May 3, 2022
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Special military operation and events in Ukraine, May 3, day

The situation as of the morning of May 3, analytics from the Telegram channel Readovka.

At night in Belgorod, despite the alarming reports, it was relatively calm. The combat missions of the Aerospace Forces were carried out as part of a special military operation, the governor of the region said. Earlier it was reported that air defense systems were working.

In the north of the eastern front: the transfer of the most combat-ready units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Kharkov for sabotage continues. Near Kharkov there are fights in Russian Lozova and Kutuzovka. The withdrawal of forces to Russkaya Lozovaya and Tsirkuny exposed the front in Cossack Lopan: the RF Armed Forces managed to recapture two villages – Turovo and Makarovo – south of the settlement.

The situation near Liman also heavy for Ukrainian units. Near Oskol, in the area of ​​the reservoir, a group of 1,000 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been raking for several days. Allied forces entrenched themselves in Aleksandrovka and Stavki. The capture of Yampol made it possible to bypass Liman from the southeastern outskirts and occupy the triangle of roads Slavyansk – Liman – Seversk. The small villages of Dibrova and Ozernoye are in the gray zone. It is also reported that heavy self-propelled guns were transferred to Lozovaya by rail.

Near Svyatogorsk fighting is going on, but no one has yet entered the city itself. After the capture of Alexandrovka, the fighting shifted to the forest belt at the turn of Borogodichnaya – Pine – Yarovaya. The fiercest of all skirmishes near Bogorodichny.

The situation along the front Popasnaya – Bakhmut. remains stable. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine constantly sends its reserves to the aid of front-line units suffering losses. Losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine per day reach 50-70 people killed and wounded. Stubborn street battles are going on in the settlements of Zolote and Orekhovo.

In Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions During the day, the situation did not really change. In the area of ​​​​the settlement of Pokrovskoye, a warehouse of rocket and artillery weapons and ammunition was destroyed.

In the Azovstal area the evacuation continued until the Azov people broke the silence by starting shelling, ours answered, now it’s loud there. After the response of our artillery, a strong fire was observed.

In Odessa direction Today there were several important events. The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the Bayraktar drones at the airfield in Odessa. And also the Odessa bridge, through which fuel supplies from Romania go, was again “calibrated” by the Russian troops.

From the interesting: In the Kharkiv region, our troops attacked the 164th brigade of radio-technical intelligence of the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

* * *

Dmitry Medvedev – about what Zelensky will do.

Zelensky does not need any peace treaty.

For him, the world is the END.

Or a quick one – from the Nazis, who will hang him “on a gillyaku” for conspiring with Muscovites.

Or a slower one – from competitors who will achieve his removal as a president who lost the war.

This is confirmed by various mongrels around him, who yelp that there will be no peace treaty.

Therefore, Zelensky will continue:

1. Begging for money and weapons from the West, proving that he is in the game, that he is the hope of the liberal world, that he is the last bastion of European democracy, which the bear in the padded jacket wants to tear to pieces.

2. Simulate concern for the Ukrainians, periodically exposing them as a human shield in front of Bandera.

3. Send assassins to Russian journalists, posing as a cool liquidator.

4. Produce criminal fakes about the Russian military operation, using unfortunate citizens as consumables.

5. To act unshaven on camera and carry nonsense with eyes burning from stimulants.

Zelensky has no other way to stay in office.

If, of course, the position itself remains.

* * *

Every day in the LPR and DPR, more and more military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decide to lay down their arms and return to civilian life. The servicemen who surrendered are well aware that this is the only opportunity to see their families again, to return home alive.

* * *

Ukraine continues to be impudent and rude to the Germans. Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk called German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz a “offended liverwurst” because he is not eager to visit Kyiv. And Scholz does not burn with such a desire after Zelensky allowed himself to kick off German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, declaring that he was not expected in Kyiv. So Scholz fidgets – what if they say something insulting to him?

And they have already said – even in their native Germany.

Melnik is quoted by Der Spiegel as saying: “Playing offended liverwurst is not very state-of-the-art. This is the most brutal war of annihilation since the Nazi attack on Ukraine, this is not a kindergarten.”

Get lost, Germans! Keep helping Ukraine – you will hear something else.

* * *

Zelensky himself does not lag behind Melnik – he teaches Greece and Turkey to live.

In an interview with Greek television, the President of Ukraine went over both the Turkish government (which, obviously, was pleasing to Greek viewers) and the Greek government (which hardly delighted the Greeks), reports the Telegram channel Mediatechnologist.

