Nov 7, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine November 7, evening

Breakthrough of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut: details from the Telegram channel military chronicle.

On the morning of November 7, Wagner PMC forces launched an offensive against the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Bakhmut (Artyomovsk).

According to military chroniclethe most fierce battles are being fought in the south-east of the city – in the area of ​​​​the asphalt concrete plant, the dam and the lane named after. Gogol.

The heaviest losses in Bakhmut are borne by the 4th Operational Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine and the 71st Separate Jaeger Brigade, understaffed by the forces of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade. This formation had to be partially withdrawn from positions near Seversk.

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that remained in the city have lost 70% of their armored vehicles and are forced to use civilian pickup trucks and minibuses to move and transport ammunition.

A few hours before the assault on the city, the artillery of the PMC Wagner suppressed the battery of the Akatsiya self-propelled guns of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kleshcheevka area.

At least two guns were hit, an AN / TPQ-36 counter-battery radar was destroyed. Also, the artillery control center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Experimental area was destroyed by the artillery of the PMC Wagner, which made it possible to maintain fire control over the southern approaches to the city.

Due to the high activity of armored vehicles and artillery of Wagner PMCs, places for the wounded are running out in Bakhmut hospitals.

Due to the influx of people, the “three hundredth” Ukrainian military began to be taken to the building of a veterinary clinic on Bakhmutskaya street.

In other medical institutions of the city, especially in outpatient clinic No. 8 and the Bakhmut regional center for primary health care, blood supplies are running out for transfusions to soldiers with severe injuries.

* * *

Starobelsk direction, situation as of 12.00 November 7, 2022 from the Telegram channel Rybar:

On the Kupyansky site battles have become positional. Episodic battles go beyond the hills near the village of YAGODNOE near Ivanovka. Neither side can push through the enemy’s orders.

On the Svatovsky site the enemy continues to try to reach the village of KUZYOMOVKA,

– Judging by the internal reports of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in an almost daily format, Ukrainian formations report on “heavy positional battles” west of KUZYOMOVKA, “capturing” and “surrendering” 200 meters of territories.

On the map, this looks like a constantly changing front line, although in fact we are talking about rather conditional control over the fields in the “gray zone”.

– The assault group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reinforced by mobile groups of foreign mercenaries, attacked NOVOSELOVSKOE from the direction of BERESTOVOY. Having fallen under the concentrated fire of the Russian troops, the enemy was forced to retreat to their original positions.

On the Limansky site assault groups of the 66th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine unsuccessfully tried to attack the positions of the RF Armed Forces in the direction of MAKIEVKA and KRASNOPOPOVKA.

Two enemy companies, with the support of armored vehicles, secretly advanced to the SVATOVO-KREMENAYA highway from the side of the Zherebets River, but were ambushed. Having suffered losses, the Ukrainian formations withdrew to their original positions.

The motorized infantry company, abandoned by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cover the retreat of the assault groups, came under aimed artillery fire and, having lost a significant amount of manpower, hastily retreated to the river.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, with forces up to a company under the cover of light armored vehicles, tried to gain a foothold in the forest belt in the direction of PLOSHCHANKA. A counterattack by fighters of the 3rd Motor Rifle Division of the 20th Army dispersed the enemy and put them to flight.

Enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups regularly cross the Seversky Donets River in the SEREBRYANKA area and conduct reconnaissance in battle near DIBROVA.

* * *

The West will not see these facts. International human rights activists will not shout about this at every corner of The Hague – writes Telegram channel Kadyrov_95.

Ukrainian fascists use banned cluster munitions. In the vicinity of Maryinka, our soldiers came under fire from rockets, which, bursting in the sky, bring down a cloud of small needles.

This is not the first time Ukrainian neo-nationalists have used cluster bombs. Democracy in the West apparently looks like that.

* * *

The Polish authorities are preparing an update of the law on assistance to Ukrainian refugees, which provides for the introduction of payment for state-provided housing, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Pavel Shefernaker said on RMF radio, writes the Telegram channel Denazification U.A..

According to the government plans, in the first three months the payment will be 50%. If during this time the refugee does not find a job and is not able to rent his own housing, he will have to pay 100% for accommodation in state-provided centers

* * *

In Italy, a conflict arose over the supply of weapons to Ukraine – daily fact.

The issue of arms supplies to Ukraine led to a conflict between the leader of the Italian Five Star Movement party, Giuseppe Conte, and Defense Minister Guido Croceto.

According to the article, the head of the country’s Ministry of Defense called Conte a “neighborly bully” because of calls to refuse military assistance and return Kyiv to the negotiating table, writes the Telegram channel. MediaPost.

The former prime minister, in turn, accused Croceto of violating the principles of democracy, accusing the minister of a sharp change of views on the issue of armaments.

Conte also questioned the legitimacy of Kyiv’s support.

“The method that we disputed and which, due to the conflict, led to the fact that parliament was cut off: for several months we did not discuss or vote on the issue of sending weapons and on the Ukrainian crisis,” he noted.

* * *

The last ship left Kherson – from tomorrow, ships will temporarily stop transporting people across the Dnieper, writes Telegram channel Readovka.

The last motor ship left Kherson this morning, Readovka correspondent reports. From tomorrow, it will be impossible to cross the Dnieper – such a decision was made by the administration of the region due to the increased threats to the civilian population from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Local residents were notified about this through the network and with the help of a sign at the River Station, this is a temporary restriction. At the same time, ships with food and medicine will continue to go to the city, and the ban does not apply to utility vehicles.

* * *

Zaporozhye region received 69 new ambulances – writes Telegram channel Actually in Zaporozhye.

According to the head doctor of the Melitopol regional emergency medical center Yuri Reznichenko, this became possible thanks to participation in the state program.

“Currently, 69 ambulances have been received under the state program of the Russian Federation. Of these, 60 are UAZ and nine are based on Gazelle NEXT. Cars in Melitopol and the region are undergoing the registration procedure with the traffic police and will soon be on the line for work as intended.he noted.

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