Sep 5, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine September 5, evening

Battle for Kherson: the situation at the Posad-Pokrovsky and Aleksandrovsky sections as of 19.00 September 5, 2022 from the Telegram channel Rybar:

Having concentrated to the north of Posad-Pokrovsky to the battalion tactical group formed from 24, 28 and 59 brigades, the Armed Forces of Ukraine today made another attempt to attack at the turn of Ternovye Pody – Zeleny Gay – Blagodatnoye (Petrovskoye).

The BTGr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the offensive after active artillery preparation by a group of eight tanks: the main load fell on the sector of the 20th Motor Rifle Division of the RF Armed Forces.

With the support of special forces reconnaissance groups that carried out target designation, fire support for artillery and equipment of the 7th Infantry Division of the RF Armed Forces, Russian troops managed to destroy five tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, four pickup trucks and a Hammer. Two commanders of the Yavorovskaya company of the 59th ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were taken prisoner – one without both legs.

Units of 108 ARs of the Russian Armed Forces successfully worked on two Ukrainian Su-25s: one plane was shot down, the second was at least seriously shot down.

The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Posad-Pokrovskoye is running out of steam at the moment.

On the Aleksandrovsky section of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no active actions have been taken since August 30-31: everything is limited to occasional shelling.

* * *

Allied forces destroy the enemy in Marinka – writes the Telegram channel People’s Militia of the DPR.

Soldiers of the Storm battalion of the 102nd motorized rifle regiment of the 150th motorized rifle division of the RF Armed Forces showed how they are advancing in Maryinka. They work professionally, use modern methods of warfare, thereby bringing victory closer.

* * *

“Benefactors” of HALO Trust are preparing saboteurs from Ukrainian women – writes the Telegram channel Kharkiv Z.

These ads can be found throughout Ukraine: non-profit, charitable organization HALO Trust invites sappers to work. Payment – 12 564 hryvnia. Priority is given to female applicants. The policy of the organization “50×50”: men and women should work equally in the team. But in Ukraine it doesn’t work that way, there are about three and a half times more men in The HALO Trust. In total, there are currently more than 300 deminers of this British organization in Donbass.

By the way, the fund exists on private donations. In Ukraine HALO Trust has been operating since 2015, but only since 2018 – after the adoption of the relevant law by the Ukrainian government, legally. Prior to this, the HALO Trust was engaged in the demining of Donbass simply by concluding a memorandum with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Such a “deminers-freelancers” at remote work. The organization applied for territories that it considered problematic, received admission and began “work”. Approximately the same as in Chechnya in the late 90s.

Since the beginning of hostilities in the Donbass, about 1,000 people have been killed by mine explosions, and more than 1,500 people have been injured. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of land are still dangerous for agricultural use. It will take 10 to 15 years to clear the areas occupied by Ukraine in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. More than 8 billion hryvnias will be needed to clear 7,000 square kilometers of mines.

By the way, the UN pays $100 for each episode of ordinary demining and $300 for work in difficult conditions. The territory occupied by Ukrainian militants is haphazardly littered with anti-personnel mines. How much of this “good” has accumulated in warehouses – no one knows for sure. In general, the business is very profitable. There is a real war going on for “fat” orders, although the demining process itself is called “humanitarian”. Non-governmental organizations involve ordinary people in the work, who are trained in demining courses. Although it would be more accurate to say – sappers. There is information that American and British instructors are training people to plant mines in the gray zone.

* * *

Another name appeared on the Alley of Angels in Donetsk… – writes the Telegram channel PE Donetsk Z.

Today was the funeral of Vlad Pryadko, who died on Friday during the shelling of the Kalinin region.

The guy died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Vlad’s mother was also injured under fire, she is now in intensive care

Donetsk residents and caring residents of the DPR and the Russian Federation helped raise funds for the boy’s funeral to his grandmother.

* * *

Ukrainian neo-Nazi saboteurs, September 4 at 11:43 Moscow time, attempted to undermine the Volchansk Aggregate Plant. And also, they indicated the coordinates for inflicting a missile strike on the enterprise, writes the Telegram channel VGA Volchansky district.

– The connection between the saboteurs and the 23rd battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was cut off. The missiles did not even have time to fly out at the coordinates.

– In response to this, the RF Armed Forces, immediately after the attempt to blow it up, struck at the missile system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​the village of Shestakovo, from which a missile attack on the city of Volchansk was planned.

– The remnants of the homemade “bomb” of the saboteurs are subject to immediate liquidation.

* * *

The Armed Forces of Ukraine again struck at the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhya NPP. They beat on the special building of the station. A container with distilled water in the area of ​​the second power unit was also damaged. – writes the Telegram channel AToenkor Kitten Z.

* * *

Ukrainian soldier: foreigners take weapons from the Armed Forces of Ukraine – writes the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

Maxim Dvornichenko, a soldier of the 54th brigade of the Ukrainian army, was taken prisoner. He told RIA Novosti how the weapons supplied by the West are taken away by foreigners.

“We participated in the unloading of Western weapons, in appearance they were damaged by 70%. Also, people in uniform came there, some spoke English, also Lithuanian, these weapons were loaded somewhere, taken away, ” the soldier says.

Dvornichenko specified that mainly Swedish-British NLAW portable anti-tank guided missiles and Matador grenade launchers were taken from Ukrainians.

The commanders, meanwhile, asked the soldiers not to interfere in their business. The soldier assumes that the weapons were resold, and adds that they still did not know how to use Western weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“If there was an attack, then we would only have forces to beat back with machine guns”.

* * *

The Mercury plant in the village of Shiroky, Skadovsky district, Kherson region, was one of the first to launch a full cycle of processing tomatoes into tomato paste, writes Telegram channel Southern Region/Novorossiya.

This became possible thanks to the joint work of the Association of Employers and Entrepreneurs of the Kherson region and the Administration of the district and the city of Skadovsk.

Despite the difficult times, the plant operates in three shifts. Simplified logistics between farmers-producers and the plant. This made it possible to reach a production capacity of 200 tons per day. In general, 2,500 tons of tomatoes will be processed during the season.

The launch of the line has helped local producer farmers realize their record harvest and has also saved and multiplied jobs for dozens of local residents.

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Header photo: in Snegirevka, bastards fired artillery at the playground where a father and children were walking at that moment. Father and son – a 5-year-old boy died, a 9-year-old girl was injured. The fire was fired from barrel artillery in the area “Seven Winds”

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