Nov 23, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine November 23, day

Chronicle of a special military operation: events of November 22, 2022 from Telegram channel Rybar.

– Russian air defense systems prevented an attack by Ukrainian drones on the CRIMEAN PENINSULA.

At the same time, the presence of the strategic NATO RQ-4D Phoenix UAV was recorded over the Black Sea.

– Ukrainian formations again struck at Shebekino in the BELGOROD REGION. Several houses were damaged in the city.

Also, as a result of the shelling, a hospital for veterans was damaged, and a civilian was killed.

– Under KUZYOMOVKA, reconnaissance discovered another assault group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was advancing to a position for an attack.

As a result of a preemptive artillery strike, the enemy suffered losses and was forced to retreat.

– Under STELMAHOVKA, Russian artillery attacked a motorized infantry company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reinforced by foreign mercenaries.

As a result of the fire damage, several units of armored vehicles were destroyed and an attack attempt was thwarted.

– The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to fire from cannon artillery at the residential areas of DONETSK.

As a result of strikes in the Kirovsky district, an elderly man was killed, several more people were injured.

– Under UGLEDAR, Ukrainian formations made several attempts to counterattack the positions of the RF Armed Forces in PAVLOVKA.

The enemy was covered by artillery fire, lost several armored vehicles, a tank and several dozen personnel.

– In the area of ​​the KINBURN PENINSULA, an increased activity of Ukrainian reconnaissance groups is recorded.

Soldiers of the 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center conduct patrols and reconnaissance of the Russian-controlled coast.

* * *

Disruption of the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Pavlovka. Details from the Telegram channel military chronicle.

On November 21 and 22, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made two attempts to counterattack the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in Pavlovka (30 km south-west of Maryinka) in the DPR, abandoned a week ago.

During a reconnaissance sortie, the Russian Orlan-30 drone discovered an enemy armored group near the village of Vodiane, where units of the 72nd brigade were taken from Pavlovka by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

To divert attention from the main attack from the west on the positions of the RF Armed Forces, a sabotage and reconnaissance group of the 68th Jaeger Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine worked out, but the attackers were destroyed by the fire of T-80BV tanks.

Two battalions of the 72nd brigade, in turn, advanced from Vodyanoye to the positions of the RF Armed Forces on light armored vehicles Husky TSV, Mastiff and French armored personnel carriers VAB. On the way to the Yuzhnodonbasskaya No. 1 mine, the Ukrainian military was hit by a 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled gun and a 152-mm Akatsiya gun.

According to the Military Chronicle, at least 30 people were killed by artillery fire of the RF Armed Forces. Also, during the counterattack on Pavlovka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost a T-64BV tank. The vehicle advanced to cover the units after being hit by Russian artillery, but was destroyed by the Kornet ATGM.

* * *

It is reported that the Wagner detachments are developing an offensive in the direction of the village of Kleshcheevka, west of the highway to Bakhmut. In addition, the “musicians” are striving for urban development from the side of the village of Ivangrad, writes the Telegram channel. Wagner Orchestra|Wagner.

The Vushniks in the Bakhmut direction are abandoning offensive operations and have gone on the defensive. The reasons are heavy losses and mudslides. At the moment, the Ukrainians are creating firing points in residential areas and are preparing to defend themselves.

* * *

The work of PMC Wagner in the Artyomovsky direction.

The Artyomovskoye direction is considered one of the hottest and most important on the front line at the moment. Employees of PMC Wagner, who smash Ukrainian nationalists in this area, are rightfully considered one of the most professional and motivated fighters. The guys use a variety of tactics and military wisdom in order to destroy the enemy as efficiently as possible, writes the Telegram channel. People’s Militia of the DPR.

* * *

Minefields damaged by shrapnel during shelling fail. Therefore, the fighters of engineering and sapper units replace damaged ammunition, the Telegram channel writes. RT in Russian.

RT correspondent Ilya Vasyunin showed the work of the fighters of the battalion “Crimea” in a minefield near Vasilyevka in Zaporozhye.

“Mines also suffer from mines. This, for example, anti-personnel projectile has been punctured, and if necessary, it will not be able to be activated. Near the fuse – also bent “– he said, specifying that after replacement, the damaged shells are destroyed.

* * *

A grandmother from Khabarovsk went to the Northern Military District as a volunteer after her grandson – to treat and support wounded soldiers, writes Telegram channel Destination in Ukraine.

71-year-old Natalya Bogdanovna has dreamed of getting into the special operation zone since September, but she was refused – she is still old. Today it happened. Il-76 picked her up early in the morning. The ex-surveyor took courses to help the victims and is on her way to Lugansk as a nurse.

Bring only the essentials: clothes, vitamins, books. Plus gifts for soldiers: Far Eastern fish and letters from schoolchildren. The pensioner will stay there for only a month. Soon her son will join her.

* * *

Croatia changed its mind to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the Telegram channel Denazification U.A..

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic officially refused the participation of the Croatian military in the EU mission to help the Kyiv regime.

He argued his decision by the fact that there are no international agreements on this issue and Croatia has no obligations here, and Ukraine is not part of any common union with Croatia.

* * *

The Kherson region has its own radio – a local family organized amateur broadcasting to the village on their own.

In the Novotroitsky district of the Kherson region, communication is poor, with the beginning of the NWO, the media disappeared, and connecting to the Internet requires patience and effort. Under these conditions, residents are left without sources of news, including important announcements, as if in an information vacuum. Realizing how bad this process is, local resident Mustafa and his wife decided to install four speakers in the center and start broadcasting from a small studio.

On this radio, Mustafa announces important messages for fellow countrymen, especially for the elderly who do not sit in Internet groups, talks about the situation in the region and the region and plays good music. As he confessed Readovkawith the start of their radio, people’s mood changed to a more positive one. In the future, he dreams of developing the project and getting his own wave, which will be received throughout the Kherson region, and when asked what is missing at the moment, he admits that a few more speakers are needed to expand broadcasting.

In the title photo: Russian servicemen continue intensive combat training at the training grounds of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus

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