Jun 13, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine June 13, day

The situation in the east of Ukraine for June 11-12, 2022 from Telegram channel Rybar:

Positional battles continue in the Kharkiv region.

– In KHARKOV, the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the north of the city and near the “Khartron” plant were hit by a missile attack.

– In the north, the areas of collision are at TSUPOVA and GREAT PASSES.

– In the Izyum direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to strengthen the grouping for an attack on Balakleya. On the opposite bank of the Seversky Donets from the city in ANDREEVKA, the camp of foreign mercenaries was destroyed.

in the Donbass allied forces continue to push the enemy.

– In the Slavyansk direction, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation knocked out the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the settlement. MOTHER OF GOD, opening a message with parts of the Central Military District in SVYATOGORSK. This will make it possible to strike from the flank at the enemy defending the section of the IZYUM-SLAVYANSK highway near Krasnopolye. Artillery and TOSs are actively used on the site. Ukrainian reinforcements continue to be drawn to SLAVYANSK itself.

– Assault detachments of “PMC Wagner” continue to break through to the BAKHMUT – SVETLODARSK highway, occupying the villages of COPPER ORE and REVIVAL. In n.p. COMPANY are street fighting. As soon as the allied forces cut the highway, the Ukrainian units holding the defenses in the Novolugansk and Uglegorsk TPPs will fall into the boiler.

– Fighting is going on in the vicinity of POKROVSKY on the outskirts of BAKHMUTU. To the north, near YAKOVLEVKA, NIKOLAEVKA, BERESTOVOY and BELOGOROVKA, fierce clashes continue for the highway to LYSICHANSK.

– The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are fighting on the outskirts of VRUBOVKA and NOVOIVANOVKA from the direction of KAMYSHEVAKHI: the capture of settlements will make it possible to close the group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Gorsky and Zolotoye into the cauldron.

– Fighting is going on east and south of AVDEEVKA, as well as on the southern outskirts of NEW YORK.

In the Zaporozhye region the situation escalated.

– In BERDYANSK and MELITOPOL terrorist attacks were committed. Several people were injured in the capital of the liberated part of ZAPOROZHYE, while a part of the seaside BERDYANSK was de-energized.

– The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the fire destruction of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in GULAYIPOL, the villages of KAMENSKOE and VASILYEVKA.

– The 110th Territorial Defense Brigade from ZAPORIZHIA was sent to AVDIEVKA for reinforcement.

On the Krivoy Rog direction artillery duels continue.

* * *

– Now the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the rest of Severodonetsk is holding on to the industrial zone headed by the Azot plant and the railway network adjacent to it. The size of the industrial area of ​​Severodonetsk is comparable to the size of the Mariupol “Azovstal”. And, unlike Azovstal, the industrial zone of Severodonetsk turns into fields and forests, resting on the Seversky Donets River. Yes, the bridges have been blown up, the only way to retreat is by swimming.

But this is still an extremely difficult territory for assault, into which the allied forces, led by the RF Armed Forces, continue to bite.

– The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is well aware of this: it was the commander of the grouping of troops in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk agglomeration, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Nikolyuk, who yesterday ordered to blow up the Proletarsky bridge across the Seversky Donets in order to prevent the units defending in the industrial zone of Severodonetsk from leaving.

The blowing up of bridges by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is also confirmed in the intelligence of Great Britain. According to British analysts, this is an effective method of curbing the pace of the RF Armed Forces offensive. There is no longer a word about the need to protect critical infrastructure: on the contrary, Ukrainian protégés seem to be being pushed to blow up all roads and bridges so that the RF Armed Forces throw all their forces into forcing the Seversky Donets along its entire length.

– Now the defense of the industrial zone is held by the combined units of the 4th Special Purpose Brigade of the National Guard, the 115th Ombre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 118th Territorial Defense Brigade and a few detachments of mercenaries, writes the Telegram channel Rybar

* * *

Zelensky’s terrorists committed a terrorist attack in peaceful Melitopol – writes the Telegram channel Vladimir Rogov.

