May 2, 2022
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Special military operation and events in Ukraine, May 2, day

The situation as of the morning of May 2, analytics from the Telegram channel Readovka.

The key events were new attacks on the border areas with Ukraine. There was an arrival at the ammunition depot near Belgorod. “On the border of three municipalities – Borisov and Belgorod districts and Yakovlevsky urban district, a fire occurred at the facility of the Ministry of Defense” – said the governor of the Belgorod region.

The support of the railway bridge in the Kursk region was also destroyed. Governor Roman Starovoit confirmed the version of sabotage, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case under the article “terrorist act”. Investigators and recovery teams are currently working at the site of the explosion.

In Ukraine, a whole event was made out of the destruction of the bridge, and they have already begun to discuss what to do with the captured Belgorod region. As you might guess, these attacks did not deliver serious damage to Russia. The centers of information and psychological operations operating in Ukraine and Poland need to portray at least some kind of victory in order to maximally camouflage the topic of the monstrous losses of the Ukrainian army on the fronts.

And, meanwhile, the losses are growing every day. Daily analytics on this subject from the Telegram channel Rybar.

For the same purpose – to hide losses – fakes are dispersed. Yesterday, Ukrainian propaganda threw in another tale about “the wounding of the head of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces Gerasimov near Izyum”, and in the evening she herself denied her own fake. Like the legend about the “ghost of Kyiv” – the Ukrainian defense department said that it was a “collective image.” By the way, Daily mail online managed to suddenly bury this very “ghost”, saying that he had shot down forty Russian aircraft. Against the backdrop of Ukraine’s aviation losses these days, an attempt to glorify the non-existent “Phantom of Kyiv” is so-so. However, knowledgeable people say that the West, together with Kyiv, are trying to divert attention from the news that slipped into the press that Ukrainian pilots will begin (or have already begun) to train on the F-16 with stories about this character.

The front continues to seethe. “Yes, it is to seethe. In some places there is an advance, local breakthroughs of the enemy defense, but in general, the enemy is being crushed at pre-occupied lines. Good activity in the Slavic direction, where the front is moving from north to south. The enemy suffered serious losses near Yampol and was forced to retreat. There are active battles in the Krasny Liman area.

At the same time, the front is moving from Izyum to the north, in the area of ​​​​n. n. Dolgenkoe. If these movements continue in a northerly direction, then Slavyansk will be in a semicircle. After breaking through Yampol and clearing the Krasny Liman, the troops will most likely move to n. Nikolaevka settlement. According to the relief, this village is located on a hill in relation to Slavyansk “ Daniil Bezsonov, First Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR, said.

On the Donetsk direction our troops continue to crush the enemy on the previously broken section of the front between Gorlovka and Yasinovataya, bypassing the grouping defending in Avdiivka on the left flank. At the same time, they managed to break through the enemy’s defensive lines in the area of ​​Avdiivka itself. Also, fighting continues in the village of Marinka. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are chaotically striking, under heavy fire Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya and Yenakiyevo. Ukrainian troops are hitting residential areas and infrastructure from large-caliber mortars and MLRS “GRAD”. There are victims. The railway infrastructure of Yasinovataya was again at the epicenter of Ukrainian fire.

In the Zaporozhye regionthere are no special advances in the area of ​​Ugledar, Velyka Novosyolka and Gulyaipol, but simultaneously with the grinding of the enemy, we are accumulating forces in several sectors of the front for a breakthrough to the north. Two Ukrainian S-300 complexes were destroyed in the area of ​​Artyomovsk and Zaporozhye.

Mariupol gradually returns to normal. Yesterday, the evacuation of civilians from the territory of the Azovstal plant continued. It is reported that 80 people left in the new group.

All released civilians were evacuated to the village of Bezymennoe in the Donetsk People’s Republic, where they were provided with accommodation, food and the necessary medical assistance.– noted in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Those who wanted to leave for the areas controlled by the Kyiv regime were handed over to representatives of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

On the southern front positional battles on the border of the Nikolaev region. Arrivals in Nikolaev.

Our military sent a video review of the destroyed S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a missile guidance radar.

* * *

The forces of the armed formations of Ukraine were squeezed out into the northwestern part of the city of Popasnaya, said the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR, Ivan Filiponenko.

“During the cleansing of the liberated areas, the units discovered a basement in which the nationalist formations of Ukraine were holding 20 civilians hostage. Young people were intimidated with threats to kill relatives and friends, forcing them to take up arms and go to the slaughter against units of the People’s Militia of the LPR, buying time for the nationalists to retreat. All the rescued civilians were evacuated from the combat zone and provided with medical assistance,” Filiponenko said.

* * *

Dmitry MEDVEDEV on new enemies of Ukraine:

Ukraine is more and more unceremoniously sitting down with its beefy Western Lend-Lease body right on the neck of European sponsors. Americans are still afraid.

It is clear that there are always few weapons, mercenaries and money. Greedy European leaders don’t want to shell out the right amount. They do not appreciate the Square, which stands at the forefront of the fight against the tyranny of the Russian world. Now European leaders are being added to the proscription lists of the Peacemaker website. Leaders such as Croatian President Zoran Milanovic and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban got there. Like the orphans do not understand their happiness, they do not love Ukraine in full force. Here you go, now you are our enemies! Suffer!

At such a rate, soon, right in the European capitals, the Ukrainian Nazis will personally carry out reprisals against objectionable bosses and “separate the lambs from the goats.” Decide who will not enter the happy Ukrainophile tomorrow. So the presidents and prime ministers of France, Germany, Italy and others – beware. You are suspect too!

* * *

The main thing for the day from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, May 2, day:

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

– High-precision air-launched missiles hit 38 Ukrainian military facilities in a day. Among them:

four control points,

30 strongholds, areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment,

three depots of rocket and artillery weapons in the areas of PERVOMAISKOE and ILYCHYOVKA settlements.

Also destroyed: anti-aircraft missile system “Osa AKM” and a battery of multiple launch rocket systems in the area of ​​ARKHANGELOVKA.

– Operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 27 strongholds, areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as a depot of rocket and artillery weapons and ammunition near the village of CHERVONOE, Zaporozhye region. Up to 160 personnel and 26 units of Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed.

– During the day, the missile forces hit nine strongholds and areas of concentration of manpower and equipment, as well as the Ukrainian battery of BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems and an artillery battery in firing positions.

– Artillery units hit:

26 control points,

78 strong points,

359 areas of concentration of manpower and equipment,

67 artillery firing positions.

Six ammunition depots, up to 280 personnel and 43 units of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed.

– During the day, Russian air defense systems destroyed 10 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the areas of the settlements of VESELOYE, BORSCHEVO and BALAKLEYA in the Kharkiv region, KYSELYOVKA in the Kherson region, MAYAK in the Zaporozhye region, DOCUCHAYEVSK, KORSUN and KHANZHONKOVO of the Donetsk People’s Republic, as well as in the area of ​​the city of LUGANSK.

– Two Tochka-U tactical missiles were shot down in the area of ​​the PETROVSKOE settlement of the Luhansk People’s Republic, and a SMERCH rocket projectile was destroyed in the DONETSKOE area.

– During the air battle in the area of ​​SLAVYANSK, a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter was shot down.

* * *

On April 30, the Kyiv security forces shelled from the Grad MLRS damaged and destroyed about 15 residential buildings in Stakhanov. This was reported to the city administration.

Two men were killed in the shooting.

“The main blow fell on the private sector. According to preliminary information, about 15 residential buildings were destroyed, there are direct hits,” the statement said.

In the title photo: Remember Odessa, May 2, 2014…

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