Jun 2, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine June 2, evening

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation noted that under the current conditions, holding a referendum in Donbas is impossible. According to him, first it is necessary to ensure the security of the Republics.

“It is not in the Kremlin to make decisions about referendums. We have repeatedly said that it is up to the people who live in these territories to decide their fate. It’s them. First, it must be the decision of these people. And secondly, for this it is necessary, of course, to create the appropriate conditions,” Peskov said.

He noted that it will be possible to return to the issue of a referendum when the shelling of the civilian population of Donbass stops, the Telegram channel writes. Donetsk time.

* * *

“Residents meet, wave their hands,” writes the Telegram channel Zametki CorrespondentAT.

A soldier of the artillery unit of the Airborne Forces spoke about the fighting spirit of the fighters and the reaction of civilians to their appearance.

“The morale is good, the guys are all motivated because we are helping. For Donbass. This is a good thing. Residents meet, waving their hands. Even small children are on hand. Some cry, thank you. So with a sense of pride we always support our infantry in the offensive.

* * *

The Luhansk People’s Republic donated four ambulances to doctors from the liberated Izyum as humanitarian support – the Telegram channel reports GOVERNMENT OF THE LUGANSK PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC.

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Govtvinhumanitarian support provided by order of the Head of the Republic Leonid Pasechnik.

“This is a very serious help for us, because today we are already faced with the problem that the entire infrastructure that was in operation even before the special operation was destroyed by Ukraine itself,”

– said during the transfer of cars the head of the military-civilian administration of the liberated territories of the Kharkov region Vitaly Ganchev.

* * *

Terrorist strike of Ukrainian Nazis on Yenakiyevo – writes the Telegram channel People’s Militia of the DPR.

Ukrainian militants launched a missile attack on YENAKIEVO. The air defense forces of the DPR managed to shoot down a Smerch MLRS missile. Unfortunately, residential buildings in the private sector were damaged. Two civilians were hospitalized.

* * *

Allied troops of the DPR and Russia are storming Svyatogorsk! – writes Telegram channel PE Donetsk Z.

And we turn to the military situation. The allied forces of the DPR and Russia are advancing in the Slavic direction. Now active battles are going on in Svyatogorsk.

The servicemen are pushing the neo-Nazis out of the city, the artillery of the Republic is working on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Note that Svyatogorsk is one of the key points before the liberation of Slavyansk.

* * *

The deputy head of the administration of the Zaporozhye region reported RIA Newsthat the decree on the nationalization of the property of Ukraine covers “land plots, natural resources, objects of strategic sectors of the economy” – reports the Telegram channel BelVPO.

“Property owned by Ukraine as of February 24, 2022”– said Trofimov. According to him, the decision was made in order to “preserve the national heritage for the residents.”

* * *

Footage of the combat work of the crews of artillery units of the Airborne Troops during a special military operation from Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Paratroopers from D-30 artillery pieces destroyed military equipment, fire weapons, as well as camouflaged defensive structures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the title photo: The village of Staromlinovka, liberated from Ukrainian occupation, in the Velikonovoselkovsky district, has been more than half destroyed. This did not prevent children and adults from attending the celebration organized by the volunteers of the Russian Humanitarian Mission. The philanthropists brought bread, water, hygiene products, food, building materials and other humanitarian aid to the local residents. “In addition to the usual humanitarian aid, a small entertainment program for children was organized,” the press service of the mission said. The festival brought together several hundred people. The children enjoyed playing with the volunteers. Each child received ice cream, cotton candy and helium balloons as a gift, Donetsk time writes.

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