Nov 11, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine November 11, evening

On November 11, by 5 a.m. Moscow time, an operation was completed in the Kherson direction to transfer a group of Russian troops to the left bank of the Dnieper – Ministry of Defense of Russia.

– All personnel, weapons and military equipment of the group have been withdrawn to the left bank.

– In total, more than 30 thousand Russian servicemen, about five thousand pieces of weapons and military equipment, as well as tangible property, have been withdrawn.

– All Russian military equipment, subject to repair, was also taken out to the left bank of the Dnieper. Currently, the repair units have started its maintenance.

– As a result of effective management and coordinated actions of Russian units, not a single piece of military equipment and weapons was left on the right bank. All Russian servicemen were transferred to the left bank of the Dnieper.

– The formations and military units of the Russian armed forces withdrawn from the right bank occupied defensive lines and positions fortified in engineering terms.

– Despite the enemy’s attempts to disrupt the transfer of Russian troops, no losses among personnel, weapons, military equipment and materiel were allowed.

– The group’s Russian air defense and electronic warfare systems repulsed all attempts to deliver missile strikes.

* * *

“Cascade” burns out the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Ugledar – writes the Telegram channel WarGonzo.

After the Russian flag was set over Pavlovka, the main task of the gunners of the OBTF “Cascade” in the direction of Ugledar is to prevent the enemy’s reserve forces from pulling up to help the retreating units. On the targets of the accumulation of infantry, continuous work is carried out from the “Hyacinths” while adjusting the UAV in real time.

Also, together with the OBTF “Cascade”, units of the 155th and 40th brigades, together with the Marines of the Pacific Fleet, are clearing forest plantations around Pavlovka. These units have a wealth of joint combat experience. Together they participated in the assault on Mariupol, as well as the settlements of Shevchenkovo, Novodonetsk and Novomayorsky.

* * *

Good news in the evening. Parts of the 1st Army Corps took Experience in the Donetsk direction in the evening. To the south of Avdiivka, a bypass movement now looms – writes the Telegram channel colonelkassad.

After the capture of Experienced, the battles for Vodyanoye become important, since the capture of Vodyanoye opens up opportunities for the RF Armed Forces to advance to Thin and Severny, behind which is the main supply route for the Avdiivka grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, passing through Orlovka.

The enemy will certainly now strengthen the defense of Vodyany, as well as prepare a second line of defense in Thin.

* * *

British mercenary Aiden Aslin, released from death sentence and released home, returns to Ukraine – writes the Telegram channel Destination in Ukraine.

According to the Briton, he plans to be a war correspondent in Ukraine and will run a YouTube channel there.

As the first publication on the channel, we offer the Briton to post the July video with his participation in the title role.

* * *

General Pierre de Villiers: the conflict in Ukraine is not in the interests of European countries – writes the Telegram channel MediaPost

The former head of the General Staff of the French army, Pierre de Villiers, called on the EU to find a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian issue, according to Le Figaro. He stated that “the conflict in Ukraine is not in the interests of the Europeans, especially the French”and deplored the too long and systematic rapprochement with America. She is the only beneficiary of all this chaos.

Apparently, the devoted allies of the United States have finally realized what devastating consequences the reckless following of the White House leads to. Now Europe must shake itself up and make its own choice. Probably, it will be connected with the refusal to participate in American intrigues.

* * *

Residents of Kakhovka began to receive free medical care – writes Telegram channel Tavria. News of the Kherson region.

The necessary assistance is provided by doctors who come to the hotel and sanatorium. They conduct free tests and examinations of patients, and citizens can also contact a neurologist, orthopedist, ENT specialist, pediatrician, therapist and oculist. Those in need are given free medicines and help in the preparation of medical documents.

According to the municipality, there are now more than 3,200 residents of the new region of the country, of whom almost a thousand are children. Resort settlements have become the main place of residence for refugees, one of them is the Tuapse district of the Kuban, where new groups of residents arrive by train.

* * *

The sorghum harvest was harvested in the Lutuginsky district on the fields of the Avis SOOO of the Luhansk poultry farm, writes Telegram channel GOVERNMENT OF THE LUGANSK PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC.

Farmers annually sow more than 340 hectares of grain crops to feed their poultry.

“The sorghum we grow is called Samurai. This is an African culture, it ripens late. The development and harvesting of culture directly depends on weather conditions. So, sowing took place in May, and harvesting began later than usual due to weather conditions. After harvesting, the grain is processed and brought to the required moisture content. We produce food only for our birds, but the eggs they produce are supplied to the LPR, as well as to the DPR, ” – said Nikolai Karlov, head of the crop production team in Georgievka.

Inc. corr. FSK
In the title photo: Operational sources of the @wargonzo project report on the liberation of the territory of Majorsk, the battles for which have been going on for several months.
The first news about the clashes on the outskirts of the city began to arrive in early September. Most of the front-line and assault work in this sector of the front fell on the shoulders of the 3rd brigade of the NM of the DPR, which eventually completed this task.
During the 8 years of Ukrainian occupation, Mayorsk was turned into one large fortified area, where several in-depth concreted command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were located.
The liberation of this settlement is of great strategic importance, enabling the Russian Army to develop an offensive against Dzerzhinsk (Toretsk).
From a humanitarian point of view, the capture of Mayorsk is the most important factor in providing water to the residents of Gorlovka and Donetsk – there is a dam in the city, the opening of which will restore the water supply to the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal.

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