtrDonetsk Specially for RT.

Ukraine has long chosen the tactics of terror. And those puppeteers who believe that this tactic is the right one are very mistaken.

I will explain what are the reasons for such terrorist acts against civilians, employees of state organizations and employees of law enforcement agencies in Donetsk, Valuyki, Kherson, Luhansk with numerous victims. Zelensky and his company are showmen, and, to their credit, they are pretty good. And the showman is only interested in the picture. Each shelling of peaceful cities is well replicated in the press and for its own audience (residents of Ukraine) creates the illusion of the effectiveness of its own armed forces.

On the instructions of Zelensky’s apparatus, these crimes are promoted in Ukrainian public pages as a victory and strikes on military targets, and it seems that society remains satisfied with the effectiveness of its army.

What is actually happening on the fronts? And there everything is tight for Kyiv. The withdrawal of troops from Kharkov, no matter who and what they call it, played into our hands. If we remove the madness spread by the CIPSO of Ukraine (information confrontation), then in fact the situation is as follows.

The Nazis, inspired, flooded like hell out of a snuffbox in all directions with the feeling that everything would be like in Kharkov. But here it turns out quite differently. Over the course of a day, the Kyiv regime loses from 1,000 people alone, and from 100 units of equipment and artillery. For several weeks of such a stupid movement, irretrievable losses in personnel exceeded 10 thousand, in equipment – more than 1 thousand units.

So these non-humans strike at peaceful cities in order to fool their own people with this picture and delay the time of unpleasant questions to the Kyiv regime as much as possible.

Inc. corr. FSK
Top photo: A destroyed T-64BV tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of Korobochkino in the Kharkiv region

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