Jul 30, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine July 30, evening

Preparations for the new academic year continue, the Telegram channel writes. Southern Region / Novorossiya.

On July 29, a round table was held in the House of Trade Unions of the region, organized by the public organization “Union of Mothers of Kherson”.

Head of the Department of Education of the CAA of the Kherson region Tatiana Kuzmich answered topical questions regarding the organization of the educational process and the integration of the school process into the Russian education system.

She announced the creation of a system of basic schools and kindergartens, in which children from temporarily closed schools will study. This is due to a reduction in the number of students and teachers, as well as attempts to sabotage the organization of the educational process by the Kyiv regime.

Closed institutions will be attached to the base ones to control the safety of the material base. Parents of children who studied in them need to pick up documents there and hand them over to basic schools.

Tatyana Kuzmich also noted that the educational process will be provided with everything necessary, including the transportation of children.

* * *

The Italians call on the authorities to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine – an action was held in Milan under the slogan “Stop arming Kyiv”, writes Telegram channel Readovka.

Activists took to the streets of Milan demanding to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The protesters said the day before that Italy and Europe should take their assigned role – to become a mediator and guarantor between East and West. In the meantime, this is not the case – according to the representative of the Committee against sanctions and weapons, European policy aimed at supporting Ukraine is destructive for everyone and will not benefit anyone.

“If we continue to send weapons, it will never stop, the death toll will increase, the planetary crisis will become even more acute and peace will never be achieved … We demand that a new government be formed in September that would block the supply of weapons so that other countries also followed the same strategy and finally sat down at the negotiating table”,

— said the representative of the Committee.

* * *

The terror of Ukraine knows no borders. Each time, the sick mind of the Nazis comes up with new ways to harm the civilian population, the Telegram channel writes. Reporter Rudenko V.

Recently, shelling of the territory of the Republic with the use of the Uragan MLRS with cluster rockets, which are stuffed with mines with petals, has become more frequent. They hit with these ammunition in the densely populated areas of Makeevka, Yasinovataya and Donetsk.

And today there are reports that these terrible finds were found on the streets of Donetsk and Makeevka. More than 600 mines lie on the roads where children, women, and the elderly walk.

This type of mine is intended for use in fields and forests against enemy infantry, but the Nazis came up with a new use for them, namely, against civilians. Every day there are reports that people are finding these death traps on the streets of the DNR.

The use of these weapons against the civilian population is a direct genocide, but for some reason the West still turns a blind eye to all these crimes. Only by a lucky chance and, of course, the vigilance of the local population, so far no civilians have suffered from these deadly traps in the Republic.

The Ukrainian military has long since become terrorists, smeared in the blood of civilians. If once they were faithful to the oath, today, like dogs, they serve the bandits who came to power illegally in the 14th year.

According to all international laws, they are criminals and sooner or later they will answer for their deeds at the tribunal. Investigators of the RF IC are working on the territory of the DPR and LPR, who carefully collect materials on these crimes, initiate criminal cases against those involved. I am sure that no criminal will escape the deserved punishment.

* * *

Before the war, I had the largest snail farm in the Donbass. I dream of returning to this business – writes Telegram channel Donbass decides.

Shared with the channel Donbass decides plans for the post-war period, a company commander from the 11th regiment of the NM DPR Efendi.

He is sure that Donbass will be reborn like a Phoenix bird from fire.

“Work is a sea, and people here are not afraid to work. Therefore, we will restore everything” he says.

Efendi’s statements are a convincing illustration of the peacefulness of the Donbass people. It is noteworthy that he does not say anything about revenge, although there is something to take revenge for. This is the difference between the fighters from the Donbass and the nationalists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is no hatred in their hearts.

* * *

The exit to Avdiivka lies through Sands – writes the Telegram channel military chronicle.

The fortified areas of the village, where the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine settled, are under heavy fire from the 11th regiment of the People’s Militia of the DPR. Mortars work one after the other, while performing two functions at once: the elimination of enemy points and the cover of the assaulting infantry.

Sands is an important point on the military map for both sides. Video from military correspondent Andrey Filatov.

* * *

Captured tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy Ukrainian militants – Telegram channel People’s Militia of the LPR.

* * *

Mariupol State University was badly damaged during the hostilities – reports Telegram channel Voenkor Z Evtushenko. The Azov people set up one of their locations in it, turning it into a military facility with all the consequences. Now the university is being restored and is conducting an introductory campaign.

Cover photo: Cars burnt out in a nighttime strike on Energodar, ColonelCassad

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