Aug 15, 2022
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Special military operation of the RF Armed Forces and events in Ukraine August 15, day

Ministry of Defense of Russia reports:

– As a result of the offensive actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the settlement was completely liberated Udy Kharkiv region.

– High-precision strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the temporary deployment point of the 66th mechanized brigade in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe settlement Dzerzhinsk, Donetsk People’s Republic up to 40 nationalists and 9 units of military equipment were destroyed.

– As a result of the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces on accumulations of manpower and military equipment of the 63rd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the regions Belaya Krinitsa and Belogorka, Kherson region 35 nationalists and 15 units of armored and motor vehicles were destroyed.

– Concentrated fire strikes on the positions of the 53rd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​the settlement Sribnoye Donetsk People’s Republic up to 200 nationalists and 15 units of military equipment were destroyed.

– In urban areas Experienced and Pervomaiskoye of the Donetsk People’s Republic more than 200 servicemen of the 56th motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refused to carry out combat missions and left their positions without permission due to heavy losses. So, in the third battalion of this brigade, operating near Marinkaout of 580 people on the payroll, about 140 military personnel remained.

* * *

Telegram channel Readovka writes:

Russian troops advanced in the Ugledar direction, breaking through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Bezsonov

Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov stated that the fighters of the Mining Division of the DPR army, with the support of units of the RF Armed Forces, broke through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and seriously advanced in the Ugledar direction (DPR).

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses in equipment and manpower. There have been no significant advances in this sector of the front in recent months until today.Bessonov wrote.

* * *

About the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the headquarters of “PMC Wagner” in Popasna from the Telegram channel Rybar.

Around noon on August 14, Ukrainian channels and chats began to massively disperse the news about the defeat of the Wagner PMC headquarters in Popasna as a result of a HIMARS MLRS strike. The first confirmations appeared only a couple of hours later.

– The blow was struck on the night of August 13-14 at the headquarters of the PMC, located on the basement floor of a residential building at 12 Mironovskaya Street on the southwestern outskirts of Popasnaya. The consumption of ammunition by the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to seven rockets. Of these, only one reached the goal – but this was enough for a productive defeat. Judging by the photo, the second shell hit the apartment on the first floor of a semi-abandoned residential building.

– The analysis of the rubble continues to this day: in the basement there was a makeshift bomb shelter. But judging by the shots of the hit, it flew into the unprotected part – you can see a brick wall without embankment.

– There are losses. But there could be many more of them.

– Alas, they simply found out about the location of the headquarters: the military commander of the Federal News Agency Sergei Wednesday back on August 8, he published on his channel a photo of himself beautiful right in front of the entrance with a sign with the house number. It is naive to assume that the enemy does not know OSINT, and to think that the location cannot be determined from the photo.

– The trigger for the strike was the news of August 12 that the owner of Wagner PMC was an oligarch Evgeny Prigozhin arrived in Donbass. In addition, in the photos of Sreda there is a person who looks like an oligarch. This is already at least the third attempt known to us since the start of the NMD to cover the command post of the PMC, where Prigozhin could be.

– The appearance of a video from the site, filmed by a pro-Ukrainian eyewitness, indicates that the strike was planned, and spies on the ground were waiting for a sufficient number of people to gather at the command post.

In the bottom line, we get a sad result, which is caused by human stupidity and elementary non-compliance with security requirements in the combat zone.

* * *

In the Avdiivka area, the Nazis set up positions under the bridge. But this did not save them. Our artillery destroyed equipment and personnel – writes the Telegram channel Reporter Rudenko AT.

* * *

Yesterday, during the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donetsk, a kindergarten was damaged – writes the Telegram channel Denazification U.A..

The shelling of the Kuibyshev region took place during the day: the shell damaged the roof of a residential multi-storey building, and the glazing of educational institution No. 221, as well as the facade of both buildings, was damaged by fragments. In addition, prohibited anti-personnel mines “Petal” were found at the place of “arrival”.

* * *

The 107th battalion is successfully advancing in Marinka – reports Telegram channel People’s Militia of the DPR.

Servicemen of the People’s Militia, with the support of the allied forces of the Russian Federation, are taking meter by meter away from the Kyiv regime in Maryinka. The enemy does not leave attempts to regain control over the lost territories using all available means, including BAYRAKTAR TB2 strike unmanned aerial vehicles. One of these devices was recently shot down in the sky in the Maryinsky direction by the air defense forces of the NM of the DPR.

Inc. corr. FSK

In the title photo: Soldiers of the battalion of the Archangel Michael successfully destroy the fortified areas in the Avdiivka area, where Ukrainian militants dug in, shelling the areas of Donetsk, as well as Makeevka and Yasinovataya. The author is Denis Grigoryuk.

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