Sep 20, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine September 20, evening

On the evening of September 19, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two private houses in the village of Krasnorechenskoye in the LPR, the Telegram channel writes. Zvezdanews.

The blow to the buildings came in the evening, when people had already taken their children from schools and kindergartens and returned from work.

Seven dead civilians are reported, three of them are children.

* * *

Telegram channel Operational reports writes:

We have collected for you all the information at the moment on the topic of holding referendums in the liberated territories of Ukraine:

– The head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, signed a law on holding a vote on the issue of the republic joining Russia as a subject of the federation;

– A referendum in the LPR is scheduled for this week – from September 23 to 27, it will ask the following question: “Are you in favor of the LPR joining the Russian Federation as a constituent entity of the Russian Federation?”;

– The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, has also already submitted to the DPR parliament a bill on a referendum with similar dates;

– In addition, Pushilin personally addressed Vladimir Putin with the following message: “The long-suffering people of Donbass deserved to be part of the Great Country, which they always considered their homeland. This event will be the restoration of historical justice, the onset of which millions of Russian people are craving.”;

– In addition, the People’s Council of the DPR published a message stating that attempts to prevent the referendum would be punished as a criminal offense;

– In order to ensure security, voting in the referendum in the DPR will be both in person and by correspondence, which will allow to take into account the objectively existing security problems associated with Ukrainian terrorism;

– The authorities of the Kherson region are guided by the same dates – September 23–27;

– However, citizens who left for the territories controlled by Kyiv will not be able to vote here in the referendum;

– The head of the CAA of the Zaporozhye region said that if it becomes part of the Russian Federation, it would be advisable to rename the region to the Zaporozhye Territory and noted that it would be advisable to hold a referendum within a few days, which would avoid crowds;

– The same position was taken by other representatives of the authorities of the liberated regions;

– If the referendums are held on the indicated dates, before the end of the month, requests to join the country may already be sent to Russia;

– According to opinion polls, the majority of residents of the DPR (91%), LPR (90%), Kherson (80%) and Zaporozhye (80%) regions would like to join the Russian Federation;

– Sergey Lavrov commented on what is happening with the following words: the current situation confirms that the peoples of Donbass want to be masters of their own destiny.

* * *

Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing provocations in the Kharkiv region – writes the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

On the air of the First Kharkiv, the head of the military-civilian administration (VGA) of the region, Vitaly Ganchev, spoke about the planned atrocities of Ukrainian nationalists in Izyum.

“We know for certain that provocations are being prepared, in particular, in the city of Izyum. Currently, propaganda videos are being prepared that the Russian troops, staying on the territory of the city and the region, mocked people, ” Ganchev said.

Constant terror does not stop in other Kharkov cities: Balakliya, Kupyansk, Shevchenkov, Veliky Burluk. There, the soldiers seek out and punish those who helped the allied forces.

“We are constantly receiving information about the atrocities and lawlessness that Ukrainian Nazis and foreign mercenaries are doing in the Kharkiv region against civilians. We know everything that the so-called liberators are now trying to come up with. And each of them will be punished in accordance with the law.” – stressed the head of the VGA.

* * *

In the part of Kupyansk, which is not controlled by the Russian military, English-speaking Ukrainian mercenaries were seen. They are distinguished by absolute ruthlessness towards local residents, writes the Telegram channel. Life in the “occupation”.

The administration of the Kharkov region told RIA Novosti that the number of English-speaking mercenaries in Kupyansk rolls over.

They speak English and are absolutely ruthless towards civilians. Mercenaries have no feelings.

Officials stressed that almost half of the mercenaries in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kupyansk.

Earlier, Ganchev, the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, said that the Ukrainian military were looking for “collaborators” among the residents of Kupyansk, after which they were taking them to an unknown destination.

* * *

Telegram channel BelVPO writes:

The entire harvest from Nikolaev was transported by trucks to Odessa, and from there abroad, – Gauleiter Nikolaeva Senkevich

“Today, the road between Nikolaev and Odessa is clogged with trucks both day and night. All stocks and harvest this year, everything is exported to the ports of Odessa, and from there the grain goes abroad. As you know, Turkey is the guarantor of the “grain corridor”. Agrarians of the Nikolaev region continue to work even in such conditions”Gauleiter Sienkiewicz said.

I wonder what the inhabitants of the city and the region will eat? It is obvious that soon in the Nikolaev area the referendum will take place.

* * *

The shelling of the territory of the Zaporizhzhya NPP led to damage to the special building and the cooling system of the plant, the press service of the city administration reported. The main thing in Energodar.

In the course of today’s shelling of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, the special building, the cooling system, as well as the canteen, where the station workers were at the time of the shelling, were damaged.

Fortunately, none of the station workers and those guarding the perimeter were injured. The shelling of the nuclear power plant was carried out using high-explosive fragmentation shells.

* * *

On the front line, a hundred meters from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the fighters of the Wagner PMC showed our correspondent a liberated substation near Artyomovsk, the Telegram channel writes. Reports of the militia of Novorossiya Z.O.AT.

The Ukrainian military suffered huge losses and left the most important strategic area – from here the fortified areas of the enemy are visible at a glance.

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In the title photo: the consequences of shelling by Ukrainian militants of a house in Nova Kakhovka

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