May 27, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine May 27, evening

The situation in the area of ​​​​Snake Island as of May 27 from the Telegram channel Rybar.

In the Odessa region, preparations are underway for the operation on Snake Island.

Marine security boats in the coastal zone of ODESSA and CHERNOMORSK conducted training firing from grenade launchers.

Servicemen of the 73rd Center of the Special Operations Forces conducted a training landing using Villard-type boats in the Taranovaya Spit area.

Tactical aircraft Su-25, under the cover of MiG-29 fighters, flew in the area east of Odessa from the Voznesensk airfield.

The Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicle monitors the activities of the Russian Armed Forces on Zmeiny Island from the area of ​​​​Lake Sasyk.

The only missile boat of the Ukrainian Navy “Priluki” entered the port of Odessa a couple of days ago. Against the background of information about the supply of British Brimstone missiles and ground launchers, it is possible to equip the boat with these weapons.

25 km from Zmiinoye, on the coast of the Odessa region, there are RTR facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which allow monitoring air objects.

The strategic RQ-4B UAV of the US Air Force operates from the Sigonella airbase in the Black Sea. It had previously operated in the area on 25 May.

* * *

Russkiy Mir brought 15,000 liters of drinking water to the DPR, writes Telegram channel Donetsk time.

Drinking water was delivered to social institutions, hospitals and hospitals in Donetsk, where wounded servicemen are being treated.

This is not the first time that the Russkiy Mir public organization and its executive director Vadim Khomich have helped the Republic. Vadim Khomich comes to Donbass on a humanitarian mission four or five times a year, or even more often: he brings medicines, drinking water and other supplies that are urgently needed.

* * *

I watch the speed with which the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of the former Ukraine are integrating into Russia and my heart rejoices, writes the Telegram channel Older than Edda. The transition to the ruble zone, the transition to the telephone code +7, the payment of pensions.

I would very much like the other liberated territories to quickly leave the gray zone and begin to live according to Russian laws and in the Russian system of economic and social coordinates. This is no less important than the destruction of the enemy in battle.

* * *

LPR forces entered Severodonetsk, the retreat of Ukrainian troops was cut off, RIA Novosti said – writes Telegram channel Outpost.

* * *

Meanwhile, the story of the Azov Regiment* in the battle for Donbass is not over, the Telegram channel writes. South wind. In Kyiv, a new composition was recruited from the radicals, assigned the number 98, combat coordination was carried out at the Twins training ground near Zaporozhye. According to some reports, the training was conducted under the guidance of Polish instructors.

Currently, the regiment is deployed in the Gulyai-Pole area and, together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, operates using the tactics of small groups, which identify weak points in combat formations, where rifle units sit, where armored units are then thrown, including at night.

* * *

The FSB blocked the channel for the supply of weapons from Ukraine to Crimea.

It is noted that among those detained while trying to sell the AKS-74U assault rifle and more than 300 rounds of ammunition are the seller, intermediaries and buyers. All of them have been prosecuted for illegal circulation of weapons and ammunition.

* * *

Cucumbers and strawberries from Kherson have already appeared on Donetsk shelves – writes Telegram channel state of emergency Donetsk Z.

On sale there are strawberries and cucumbers grown in the Kherson region. The sellers say that goods from this region began to be imported to the Republic a few days ago.

“Strawberries from Kherson cost 400 rubles per kilogram, Kuban ones are more expensive – 450 rubles. Khersonskaya is a bit sourer, but also tasty. Kherson cucumbers are 10-20 rubles more expensive than the rest”– said the seller.

Recall that the Head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, lifted the ban on the import of goods from Kharkiv, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, which had been in force since 2017.

Photo: Telegram channel PE Donetsk Z

* * *

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger got on the site “Peacemaker” – the American diplomat was accused of spreading Russian propaganda and called “an accomplice in the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens”, writes Telegram channel Readovka.

Kissinger fell out of favor for advising Kyiv to make a series of concessions and resume negotiations with Moscow in the next two months.

* * *

The Armed Forces of Ukraine at 18.50 fired at the town of Svatovo with three “Points-U”. The missiles were shot down by the air defense of the People’s Militia of the LPR. But as a result of the explosions, two civilians were killed, eight more were injured. Houses close to the points of explosions were damaged.

In the cover photo: Mariupol residents gather near the TV on the street to find out the news

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