Jun 15, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine June 15, day

The situation in the east of Ukraine by the end of June 14, 2022 from the Telegram channel Rybar:

In the north of the Kharkov region fighting continues in the area near the BORDER and UPPER SALTOV.

– Russian units prevent attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cross the Seversky Donets.

– The parties are actively engaged in artillery duels. The RF Armed Forces launched strikes against ZOLOCHEV, where the Ukrainian command has been transferring reinforcements in recent weeks.

in the Donbass allied forces are actively pushing through the enemy defenses.

– In the Slavyansk direction, units of the 20th Army of the RF Armed Forces have finally established control over the settlement of DOLINA, fighting continues near Bogorodichny and Krasnopolye.

– After the occupation of the villages of ROTY and REVIVAL, the Wagner PMC units continued their offensive towards the village of VERSHINA.

At night, there were reports of the capture of Semigorye: in this case, the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Uglegorsk TPP and Novolugansk would be completely surrounded.

– In the Soledar direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to defend the YAKOVLEVKA – BERESTOVOE – NIKOLAEVKA line.

– In Severodonetsk, fighting is going on in the northern part of the industrial zone of the Azot plant, where there are up to 2.5 thousand military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries. The Russian Armed Forces declared their readiness to evacuate civilians from the territory of the enterprise, who are being held by Ukrainian formations.

– At night, there were reports of the transition of VRUBOVKA under the control of the Allied forces, which means the operational encirclement of the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in GORSKY and ZOLOTOY.

– Fighting continues east and south of AVDEEVKA, as well as on the southern outskirts of NEW YORK. Ukrainian troops are again inflicting massive artillery strikes on the cities of the DPR.

In the Zaporozhye region The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively preparing for a possible offensive by the Russian army.

– Ukrainian formations are equipping structures and firing points in the settlements of NOVOSELOVKA, VISHNEVE and ANDREEVKA.

– In the middle of the month, the arrival of personnel and equipment of the 44th brigade from the Zhytomyr region with artillery mounts and howitzers of Western production is planned.

On the Krivoy Rog direction artillery duels continue.

* * *

Statement by the official representative of the NM of the LPR on the fact of the strike by the Tochka-U missile system in the area of ​​the settlement Svatovo from Telegram channel People’s Militia of the LPR.

Ukrainian nationalist formations continue shelling residential areas of the Republic’s settlements using Tochka-U tactical missile systems.

So, today at 19.30, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired a missile of the tactical missile system “Tochka-U” at the settlement. SVATOV.

With the coordinated actions of the air defense units of the NM LPR, the missile was shot down in the area of ​​the settlement. FOMOVKA, Svatovsky district, however, as a result of the detonation of a cluster warhead of a rocket, a child born in 2011 was seriously injured.

The buildings of the agricultural lyceum and the power line were damaged.

Currently, units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military commandant’s office of the People’s Militia of the LPR are working at the scene.

* * *

Under the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the village of Shevchenkovo, Kharkiv region, forever says goodbye to Ukraine, writes the Telegram channel Denazification U.A..

Most of the locals are for Russia, which is never surprising.

Do you want to compete for the loyalty of citizens? Do not cover them with artillery and Grads. Lessons not learned in the Donbas Kyiv is taking place in the Kharkiv region and in the South.

* * *

The United States intends to transfer intelligence information to Ukraine for strikes with the help of MLRS supplied to Kyiv by the West, said US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cole.

Earlier, Colin Kohl said that the United States is not seeking a change of power in Russia, but large costs for it and the strengthening of Ukraine, said US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Kohl.

“Our goal is, above all, to ensure that Ukraine can defend itself, that a sovereign, independent, democratic Ukraine is preserved, that we provide Ukraine with the capacity to strengthen its position at the negotiating table, when the two sides inevitably find themselves behind it, to talk about how it all ends, as well as imposing costs on Russia that outweigh any benefits that [президент] Vladimir Putin hoped to get through this conflict, – said the deputy head of the American military department.

* * *

In the north of the DPR, our troops are on the offensive, writes the Telegram channel Older than Edda. After several days of heavy artillery strikes on the fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we entered the settlement. VALLEY. By the way, one of the reasons for the terrorism of the Vushniks against Donetsk is the heavy losses in the forests on the border of the Kharkov region and the DPR. Here, the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are literally burned.

It is by no means easy for us, but the 20th Army, despite all the difficulties, continues to advance, breaking through one line of defense after another. Someday I (if I am alive and well) will definitely write about that glorious military path that the 3rd and 144th divisions went through and about those people from whom, according to the apt expression of the poet Tikhonov, you can make nails.

* * *

Then it turned out that the especially gifted characters about whom I wrote began to realize that Russia is our beloved Motherland. And it also dawned on them that without our country they could not survive.

After all, otherwise they will not receive:

– food for their citizens;

– fertilizers to produce food for their citizens;

– sources of energy for the production of food and heating of their citizens;

– metals and other products for the production of machines and mechanisms for their citizens;

– fuel for European and American nuclear power plants, which provide 20-40% of electricity to their citizens.

The list goes on. Now we are looking forward to the next package of European sanctions and Grandfather Joe’s great sanctions decisions, about which the authors of these same sanctions immediately begin to come up with circumvention schemes. I will not remind you about inflation, prices for all types of fuel and forecasts for the fall of economies. All data is publicly available. And this is only the first month of summer. We are waiting for autumn… when we will have to harvest the main sanctions crop. In the meantime, the locomotive of their economy of services and digital currencies is flying into the wall at full steam. Smile, gentlemen, smile! –Telegram channel Dmitry Medvedev

* * *

There are many pets, little water: how the animal shelter survives – writes the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

There are more than 400 dogs in Donetsk shelter “4 paws”. Since March, their number has been constantly growing – they are being taken from the liberated territories.

“There are injured animals. You understand that during shelling they run, rush about, get hit by cars. Anything can happen to an animal under stress. Therefore, there are a lot of crippled from explosions, ” – says the director of the shelter Irina Volik.

There is a separate hospital for injured and sick animals – they are provided with the necessary treatment. The shelter is clean, all dogs have food and drink, despite the problem with the water supply in the city. Water is brought from reservoirs and poured into barrels. That’s how they survive. Dogs are looking for new or old families. Twice a day, all the guests of the shelter are taken for a walk.

“Residents of Mariupol asked to take this huge dog, – Irina Volik showed the newcomer. – They took him away for his salvation. But not so long ago the owner showed up, asked him to save. Here, we’re waiting.”

In the title photo: In the LPR, the Allies liberated the settlement. Vrubovka and immediately launched an offensive on the settlement. Novoivanovka, which is now being fought over. After the liberation of this village, the APU will have only the R-66 highway to Lisichansk to get out of this crucible. But now this road is under the fire control of the NM of the LPR and the RF Armed Forces. With every passing hour, the probability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine leaving the coming cauldron is melting, but they can still try to implement a “heroic breakthrough”, writes Akim Apacheva’s Telegram channel.

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