Aug 19, 2022
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Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and events in Ukraine August 19, day

The liberation of Maryinka is progressing well, writes the Telegram channel People’s Militia of the DPR.

The liberation of Marinka continues successfully, as a result of which more than two-thirds of the city is already under the control of the allied forces. Servicemen of the 107th battalion of the People’s Militia of the DPR showed the fortifications and strongholds recaptured from the enemy, which were taken thanks to the skillful and well-coordinated work of our fighters.

* * *

In the morning, the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the enemy barracks, which was located in a school in the city of Toretsk (Dzerzhinsk), writes Telegram channel Reporter Rudenko AT.

The enemy suffered heavy losses in manpower.

* * *

VGTRK reporter Andrey Rudenko @RtrDonetsk writes Specially for RT.

On the eve of Ukraine’s Independence Day, Zelensky needs victories. On August 24 people should be given at least something.

The activation of sabotage groups on the territory of Russia is one of the acts of the presentation called “Independence Day in Zelensky”. Each terrorist attack on our territory in Ukraine is presented as a real victory and is inflated to a universal scale by the main propagandists of the regime.

Attacks on the liberated territories of the DPR and LPR have also intensified. Starobelsk, Krasny Liman, Lisichansk – these are just a few of the cities I have listed that fell under the so-called festive bloody pie. HIMARS MLRS strikes claimed the lives of civilians, including children.

But knowledgeable people are sure that more than one “gift” for the Independence Day of Ukraine is still hidden in the stock of the bloody clown. The people of Ukraine do not even need bread – they need spectacles. And Zelensky will squeeze everything out, but will give the militarized society what it wants. And then the excited herd will drive to the slaughter under the slogans of imaginary victories.

* * *

The protection system of the Zaporozhye NPP has been strengthened, the evacuation plan has been prepared – now the radiation level at the plant is normal, the Telegram channel writes Readovka.

In connection with the provocation being prepared by the Kyiv regime, which was reported to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the authorities of the region have strengthened the protection system of the Zaporizhzhya NPP. The night shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during which at least seven shells were fired at Energodar, did not lead to damage at the Zaporizhzhya NPP – the CAA noted that the radiation level is now normal.

At that time, the Russian embassy in the United States noted that Washington’s unsubstantiated accusations of neglecting nuclear security issues were another unrestrained attempt to denigrate the Russian Federation. While the United States is flaunting sweeping statements, the Kyiv regime continues to systematically strike at the ZNPP using various weapons.

“Such irresponsible US rhetoric is pushing the Armed Forces of Ukraine to implement criminal plans that are fraught with a man-made disaster, the consequences of which Europe will have to cope with for many decades”— noted in the embassy.

Since the shelling of Energodar and the ZNPP itself by Ukraine does not stop, which threatens with a radioactive catastrophe, the authorities have developed an evacuation plan. The situation around the Zaporizhzhya NPP was also discussed at the meeting between Erdogan, Zelensky and Guterres – it was noted that the parameters of the IAEA mission to the ZNPP were agreed upon. At the same time, Kyiv’s intentions are clear – as Readovka found out, behind the attempts to arrange an accident at the plant, there is a desire to hide the real state of affairs at the nuclear power plant and not give an opportunity to check and analyze anything.

* * *

Ukrainian militants started the morning with the shelling of Gorlovka DPR, informs Telegram channel Operational reports.

9 shells with a caliber of 152 mm were fired at the city. As a result, a woman, an employee of the management company, died.

* * *

In Mariupol, our correspondent talked to a local boy, Bogdan. He told us how they survived in the city when the fighting was going on, and what the Ukrainian military did, writes the Telegram channel SIGNAL.

In one of the schools they organized their base. The Ukrainians panicked that their positions would be exposed and the locals might become spotters. Once they suspected a man of surveillance who was walking past the school after he had taken water home. He was dragged to the basement, beaten, however, later released.

Bogdan took us on an excursion to the hostel, which was equipped by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for their own needs. Here they lived, here were their positions. Civilians were herded into the basement.

On one of the floors, snipers worked on people who came to the pump for water – “so as not to crowd.” One man was even thrown home with a mine several times as a warning.

On the 9th floor of the hostel, the Ukrainian military set up a position from which they tried to shoot down a Russian plane. The result – the plane was not shot down, part of the floor was destroyed by return fire.

Bohdan also said that violators of the curfew in the city of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed indiscriminately: “execution on the spot.”

“Grads flew over us. Our house was just shaking. And then we wake up, we see a dark green uniform, and not her – the DPR! Great! We waited! We waited a long time”Bogdan says.

* * *

A perinatal center will be built in Donetsk, writes the Telegram channel Donetsk time.

Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR Government Yevgeny Solntsev said that work on the construction of a perinatal center will begin in Donetsk in the near future. This is an institution that provides all types of inpatient medical care in the field of obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, and, in particular, neonatal surgery.

“There are two specific projects, at the moment we are forming a medical and technical assignment and are already giving it to the builders. The Military Construction Company will build in Mariupol, and a single customer will build in Donetsk,” – the official shared his plans.

Recall that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to open a similar center in the DPR by the end of 2023.

In the title photo: Heroes Z. In the trenches I met people of absolutely different ages. There were even those who went to school at the beginning of the war in Donbass, and after completing their studies went to the trenches. There were also those who were only 19 years old in 2014, and now they have a huge military experience and a real army career behind them.
Author – Denis Grigoryuk, Donetsk

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