Sep 20, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine September 20, day

The situation in the Kharkiv direction by the end of September 19, 2022 from the Telegram channel Rybar.

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to regroup forces and means for a further offensive and access to the borders of the LPR.

A significant part of the units of the 14th brigade was redirected to the Kharkov region. The brigade’s military personnel and equipment are moving to new destination areas. Previously, the connection operated in the Soledar direction.

In addition, seven T-72 tanks received as captured equipment left by the RF Armed Forces were transferred to the 14th Ombre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian offensive is planned in the direction of TROITSKY and POKROVSKY from the area of ​​Dvurechnaya and Tavolzhanka. Armaments and equipment accumulate in these settlements.

In Dvurichnaya the day before, a pontoon crossing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was put out of action. Some local residents reported raids by Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups into the settlement itself.

A similar situation in KUPYANSK: due to the activity of Russian DRGs, local residents today seriously began to believe that the RF Armed Forces recaptured the western part of the city.

In fact, both settlements are under the uncertain control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since Russian DRGs feel at ease in them.

At the Pechenegsky reservoir, the crossing is being restored to ensure communication and communication between units on the front line and rear facilities.

In the regions bordering with the Russian Federation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are strengthening their positions and building strongholds. Units of the 241st Terodefense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located in UDAH, GURIEV KAZACHKA, TENCH, KONSTANTINOVKA, GREAT PASSES.

Anti-tank systems from the 43rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located in the vicinity of Strelechya, and anti-aircraft guns and MANPADS crews are located in SMALL PASSES.

Local residents from DNEPROPETROVSK report the transfer of new containers for the American HIMARS MLRS to the Kharkov and Donetsk directions, claiming that this could be ATACMS.

In the context of the daily use of Western commercial and military satellites to take pictures of BELGOROD, KURSK, VORONEZH AND MILLEROVO, rumors about the arrival of ATACMS containers on the front lines should hardly be dismissed as nonsense on the move.

* * *

Liman is attacked from two directions.

Sources say this @vargonzo on the Donbas front line.

The defenders of the city verbatim report the following:

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine again began to storm Liman from two directions – from the west and north-west. We have losses. Let’s hold on and fight with all our might.”

Recall that volunteers from the Kuban detachment, with the support of Luhansk Cossacks and artillerymen of the Russian Army, have been repelling massive attacks by neo-Nazis and their mercenaries on the administrative center of the Krasnolimansky district of the DPR for the second week.

Following the news of the referendums, the enemy increased their fire pressure.

* * *

The Armed Forces of Ukraine intensified the terror of civilians in the liberated territories against the backdrop of requests for an immediate referendum in the LPR, DPR and Kherson region, writes the Telegram channel Readovka.

The Kyiv regime, in its style, immediately responded to the desire of people in the LPR and DPR to join Russia – the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched massive attacks all night. The day before, the Public Chamber of the LPR asked the head of the republic to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation as soon as possible – the LPR is 100% ready for it, which should take place this fall, said State Duma deputy Volodatsky. A similar appeal was made by the Public Chamber of the DPR. Also, the desire of people to live as part of Russia was announced by the deputy head of the CAA of the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov.

Kyiv’s “response” was not long in coming – it was predictable. As LPR Ambassador Rodion Miroshnik noted, at night Alchevsk and Svatovo were fired from the American HIMARS MLRS – 4 and 3 rockets were fired at the cities, respectively. In addition, from 6 am, Ukrainian militants began shelling Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson region, where the attacks were prevented by the Russian air defense system – at least three explosions were reported. In addition, at night Krasny Liman was attacked from two sides, which is heroically defended by soldiers from the armies of Donbass, regular troops of the Russian Federation and volunteer Cossacks.

* * *

The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck from the MLRS HIMARS on the village of Prishib, writes the Telegram channel Vladimir Rogov.

As a result of the shelling, two people were killed – women, three were seriously injured.

Agricultural machinery was also destroyed, a private grain warehouse with a capacity of 100 tons was destroyed, as well as five buildings of a pig farm.

The Ukrainian side continues to terrorize the civilian population of the Zaporozhye region, firing at objects that do not pose a danger to the enemy and are not military.

* * *

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and units of the NM reserve of the DPR jointly repulsed the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the settlement Thorn Pods – the enemy suffered heavy losses, captured prisoners and trophies, writes Telegram channel People’s Militia of the DPR.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue unsuccessful attempts to advance in the Kherson direction. In the area of ​​N. p. Ternovye Pody of the Nikolaev region, the enemy threw significant forces from the mobilized military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into an attack on the positions of the Allied Forces.

The fighters of the RF Armed Forces and units of the DPR NM reserve, with the support of tanks and artillery, destroyed the enemy infantry fighting vehicle and a large number of enemy manpower, another infantry fighting vehicle, received light damage and went to our soldiers as a trophy.

The decisive actions of the military personnel of the NM DPR captured an officer and a medic of the 24th brigade. In captivity, they received medical assistance. As it became known from the interrogation of prisoners and the study of their documents, senior sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sova Mikhail Ivanovich, born in 1974. was declared fit for military service and called up for mobilization on February 25, despite the fact that he is an invalid without two fingers on his right hand.

* * *

Stakhanov lost not only the main place of leisure for children and adults, but also one of the main architectural monuments, the Telegram channel writes. Zvezdanews.

This was told by the director of the Palace of Culture. Gorky Anna Pronesterenko.

There were a huge number of circles and sections in the DC. About one and a half thousand pupils from 3 to 80 years old studied in the palace. Children and adults studied choreography, chess, drawing, took part in sports sections, there was even a cheerleading school. Recently, a cosmetic overhaul was done and new equipment was brought in.

“This is the best club-type establishment in the LPR”Anna noted.

* * *

Volunteers from Russia are holding back the enemy in the Zaporozhye direction – writes the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

The Cossack assault battalion “Tavrida” “works” in the Zaporozhye direction. According to their aerial reconnaissance, up to 40 armored vehicles arrived in the Stepnogorsk area.

“We have enough weapons and ammunition to fight back, we have everything, in principle, even in excess. Everything around us is mined, both with anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. So, if they go, you are welcome, ” – says an officer of the volunteer battalion “Tavrida” with the call sign “Taigan”.

Despite the constant shelling from the enemy, Cossack volunteers skillfully maneuver and inflict fire damage on the enemy from heavy machine guns NSV “Utyos”, automatic grenade launchers AGS-17 “Flame” and 120-mm mortars.

In the title photo: A downed BTR-4E of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kupyansk, Kharkiv region

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