Nov 15, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine November 15, day

Chronicle of the special military operation for November 14, 2022 from the Telegram channel Rybar.

Kursk and Belgorod regions:

– In the BELGOROD region, Ukrainian formations fired at residential buildings and civilian facilities in the villages of BORKI, KOZINKA and SCHIGOREVKA, as well as in the village of LENINSKY. There were no casualties among the civilian population.

Air defense systems intercepted part of the enemy shells in BELGOROD, the BELGOROD region, VALUISKY and YAKOVLEVSKY urban districts. Four Russian motorized infantry soldiers were wounded.

– In the morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the village of POPOVO-LEZHACHI and the adjacent village of TYOTKINO in the Kursk region. Residential buildings and a sugar factory were damaged. There were no casualties.

In the afternoon, a Ukrainian drone dropped an explosive device on an apartment building in the village of Zamostye. The explosion damaged the roof, windows and a nearby car. Civilians were not hurt.

In the morning, a sapper of the RF Armed Forces died after being blown up by a mine while surveying the border area in the Kursk region. Two more soldiers were injured.

Starobelsk direction:

– On the LIMAN Sector, Ukrainian units continue to advance on KREMENNOY from two directions. Russian troops impede the advance of the enemy and deliver preemptive artillery strikes.

The Ukrainian command is pulling together reserves to make up for losses and strengthen the group advancing in the LIMAN sector.

Soledar direction (map):

– In the BAKHMUTSKY section, assault detachments of the 53rd mechanized brigade made another attempt to attack the positions of the RF Armed Forces west of OTRADOVKA and ZAYTSEVO, which again ended in failure.

The Ukrainian command, due to the threat of a breakthrough in the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​OPYTNY, transferred a tank reserve of 53 ombr to the south-west of BAKHMUTA.

Lugansk People’s Republic:

– Ukrainian formations from cannon artillery and tanks fired at the villages of VRUBOVKA and VOLCHEYAROVKA in the POPASNIANSKY district. One man was wounded.

Donetsk direction:

– The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck at the DONETSK agglomeration: residential buildings and civilian infrastructure of DONETSK, MAKIEVKA, YAKOVLEVKA, YASINOVATAYA and other settlements of the region were hit. At the same time, Ukrainian MLRS HIMARS fired 14 missiles at the cities of Ilovaysk and Torez, and a hospital was damaged. Among the civilians there are dead.

Yuzhnodonets direction:

– The Marine Corps of the Pacific Fleet and the DPR OBTF completed the cleansing of the village of PAVLOVKA.

Ukrainian artillery from positions in UGLEDAR regularly strikes at Russian troops, preventing further advancement of the RF Armed Forces.

Zaporozhye direction:

– The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to transfer personnel and armored vehicles to advanced positions along the entire sector of the front.

– Artillery duels continue along the line of contact: the RF Armed Forces fired at enemy positions in OLGOVSKY, ZALIZNICHNY, TEMIROVKA and GULAYIPOL and other settlements.

Southern Front: Kherson direction:

– Zelensky and other Ukrainian politicians arrived in KHERSON for events after the transfer of the city under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– Russian troops hit enemy targets on the territory of the port part of OCHAKOVO. Watercraft and part of the personnel of the sabotage group, which was trying to land on the Kinburn Spit, were destroyed.

* * *

Tankers of the 1st Slavic beat the enemy from the captured “Bulat” – writes Telegram channel People’s Militia of the DPR.

Tankers of the 1st Slavic brigade are hitting the area where the enemy forces are concentrated in the forest belt located behind the settlement. Experienced, which was recently cleared of Ukrainian nationalists. The work is carried out from closed positions using UAV adjustments. Moreover, captured equipment is used – the most powerful of the T-64BM Bulat tanks available to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

* * *

There was a video of the detention in the Belgorod region of the Ukrainian DRG, consisting of three people, while one of theme members managed to be taken alive – writes the Telegram channel Kremlin baton.

The footage from the quadcopter through the thermal imager shows how two militants leave the forest belt near the line of contact and get into a car waiting for them.

Further on the video, the movement of the car along one of the roads of the region and the detention of the surviving member of the DRG.

The group was trained on the territory of one of the European countries.

On the spot, high-quality fake passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a driver’s license were seized, as well as small arms.

* * *

The destruction of the amphibious assault of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Kinburn Spit: details from Telegram channel military chronicle.

On November 13, three groups of servicemen from the 73rd Special Marine Operations Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to attack the positions of the Russian army on the Kinburn Spit (80 km from Nikolaev).

At 04:00, a Ukrainian sabotage group on three boats was discovered by the RF Armed Forces using the Ironia optical-electronic surveillance complex (capable of detecting enemy equipment at a distance of 7 km) and the Sobolyatnik mobile reconnaissance radar in the coastal area near the village of Pokrovsky.

At the landing site, Ukrainian saboteurs were destroyed by fire from the BTR-82A and BMP-3M. When inspecting the boats and the bodies of the dead soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a large amount of explosives was found, which indicates the preparation of a major sabotage.

According to the Military Chronicle, during the sortie, at least 20 soldiers of the 3rd reconnaissance detachment and the 2nd detachment of underwater demining and breaking through water barriers of the 73rd Special Operations Center were killed.

The Ukrainian special forces killed near the village of Pokrovsky were also supposed to clear mines from the approaches to the positions of the RF Armed Forces in order to carry out an amphibious operation to capture the Kinburn Spit, but they were ambushed and died before they could report on their arrival at the scene.

* * *

The IAEA will send inspections to Ukrainian nuclear power plants – the organization’s specialists will also check the Chernobyl plant, the Telegram channel writes Readovka.

The IAEA will send nuclear safety missions to the Chernobyl, Khmelnytsky, Rivne and South Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The organization emphasized that a group of experts is constantly present at the Zaporozhye NPP.

“While the world is focused on the unstable situation with nuclear safety and security at the Zaporozhye NPP, we should not forget about other nuclear facilities located in a country at war,” said Rafael Grossi.

The mission will last about a week, the head of the agency said, and others may follow. At the same time, specialists have already come to the nuclear power plant at the request of Kyiv to check the traces of the creation of a “dirty bomb”, but last time they allegedly did not find anything.

* * *

NATO Secretary General urged not to underestimate Russia – writes Telegram channel Iron curtain.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine should not underestimate the Russian army, despite the withdrawal of units to the left bank of the Dnieper. He believes that Russia has a strong military and military capabilities, including a large number of soldiers. In addition, Russia demonstrates the will and determination to win, Stoltenberg believes. “Next months will be tough”he admitted.

“We should not make the mistake of underestimating Russia. The Russian Armed Forces retain significant capabilities, a large number of personnel “Stoltenberg said at a joint press conference with the heads of the Foreign and Defense Ministry of the Netherlands.

* * *

In the Kherson region, a local girl married a Russian military man – writes the Telegram channel Southern Region/Novorossiya.

In one of the villages of the Skadovsky district, a wedding was played – the groom, a Russian soldier, fell in love with a local girl and made her a marriage proposal. The answer did not have to wait long, as the beloved immediately agreed.

The unusual love story was supported by employees of the local administration and brother-soldiers – the wedding was celebrated on their own, having made an impromptu registry office in the assembly hall.

Without professional presenters, videographers and a wedding orchestra, the lovers played a wedding – they walked with the whole village!

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