Sep 22, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine September 22, day

Settlements on the border of the Kharkiv region and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) are under the control of the allied forces. This was announced on Wednesday by the head of the military-civilian administration (CAA) of the Kharkiv region Vitaly Ganchev on the air of the Rossiya-24 TV channel, the Telegram channel writes. Kharkov People’s Republic.

“The settlements are still under our control on the border with the Lugansk Republic. I think the armed forces will survive there,” – he said.

According to Ganchev, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will attempt to completely oust the allied forces from the Kharkiv region in order to prevent the holding of referendums in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

“I think that they will make every attempt to completely squeeze out our armed forces from the territory of the Kharkiv region in order to reach the borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and somehow still provoke an obstacle to the referendum, which is already was announced”– said the head of the CAA of the Kharkiv region.

* * *

Russia returned 55 of its prisoners:

– 2 senior officers (lieutenant colonel and major)

– 6 junior officers

– 4 warrant officers

– 40 privates and sergeants

– 2 servicemen of the NM DPR

– 1 serviceman of the NM LPR.

Seven out of 55 are hospitalized.

In captivity they are treated differently. Those who are “lucky” to go to Kyiv are filmed and kept in tolerable conditions. In other places, and bullying, and torture, and beating to death.

Everyone was forced to call home from captivity and talk about the fact that they, Russians, are occupiers and murderers.

Those released from captivity thank a certain nurse Oksana, who took our guys out there, in captivity. There is human interaction, but it is the exception rather than the rule. If not for one particular person, many would not have lived to see the exchange, writes Telegram channel Rybar.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken responsibility for the prisoner exchange operation between Russia and Ukraine.

How many Russian prisoners of war were exchanged is still unknown. So far, our sources report only two parties – 55 as well as 32 person.

The Ukrainian side announced 215 citizens returned from captivity.

5 Azov commanders will remain in Turkey until the end of hostilities.

* * *

At Severodonetsk Azot, about 500 people got temporary jobs, Acting Mayor Nikolai Morgunov said in an interview with TASS, the Telegram channel writes. GOVERNMENT OF THE LUGANSK PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC.

“Today, 500 people work on temporary jobs at the Azot plant, who work daily at their native enterprise,”– he said.

According to Morgunov, the landscaping of the territory, the preventive launch of equipment, and the plant itself are under protection at Azot. “Today there is very strict control by the guards, strangers are not allowed there”he noted.

Morgunov stressed that the city is waiting for the launch of a chemical enterprise. “There is a technological opportunity, the specialists looked, today they give the conclusion that the enterprise is very efficient, and the products it will produce are competitive today in the nearby market. This is both the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation”Morgunov said.

* * *

Deputy head of the Kherson VGA Kirill Stremousov said that two settlements of the Nikolaev region under the control of the Russian Federation – the city of Snegirevka and the village of Aleksandrovka – “included in the Kherson region”writes Telegram channel SIGNAL.

Such a decision, according to Stremousov, will allow residents of these settlements to participate in the referendum.

* * *

Sold the fate of three children for 1000 hryvnia – writes Telegram channel LETNAB.

Marina is another gunner pretending to be a sheep. A mother of three children, a matchmaker, handed over photographs and coordinates of the allied forces in the city to representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces. She received as much as 1000 hryvnias for her work and was happy until they came for her. And they came for her quickly, and it is unlikely that she will now be pleased with the prospect of spending the next ten years behind bars.

We are sure that Vova’s friend is unlikely to take care of her fate, just like her young children. It turns out that such “marinas” are selling their fate, the lives of their children, the lives of their neighbors and townspeople for only 1,000 hryvnias. Ugh!

* * *

Footage with armored vehicles captured by Russian paratroopers during the destruction of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the zone of a special military operation – Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Among the captured vehicles are the Ukrainian-made BTR-3U, retrofitted with foreign weapons, as well as the BMP-2, transferred from the countries of Eastern Europe.

“… A battle began with superior enemy forces … The deputy commander of the first parachute company for military-political work moved to the right flank of his unit, at that moment the number of the calculation of the ATGM installation was wounded, and the political officer himself got up with her .. … as a result of the battle, which lasted all day, personally destroyed 5 infantry fighting vehicles, 1 MTLB – this is only on the first day … “– said the deputy commander of the battalion Alexander.

“…[военнослужащие ВСУ] They left the armored personnel carrier, having fled, they left clothes, jackets there, that is, like shorts. Today we are calmly restoring, mastering, preparing to use it in battle … “– said the gunner-operator Artyom.

In the title photo: Aircraft with Russian soldiers returning from captivity, source – Telegram channel Rybar

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