Aug 19, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine August 19, evening

The people’s militia of the LPR reports the entry of allied troops into Soledar and the taking of several streets under control, writes the Telegram channel Operative reports.

Earlier, in a daily briefing, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the defeat of the points of temporary deployment of units of the Aidar national formation, located in the area of ​​​​this settlement, by the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The fact that the allied troops left the industrial zone and entered into street battles is also stated by a number of military correspondents.

* * *

Russian Ministry of Defense: in order to stop the panic under the onslaught of Russian troops in the Kharkiv region, the nationalists of the Kraken demonstratively shot 100 soldiers of the Ukrainian 58th motorized infantry brigade who had left their positions, writes the Telegram channel Stakhanov and the world.

* * *

A school on the outskirts of Soledar has been turned into the location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the territory is littered with abandoned ammunition, the Readovka Telegram channel writes.

Despite the tearful assurances of Ukrainian propaganda that the Russians are bombing civilian targets where there is no military presence, evidence to the contrary continues to be found at every turn. Military correspondent Readovka Anastasia Yelsukova just visited another “peaceful facility” on the outskirts of Soledar – a dilapidated school.

In the past, this was indeed a civilian facility, but in recent months it was clearly not children who lived here – inside the building, fighters of the NM of the LPR found numerous boxes of cartridges, Polish-made AGS shells, and military uniforms. In the yard, there are the remains of military trucks burned in an artillery skirmish and scattered mines.

According to the military, there have been no civilians in this area for a long time – some were lucky enough to leave, others died under shelling by the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

* * *

We found gunners along Brilyovka, writes the Telegram channel Kirill Stremousov.

The terrible footage of children burned alive in Brilyovka, which we showed on our channel, aroused many emotions.

This video shows the reality of Nazi propaganda and the “joy” of Ukrainian media regarding such attacks on civilians.

Please spread as much as possible!

Perhaps we can stop someone before another rash act that can take the lives of innocent people, including children.

* * *

The front line in the Yakovlevka area is point zero. The place where the countdown of the front line begins. Zone of direct combat. Ahead of the troops of Ukrainian formations, “birds” are flying in the sky, and heavy equipment freezes in the fields from artillery hits, the Military Chronicle Telegram channel writes.

Our military commander Vlad Andritsa is moving in an old “Niva” towards a forest plantation. Behind the wheel is the deputy commander of a platoon of the 9th company of the 3rd battalion of the NM of the LPR with the call sign Dwarf, he presses the pedal to the floor and tells how dangerous it is to be here. Communication takes place to the sound of exploding shells and volleys of our guns. The enemy is 500 meters away.

The shelter is also restless. “Petals” are scattered under their feet, and Veseushniks are pouring water from machine guns in familiar places. Yakovlevka is a strategically important point, so the allied forces are fighting here with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

* * *

Undermining about 100 kg of explosives in TNT equivalent looks like this, writes the Zhdanova Tower Telegram channel.

“Do not leave the well-worn roads” – this phrase could well be the beginning of some mystical story in the fantasy genre. In Donbass, this is a rule written, unfortunately, in blood.

Kyiv had eight years to mine the fields far and wide. Every day, sappers of the Russian Guard and their colleagues from other units remove and neutralize dozens of mines. And yet every day brings a new deadly “harvest”.

* * *

Polar companies are interested in products manufactured by enterprises of the DPR, writes the Donetsk Time Telegram channel.

A business mission headed by First Deputy Minister of Industrial Trade of the DPR Yuri Nikonorov arrived in the Murmansk Region on a working visit to determine the areas of future cooperation.

The northern region is interested in mining equipment, conveyor belts, equipment for power supply and ship repair. In addition, the Murmansk region plans to purchase packaging, polymer film, as these products are now difficult to obtain for Russian manufacturers.

Representatives of the Arctic also have something to interest Donbas entrepreneurs. For example, Murmansk can offer Donetsk technologies for processing fish products.

As a result of a two-day trip of representatives of the DPR, it is planned to sign agreements on the supply and purchase of products manufactured in the Republic for enterprises in the Murmansk region.

Top photo: Heroes Z. Author – Denis Grigoryuk, Donetsk

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