Sep 11, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the events in Ukraine on September 11

The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv direction, the chronicles of the battles of September 10, 2022 from Telegram channel Rybar:

– On the fifth day of the offensive in the Kharkiv region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened another front. Having crossed the Seversky Donets in the Raygorodok area, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to take the RED LIMAN and YAMPOL by storm.

Russian units repulsed the attack on the outskirts of Krasny Liman and stopped the enemy at the turn of the STARIY CARAVAN – BRUSOVKA – DIBROVO.

– The command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation decided to save the lives of the personnel of the Izyum group of Russian troops. By the middle of the day, the main part of the Russian troops left the Izyum bridgehead and retreated across the Oskol River.

– Separate units of the RF Armed Forces remained until the last in the vicinity of IZYUM, which covered the withdrawal of the main grouping of forces and held back the enemy at close approaches.

– To the north of KUPYANSK, the RF Armed Forces failed to stabilize the front. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continued to advance both from the side of Kupyansk and the Pechenegsky reservoir. By the middle of the day the BIG BURLUK was taken.

The command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation made a similar decision to withdraw the troops holding the defense both in Kupyansk itself and to the north of it. The units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation gradually withdrew to VOLCHANSK, ensuring the withdrawal of refugees.

– The idea of ​​the command of the RF Armed Forces is an attempt to organize a stable line of defense along the rivers OSKOL – SEVERSKY DONETS. There is a regrouping of the units withdrawn from Balakleya, Kupyansk and Izyum and the introduction of reserves.

The pro-Russian population flees to the territory of Russia both from the territory of the Kharkov region and the northern regions of the LPR. Filtration teams enter the settlements occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The task is to destroy pro-Russian activists and teach people, on pain of death, to be afraid to support Russia. Dark times have come on the lost territories of the Kharkov region.

* * *

In order to achieve the stated goals of the special military operation to liberate Donbass, a decision was made to regroup the Russian troops stationed in the Balakliya and Izyum regions to build up efforts in the Donetsk direction – Ministry of Defense of Russia.

To this end, within three days, an operation was carried out to curtail and organize the transfer of the Izyum-Balakley group of troops to the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. During this operation, a number of distraction and demonstration activities were carried out with the designation of the real actions of the troops.

In order to prevent damage to Russian troops, a powerful fire defeat was inflicted on the enemy using aviation, missile troops and artillery.

Over three days, more than two thousand Ukrainian and foreign fighters were destroyed, as well as over a hundred units of armored vehicles and artillery.

* * *

The 3rd brigade of the DPR and PMC “Wagner” drove the enemy out of Mayorskoye near Gorlovka and proceeded to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine behind him, writes the Telegram channel Reports of the militia of Novorossiya Z.O.AT.

* * *

The city of Svatovo is under reliable protection. The situation on the northwestern border of the Republic as of the evening of September 10 – Telegram channel People’s Militia of the LPR.

* * *

Krasny Liman is under the control of the Russian army – the city was held by the mobilized LPR, BARS and the National Guard. Reporting from the scene.

Voenkor Readovka Kirill Imashev came to Krasny Liman and made sure that the city was under the control of the Russian army. Checkpoints have been preserved along the entire road, there are ambulances, which indicates ongoing battles for Krasny Lyman, but not in the city itself.

In the village itself, it is deserted and quiet. Some people were evacuated, some hid in basements. Shooting battles are not heard even remotely.

According to the fighters, the city was held by the mobilized LPR, the National Guard and BARS. Aviation and helicopters worked on the site, reinforcements arrive. The foregoing illustrates that Krasny Liman is not going to surrender, but is being actively stormed by enemies. Our guys survived!

* * *

Krasny Lyman in touch. Valiant fighters and commanders report that our artillerymen managed to nail the enemy units to the ground. The crossing through my native Seversky Donets became a trap for the formations of the regime. Now the activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has decreased. Let’s see how it goes.

Comrades, you are handsome!

The actual situation from our group from the combat zone in the northeast of the NVO zone. No tantrums. KUPYANSK, IZYUM, LIMAN – Telegram channel Poddubny Z/O/AT/ editing.

* * *

The entire territory of the LPR is controlled by the allied forces. Ukraine is trying to sow panic, writes the Telegram channel RODION MIROSHNIK.

I had a communication session with Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Starobelsk, Svatovo – these are all the northern territories of the LPR. Rumors dispersed by Ukraine are greatly exaggerated. Everywhere the situation is calm and stable, completely under the control of the LPR.

The proximity of the front is only evidenced by the arrival of several dozen refugees from Izyum and Kupyansk. They are accepted on site. They provide everything you need. As long as they manage.

The stories about the shelling of Lisichansk are also lies. The echo comes from the area of ​​Seversk and nearby territories. There have been hostilities for two months.

* * *

Each section of the front has its own specifics. The heaviest fighting in the Kharkiv region is one part of the overall picture, the Telegram channel writes. Duty Z.

The LPR forces in the Donetsk Republic, together with Russian units, are currently effectively repelling enemy attacks. And ours here themselves continue offensive operations.

According to our data, the attack on the village of Berestovoye was repulsed, the enemy suffered losses in manpower and equipment, and a couple of BMPs were taken in working condition.

Ours are advancing in Soledar.

Everyone now has to do what it takes to win. On every sector of the front and in the rear. Like our heroic fighters on the front lines.

Together we will win!

* * *

The Russian Armed Forces launched a counterattack on the northern bank of the Ingulets River east of Snigirevka from Kalininsk and Bobrovy Kut, the Telegram channel writes Southern Region/Novorossiya.

In Bereznegovatoy, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine engaged in looting and open the apartments of the population under the pretext of “search for traitors.”

* * *

Zaporozhye region may soon switch to the Russian ruble completely, writes the Telegram channel Actually in Zaporozhye.

This was announced by Andriy Kozenko, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers for Economics and Finance of the CAA of the Zaporozhye region:

“The national currency of Ukraine is rapidly depreciating and turning into colored paper right before our eyes.”

According to him, while the authorities are artificially trying to keep the maximum possible exchange rate of the hryvnia for the sake of those residents who still have Ukrainian cash.

Inc. corr. FSK
Top photo: Heroes Z. Roman Penkov, junior sergeant, tank commander. Today, September 11, Russia celebrates the Day of the tanker.

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