The fact is that Vladimir Alexandrovich did not like the active preparations of these two countries for the holiday season and the acceptance of Russian tourists. According to the Ukrainian president, the Russians will bring blood money to Turkey and Greece.

We would like to note that Kyiv’s sanctions lobbying has long gone beyond the concept of “make Russia and the Russians worse off,” since the Russian economy turned out to be more stable than expected and the sanctions do not have a strong effect on it. Therefore, Kyiv is now acting within the framework of the concept of “making things worse for the allies”, lobbying for the rejection of Russian energy carriers, and now Russian tourists.

While this is even working, European politicians in all seriousness are campaigning for citizens of their countries to dress warmer and wash less often as a sign of support for Ukraine, but in the warm season these are not particularly big sacrifices, but this is where calls to abandon key sectors of the economy can lead, just to Zelensky It was nice, we’ll find out as soon as possible.

Our forecast is:

Greece, as one of the main recipients of the EU, can be bent, since Athens, mired in debt, has lost a significant part of its subjectivity. But Erdogan will send Vladimir Alexandrovich to all Turkish hell, since this man always thought first of all about the welfare of his country.

* * *

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, distinguished himself with threats against Hungary:

“Hungary was warned by Putin that there would be an attack on our country. You saw her attitude. She believed that she could take part of the territory. Well, we will see what the consequences will be for this country.”.

Recall that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban appeared in the database of the scandalous Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist.”

* * *

Regarding the fugitive Canadian general Trevor Kadier, who was either found or detained while trying to escape from Azovstal – writes Telegram channel Rybar.

An attempt to escape was made yesterday: in fact, the whole idea with humanitarian corridors was conceived in order to start a fuss and, under the guise of refugees, allow foreign specialists to dissolve.

Trevor Kadier is a perfect example of a “retiree”. The general, who was expected to take a leading position in the Canadian Armed Forces, finds himself tainted with scandal as part of the struggle for a valuable seat, and as soon as the war begins in Eastern Europe, he loudly shouts “Glory to Ukraine!”

Sounds fantastic, don’t you think?

But this story was believed, it was actively promoted, the details of the sexual scandal were savored in order to create the maximum informational noise behind which one could hide the nuances.

– Such people just like ordinary mercenaries and even instructors, having quit the army overnight, never go anywhere to go to war.

– The very fact of the presence of a “retired” general among some neo-Nazi unit “Azov”, elite from the point of view of the collective West, is a bomb. First of all, for the Western world. The general, aiming for the chair of the commander-in-chief of the entire Canadian Armed Forces, among neo-Nazis (if presented correctly) is a very strong and win-win PR move for a Western audience.

– In addition to Kadia, there should be other specialists at Azovstal. Simply because for the sake of ordinary civilians in the bomb shelter at Azovstal, the collective West would not lift a finger: no one would arrange such a dance with a tambourine.

* * *

The main thing from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation May 3, day:

– High-precision Onyx missiles in the ODESSA region struck a logistics center at a military airfield through which foreign weapons were delivered. Hangars with Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as missile weapons and ammunition from the United States and European countries, were destroyed.

– High-precision air-based missiles during the night of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit six military facilities in Ukraine. Among them: a protected command post, an ammunition depot near the settlement of SLATINO, as well as four areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment.

– Operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 69 strongholds, areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– The command posts of the 81st Airmobile Brigade in the area of ​​the settlement of DOLINA and the 77th Territorial Defense Brigade in the area of ​​PODOLOVKI of the Kharkov region were hit by missile forces.

Also in the KULBAKINO area of ​​the Nikolaev region, the launcher of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed.

– Artillery units hit 54 artillery firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 38 strongholds, as well as 195 areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment. Up to 230 nationalists and 52 units of weapons and military equipment were destroyed.

– Russian air defense systems destroyed six Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles overnight in the areas of settlements: BEREZOVKA in the Odessa region, BORSCHEVAYA and CHERNESCHINA in the Kharkiv region, BARVINOK in the Kherson region and MIKHAILOVKA in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

In addition, a Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missile was shot down in the air in the DMITROVKA area and two Smerch multiple rocket launchers were shot down in the IZYUM area.

In the title photo: “We were driving around Mariupol somehow…”. The fighters who destroy the Azov Nazis in Mariupol are working under the Banner of Victory. The eve of May 9 is very symbolic. Author – Denis Grigoryuk

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