May 31, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine May 31, evening

The situation in the north Kharkiv region by 18.00 May 31, 2022 from the Telegram channel Rybar:

After the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Tsupovka and Tokarevka and the actual withdrawal to the line DERGACHI – TSIRKUNA, the battles for the village of SOSNOVKA began. According to preliminary information, the Ukrainian units suffered losses and have already retreated from the settlement.

Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroys the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in ZOLOCHEVO, KONSTANTINOVKA and SLATINO. There is active fire destruction of targets on the line of contact.

To contain the strike, the Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred additional units to the SLATINO-PITOMNIK line.

From the area of ​​ZOLOCHEVO and DERGACHEY, Ukrainian artillery strikes at the positions of the RF Armed Forces in KAZACHIE LOPANI and the recently taken DEMENTIEVKA. Target designation is provided by the AN / TPQ-36 counter-battery radars supplied from the USA, located in ROGANI.

At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also struck with cluster munitions the village of POLITDELSKY in the Belgorod region. The infrastructure was damaged.

* * *

An emergency statement by the official representative of the NM of the LPR on the fact of the explosion of the APU of a tank with chemicals in the settlement SEVERODONETSK – writes the Telegram channel People’s Militia of the LPR.

Retreating from the industrial zone of Severodonetsk, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in order to create obstacles to the successful offensive of our troops, attempted to create a zone of chemical contamination and blew up a tank at the Azot plant, presumably with nitric acid. The moment of detonation was calculated in such a way that the wind sent a poisoned cloud towards the liberated settlements of Rubizhnoye and Kremennaya.

This provocation became another link in a long chain of crimes of the Kyiv regime against the Ukrainian people. In April of this year, Ukrainian Nazis already made two attempts to blow up tanks with pesticides in Rubizhne. At the same time, they are not stopped by the fact that the result of provocations will be numerous casualties among the civilian population.

Currently, in order to justify the crime of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian media are actively spreading false information about the alleged involvement of units of the NM of the LPR in this explosion.

We appeal to the residents of Severodonetsk and nearby settlements to remain calm and not panic. The people’s militia of the LPR is taking all measures to eliminate the consequences of the crime of the Kyiv regime.

* * *

Today’s shelling of Makiivka: a five-year-old girl died – writes the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

A girl born in 2017 died as a result of the shelling of the VFU from the Grad MLRS in the Chervonogvardeisky district of Makeevka.

“The child died on the spot. The wounds were incompatible with life, and the doctors could do nothing.”– said the military commander Medvedev in a report filmed for the “Donetsk time”.

* * *

Public Movement “Donetsk Republic” hold gatherings of citizens in the liberated Krasny Liman – writes the Telegram channel Reporter Rudenko AT.

The main task is to solve administrative and economic problems related to the establishment of a normal peaceful life. People understand the importance of the work being done and see their future as part of a large Russia, their historical homeland, which they lost in the early 90s.

* * *

On the first day of the center for accepting applications for Russian citizenship in Melitopol, more than 200 people applied – many signed up even before the opening of the center, reports Telegram channel Readovka.

Aleksey Selivanov, deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Zaporozhye region, said that just a day after the decree of the President of Russia on a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship, 160 people had already come to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to submit documents. During the first day of the center’s work in Melitopol, more than 200 applications were submitted.

“More than 200 applications have already been submitted, outside there are more than 200 people in line. We still have a database that was previously registered in the queue for a Russian passport, and people are constantly turning in all settlements of the Zaporozhye region, expressing a desire to acquire Russian citizenship. This process will expand, new branches for receiving documents will be opened,” Selivanov said.

Selivanov added that in order to submit documents, residents only need to take a picture, and copies of documents can be made at the application center.

* * *

At 07:03 p.m., the control panel of the operational dispatch service of the State Border Guard Service of Makeevka received a message about a fire at the Yasinovka coke plant, writes the Telegram channel PE Donetsk Z.

Six fire and rescue departments were promptly sent to the scene.

Upon arrival, it was established that as a result of the shelling, a high-pressure gas pipeline 6 meters high was flared. 2 shafts “B” were submitted for cooling, a main line was laid.

Firefighting is ongoing and there is no threat of the fire spreading.

Photo: Telegram channel PE Donetsk Z

* * *

The superiority of the Russian military began to be openly recognized in the West (both experts and heads of state), this suggests that it is no longer possible to hide the course of events, and the defeat of Ukraine on the battlefield looks more and more obvious, writes the Telegram channel Kremlin baton.

It seems that over the hill they are gradually going through the stage of “denial” of what is happening. Probably, at the stage of “bargaining” it will be necessary to find the “guilty” in the victory of Russia. Taxpayers, very possibly, will demand from their governments an account why huge funds were spent on arming the losing Ukrainian army and actual useless sanctions were introduced that hit them like a boomerang.

The most obvious candidate for the role of “guilty” is Zelensky, who has already been blamed, for example, by the ex-Prime Minister of Japan Abe (in his opinion, Zelensky’s position on NATO and Donbas caused a conflict in Ukraine).

In the title photo: Weekdays of the war. Izyum front. Author – Telegram channel Older Edda

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