Sep 13, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine September 13, evening

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet established themselves along the borders of the Kharkiv region– writes the Telegram channel WarGonzo.

We report the situation on our ownorhard front. Project Sources @vargonzo in the Kharkiv region, it is reported that the enemy has still not been able to completely take control of Kupyansk – on the other side of the river our subdivisions are stationed in separate city blocks.

Moreover, it is reported that the neo-Nazis were unable to supply enough equipment and infantry to the territories that came under their control. In certain areas, they even put their people nominally. However, a natural barrier – the river – in this case plays in their favor.

The number of neo-Nazis in Volchansk is also not large. Either the main forces went towards the border – or accumulated for a strike at the junction of the Kharkov region, the LPR and the DPR. This is precisely the region of Krasny Liman, Svyatogorsk, Yampol and further Lisichansk, on the outskirts of which the enemy, apparently, has already managed to enter Belogorovka.

Howeverhere the Armed Forces of Ukraine have entered a wedge and there is a chance to correct the situation by cutting off the group that broke through towards Lysichansk.

I am glad that in Krasny Liman it has become much more stable. Heroes from the Kuban detachment, together with the artillerymen of the Russian Army, were able to withstand the critical moment and hold out for several days. Now they are easier. It still hurts for Svyatogorsk, but again, 100% of the data on the full control of the Armed Forces of Ukraineyo not yet. Little, little hope glimmers…

* * *

Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at Lisichansk, there are dead and wounded among the civilian population. The PERSON was informed about this by I.O. head of the city administration Andrei Skory, writes the Telegram channel LuganskInformCenter Z.

“There was an arrival in a peaceful quarter, there are casualties among civilians. This is a residential area, people, of course, were on the street. There are dead and wounded, – he said.

Also I.O. The head of the administration of Lysichansk suggested that the shelling of the city could have been carried out from a 155 mm caliber artillery gun or a HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, which are supplied by the US Armed Forces.

According to preliminary information, 3 civilians became victims of the shelling (two people were killed and one was injured). Additional information is being specified.

* * *

Valuysky district of the Belgorod region was shelled from the side of Ukraine – at least 10 arrivals in the area of ​​the settlement. Shelaevo and Urazovo, – writes Telegram channel AToenkor Kitten Z.

* * *

Among those evacuated from the Kharkiv region – history teacher and volunteerRwrites Telegram channel Readovka. The woman was in the “lists” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be shot for helping the Russian military.

Woman with two daughtersbToday we arrived at the Belgorod TAP from the village of Borisovka (until 1897 – Solntsevka) in the Kharkov region. Her whole family volunteeredrystvo – helped the Russian military and refugees from the Kharkiv region until they themselves needed help.

BetterAccording to him, the family is on the “lists” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for execution, the Ukrainian military could get to them at any moment. In addition, the woman taught history until 2009, and then, when the SS “Galicia”, Bandera and Shukhevych turned into heroes, she was forced to leave.

“I had to leave because I separatist». I will never betray my roots either you’re human or you’re a bastard. There are 160 people in the village, of which adequate 10, 150 painted roosters»who fall under any authority, these are not even collaborators, I don’t understand who they are, ” the woman says.

The woman also spoke about how they escaped from the APU, which literally shot the evacuees in the back. By eAccording to her, the Armed Forces of Ukraine came from Ivanovka to Borisovka – the military were 500 meters from her native village: “We barely escaped from there, while the APU entered the neighboring cities they are Nazis andormniki”.

* * *

There are fierce battles between Sands and Pervomaisky, writes the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

The concrete bridge of the Donetsk Ring Road is located between Sands and Pervomaisky. The sands came under the control of the allied forces in August, and in Pervomaisky so far the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian terrorists are hiding under the crossing, they have equipped a firing position and an observation post there.

At first, our infantry wanted to take the bridge by force, but this idea was abandoned so as not to risk the lives of the personnel. Ukraine built fortified areas there for 8 years and prepared to repel the attack.

There were also minefields around Ukrainian positions in the area. But the sappers cleared the passage for the armored car, now a tank is working there.

The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this area are ten times greater than those of the DPR forces, provided that our fighters are advancing, and the enemy is sitting in pre-prepared positions. Ukrainian terrorists, as always, leave their dead and wounded on the battlefield.

* * *

Ukrainian Nazis again climbed onto the Davidov ford. I don’t remember which time already, it seems, the seventh, writes the Telegram channel Shaggy Z Nikolaev.

Now they climb in a very large herd, with the support of technology.

Ours fight back well, reconnaissance from the UAV informs the artillery in a very timely manner.

Last time, the Nazis were either decided on the spot, or allowed to come in and turned on the Sun.

I hope that this time ours will also hit the Ukrainian Armed Forces and those NATO members who are with them.

* * *

Residents of Severodonetsk refuse medical care because they are afraid that they will be charged decent sums, as was the case in Ukraine. This was told by the doctor of one of the local hospitals Diana Shestakova-Sufieva, writes the Telegram channel GOVERNMENT OF THE LUGANSK PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC.

“A child comes to me with cervical lymphadenitis, it must be opened. Mom cries at the reception and says that she has nothing to pay the surgeon and that we will bill her. When our surgeon successfully performed the operation, the girl’s mother was surprised that she was not billed at all.”– said the doctor.

On the title photo: Just returned from the vicinity of Kodema, I confirm the capture of Nikolaevka-2. As freely as before, the delivery of ammunition / evacuation of the wounded along the Artyomovsk-Dzerzhinsk highway for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is no longer possible. She is under the fire control of the “musicians”. Nevertheless, the situation in the Kodema area remains tense. The enemy almost daily tries to counterattack, but to no avail. The MLRS works very tightly. Today, “hailstorms” and “hurricanes” arrived on our front line every ten minutes. But the “musicians” hold on. And they definitely won’t go back, the Brussels informer writes on the Telegram channel.

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