Sep 12, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine September 12, evening

The situation in the Slavyansko-Barvenkovsky direction as of 17.30 September 12, 2022 from Telegram channel Rybar.

After the units left IZYUM and its environs, units of the allied forces took up defensive positions on the left bank of the Oskol River. The units of the RF Armed Forces continue to hold the settlements of STUDENOK and OSKOL.

The most difficult situation is developing in the vicinity of the LIMAN, near which for three days in a row the battles of a small garrison of the RF Armed Forces and the NM of the LPR with superior enemy forces have continued.

The units of the allied forces have already repelled several attacks, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not reduce the onslaught. Artillery strikes are carried out on advancing enemy units.

In the area of ​​the village of ZAKOTNOE, Ukrainian formations were able to establish a crossing over the shallowed Seversky Donets and transfer equipment to reach YAMPOL, encircle and assault the LIMAN from the east.

The goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to gain a foothold on the right bank of the Seversky Donets in order to develop an offensive towards KREMENNOY in the LPR.

* * *

Krasny Lyman is another painful topic of recent days in the information space, the Telegram channel writes. Operational reports.

In order to dispel all the doubts and fears of the population, our fighters in the city recorded a full-fledged video message, assuring all those on whose protection they stand right now that Krasny Lyman is under the complete control of the units of Russia and the allied Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

All attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been successfully repelled, and attempts to approach the city have been thwarted.

This information is also confirmed by the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, who reports that the Ukrainian troops are not abandoning attempts to switch to counter-offensive operations in this direction, but the situation is fully controlled.

* * *

I talked with a woman from Izyum, writes the Telegram channel ramsay. Her sister remained in the city under the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Husband paralyzed. Chills from the story! After the entry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, complete chaos began. Total searches, terrible looting, murders. The “Westerners” entered. They openly say that you are all Muscovites and “cotton wool” for us here. There will be no mercy for you. For three months we lived soul to soul with the Russians, which means that everyone is a connoisseur and now you are nobody! They take everything they like – TVs, smartphones, household appliances, food. A bunch of people were arrested and taken away. Several people were simply shot on the spot, those who tried to interfere with looting. They say that everyone who tries to pay in rubles in stores will immediately be put up against the wall. They asked where to get the hryvnia – the answer is: “Suck! Now this is your main pratsia!” The “vigilantes” got out – those who were sitting waiting for their arrival. Now they frankly settle scores with those with whom they quarreled. They simply accuse them of collaborating with the Russians and take people away. Most likely to be shot. The city is simply paralyzed with horror. “Now we’re nothing at all!” Cries.

* * *


Svyatogorsk is under the control of the allied forces, the information about its transfer to the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a fake – the mayor of the city Vladimir Bandura.

Photos of Ukrainian soldiers from the city may well have been taken by the Ukrainian DRG.

* * *

Parade for one veteran in Mariupol, writes the Telegram channel Mariupol Forever.

Aleksey Moiseevich Tkachenko is one of the few living veterans of the Second World War, a real Victory Parade was organized for him. Cadets of the Donetsk Higher All-Arms Command School marched in front of the veteran.

* * *

Battalion “Sparta” destroyed about 40 militants in the area of ​​Donetsk airport – writes the Telegram channel

This afternoon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to counterattack the positions of “Sparta” near the Donetsk airport. Under the cover of rain, through a forest plantation, on foot, about 40 people approached the territory of the airport, who were noticed by scouts of the Sparta battalion.

The guests were greeted with volleys from almost all types of weapons: first, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were cut off by mortar fire, then the “Hyacinths” of the Kuban artillerymen began to work on them, followed by tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, AGS of various units of the Russian Army.

As a result of the fire defeat, the enemy suffered serious losses in manpower. The neo-Nazis tried three times to evacuate their dead and wounded, most of whom remained abandoned on the battlefield.

* * *

The headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is trying, once again, to present the abandoned settlements of Vysokopolie, Novovoznesenskoe, Belogorka, Sukhoi Stavok and Myrolyubovka in the Kherson region as “officially passed under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” writes the Telegram channel News of Kherson region.

Video confirming that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that forced people to flee from shelling. There, for the most part, there are no houses. What is there to protect, a dilapidated fence?!

Families living in the Kherson Refugee Accommodation Center told the Telegram channel The main thing in Kherson their stories.

Lyubov and her family arrived in Kherson from the village of Sukhoi Stavki in a private car – people fled from Ukrainian shelling, and two weeks later they learned that their house had been destroyed.

“We were leaving, the house was still standing, and then, two weeks later, my mother and older sister told me that we no longer had a house”the woman shared.

In Kherson, the family is assisted with everything they need – with food, clothing, paperwork.

Nikolai, after escaping to Kherson, is engaged in humanitarian work, helping other refugees. He sees his future together with Russia – the young man plans to get a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and go to work in the Crimea.

In the title photo: SOBR “Almaz” in the NVO zone, source – Rusich Telegram channel

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