Sep 8, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine September 8, day

Chronicle of the Ukrainian offensive near Balakleya on September 6-7, 2022 from Telegram channel Rybar

On September 6, after a massive artillery barrage, Ukrainian formations launched an offensive from ANDREEVKA against the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in Balakleya. Before that, about a week ago, it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were forming a strike group in the Izyum direction, accumulating reserves of personnel and equipment.

The Ukrainian formations were able to build on their success and advance in a number of areas, without abandoning attempts to surround Balakleya, however, the reserves of the allied forces that came to the rescue stopped the advance in some areas. The operational goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to reach the highway KHARKOV – IZYUM in the area of ​​VESELOY AND KUNYE in order to encircle the Russian group in IZYUM.

Rybar’s team has analyzed the course of the battles near Balakleya in the last two days and presents a detailed summary of events in this area.

* * *

Kharkov front. sober assessment, writes Telegram channel Notes ATethereal.

The fever of the first day of the fighting subsided, we can draw an intermediate result. The Ukronazis attacked in three directions. As a result, only one tactical success can be noted – the loss of Volokhov Yar and the advance in the direction of Shevchenkovo. Fierce battles ensued in other directions, as a result of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stopped and bogged down. The fact that by the afternoon of yesterday the enemy began to commit reserves into battle speaks of heavy losses. Although it hasn’t even been a day. Mostly personnel units trained according to NATO standards were thrown into the battle. They acted quite competently, but extremely uncoordinated. One motorized infantry platoon of the enemy on Verbovka, due to lack of coordination of actions, came under friendly fire and was practically completely destroyed, everything happened in front of our soldiers. In general, nothing surprising, they still have the same problems that we have. Our artillery, as usual, fired yesterday. Everything that could work worked on the advancing, it played its role, the enemy had many losses precisely on the march. The units that had broken through through a flurry of artillery fire entered the battle, and those that followed them stopped. Aviation began to work actively on them. Thanks to this, limited enemy forces entered the battle near Balakleya. Which in turn helped to contain the enemy with a relatively small garrison. Several battalion commanders also showed the initiative, who sent reinforcements to the city in the form of several tanks, which, under enemy fire (the road to Balakleya is under enemy fire control), managed to jump into the city and support the defenders. Also, several desperate drivers on Kamaz trucks with BC managed to drop into the city. By evening, our reserves pulled up to Balakleya. A heavy combined-arms battle began, in which our units showed stamina, as a result of which Balakleya is still ours.

On Volokhov Yar, the Nazis were a little more successful, probably the commander is a little smarter there. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not storm the city, but began to bypass it and move on to Shevchenkove. As a result, our small garrison was surrounded. However, after Semyonovka, the enemy received artillery and aircraft and also stopped. From Volokhov Yar, the group split up, part went to Kunya, in order to cut the transport artery. They were also met by artillery and aviation fire and stopped in the same way.

Outcome. So far, it is impossible to talk about any success of the Nazis on the Kharkov front.

With the exception of the loss of Volokhov Yar, the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to achieve serious successes. The pace of the offensive lost its way on the first day. If our command continues to competently maneuver and deliver accurate strikes against the second echelon of the advancing enemy forces, then by the end of tomorrow it will be possible to talk about the complete stopping of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now heavy fighting is going on on the Kharkov front. The one who has stronger nerves and more developed operational thinking will win. I wish good luck to all our commanders and fighters.

* * *

Balakleya is completely under the control of the RF Armed Forces, fighting is taking place on the northern side of the city, the enemy has been knocked out from the eastern part, according to the Telegram channel RODION MIROSHNIK.

The Russian Aerospace Forces delivers strikes against enemy vehicles and aircraft.

* * *

The situation in the Avdeevka direction – Telegram channel People’s Militia of the DPR.

Soldiers of the “International Brigade” Pyatnashka “hold positions in the area of ​​​​the Avdiivka industrial zone. This section of the front is characterized by a large accumulation of artillery systems, which are incessant artillery duels. Thanks to the support of the artillerymen of the People’s Militia, the infantry successfully moves forward, knocking out the enemy. The fire is conducted from 152-mm guns “Hyacinth”. The work is carried out in close cooperation with reconnaissance, which makes it possible to make the necessary corrections and accurately inflict fire damage on given targets.

* * *

Ukrainian Nazis continue shelling Donetsk – writes Telegram channel Denazification U.A..

At about four in the morning, the Kyiv and Kuibyshevsky districts of the city were fired upon by NATO-style artillery, 12 shells were fired at the city.

At the beginning of the fifth morning, the same areas were again fired upon by the Ukrainian Nazis and, of course, by NATO 155 mm shells. This time 14 shells were fired.

At 4:45 am, Ukrainian Nazis fired at the Kyiv and Kuibyshev regions from cannon artillery. They fired 9 shells at civilians.

At ten minutes to eight, 3 shells from NATO artillery were fired in the Kyiv region.

At the moment, the shelling of the city continues. Information about the destruction and casualties is being specified. At the moment, more than 40 shells have been fired at Donetsk in the morning, the vast majority of which are of NATO caliber.

* * *

Two more schools opened in the Kherson region – writes the Telegram channel Kherson Herald.

Belozersky School No. 1 opened its doors to 400 students. Among them are children, including those from those villages where there are no schools. These are Aleksandrovka, Pravdino, Wide beam and others.

Natalya Palkova, director of the Belozersky school No. 1 – “We have developed a safety instruction at our school. Today the guys listened to it. We will have training sessions so that in case of alarm the guys do not panic, but strictly follow the instructions together with the teacher.”

In total, 17 out of 29 schools remained in the municipal district. They all plan to open next month.

* * *

Overhaul of the automobile bridge in Genichesk.

Blown up during the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and partially destroyed, the road bridge leading from Genichesk to the Arabatskaya Spit, from September 1, 2022, the builders of Azimut LLC and Ferza Group LLC from the Russian Federation began to restore. 20 builders are involved in the repair work – the Telegram channel writes Southern Region/Novorossiya.

To date, a destroyed bridge span has been lifted from the bottom of the strait with special equipment rented in the Republic of Crimea. Three new reinforced concrete beams have already been laid.

The reconstruction of the bridge is planned to be completed by the end of October.

* * *

In the DPR, civilian vehicles are being converted into sanitary evacuation vehicles.

The repair shop was deployed on the basis of one of the battalions of the NM of the DPR, where ambulances are made on the basis of civilian vehicles.

“When they formed, I immediately gave a call to the drivers. It turned out that the guys have experience in repairing cars, and very good craftsmen. We started a freelance repair department here, ” – said the officer of the NM DPR.

Now they are working on an ambulance for the evacuation of the wounded on the basis of the Zhiguli car. The transport provides one place for a stretcher, a place for a doctor, a mount for a dropper or other medical equipment.

Recall that the DPR military received two modern MLRS produced in the Republic, and DPR specialists also developed stationary and mobile products “Fog Dome”, they will help fight enemy drones.

In the title photo: Ukrainian terrorists attacked a hotel in Kupyansk, Kharkiv region

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