The explosive device was placed in a trash can near the building of the city administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A young woman passing by was seriously injured. She was taken to the hospital.

A man was also wounded in the back.

Investigations are underway. According to preliminary data, the power of the explosive device is equivalent to 700-800 grams of TNT.

The terrorist formation UGIL, which is at war with civilians, must be liquidated

Photo: Telegram channel Vladimir Rogov

* * *

As a result of the shelling of the village of the Abakumov mine in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk in the courtyard of the house on the street. Kirov, a man died – reports Telegram channel DNR Online.

Terodefense Headquarters DNR informsthat as a result of the shelling of the Kirovsky district of Donetsk, one person was killed and five were injured. At the same time, footage of its consequences appeared in local public pages, the Telegram channel writes. Klimenko Time

According to eyewitnesses, the wife of the deceased man was injured. Her hand was torn off. The couple have three children, they were not injured.

Photo: Telegram channel DNR Online

* * *

Lisa from liberated Svatovo serves Russia – Telegram channel WarGonzo.

On the operation to evacuate the wounded, the team @vargonzo met a girl with an amazing story. Meet. Lisa. 19 years. Originally from Svatovo. In 2014, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the city, she was only 11. But even then, Lisa was “rooting” for Russia. Ukrainian nationalists who came from the West walked around the city drunk, shot at people, threatened, Lisa told us.

After the liberation of Svatovo, Liza volunteered to help the Russian Army.

Lisa is a paramedic. She studied in Kupyansk. However, because of her pro-Russian beliefs in Kharkov, she was refused a diploma. The matter is fixable – she will receive a diploma in Rostov.

The girl’s parents approve of her choice. Recently, they themselves participated in a motor rally in honor of Russia.

Lisa, 19 years old. Serves as a paramedic in the army. Lisa is cool. Be like Lisa!

* * *

“Some kind of cemetery!” – a blogger from Mariupol smashed the conditions provided to refugees in Bulgaria on her YouTube channel – writes the Telegram channel Readovka.

YouTube blogger Daria Kovaleva from Mariupol, who was lucky enough to get out of the cordon in her own car, made a “review” of a sanatorium in Bulgaria, where she was offered to settle. The review is a video sequence with the incessant fastidious and arrogant comments of a refugee.

She resents literally everything – from old Conders and the height of beds to the lack of biodegradable bags and lactose-free milk in an EU country store. Social media users unanimously suggested that the girl return to her homeland if she does not like a safe place with a roof over her head.

By the way, the demanding person, who was lucky enough to leave Mariupol in her own car and with finances, is accompanied by a man, outwardly of military age, and on her channel, in a pinned video, a video was published with calls to save Azovstal and unblock Mariupol.

* * *

The construction of a water conduit from the Olkhovsky reservoir to Khanzhenkovskoye and further to the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal, from which Donetsk will be supplied with water, is in full swing, writes the Telegram channel PE Donetsk Z.

Pipes and components for uninterrupted operation are constantly brought up.

Soon Donetsk will be with some water!

Photo: Telegram channel PE Donetsk Z

* * *

Orphaned Nora is taken away by a Ryazan cynologist

Nora’s owner died during shelling in Mariupol. The dog sat next to her body under the rubble of the house. She was found by rescuers from Tula, sorting through the rubble in Mariupol.

“When they were sorting out the rubble, they heard a dog whining. They got her out of the rubble. Nora guarded the deceased mistress, ate ordinary packages. She had stomach poisoning because she drank from a chewed bottle of chemicals.” – told the director of the shelter “4 paws” Irina Volik correspondent of “Donetsk time”.

Nora was rescued, taken out of Mariupol, cured. Now she is healthy and doing well. The dog is still in the shelter, but will soon leave for permanent residence in Russia. A dog handler from Ryazan, who came to the DPR as a volunteer, takes her with him. So soon the Mariupol Nora will have a new family and a new loving mistress – the daughter of a cynologist. This story is told by the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

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