May 11, 2022
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Special military operation and events in Ukraine May 12, morning

Writes Telegram channel Older than Edda:

– [Накануне] during the offensive of our troops on the settlement of DOLGENKOE, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made another attempt to stage the use of chemical weapons by the Russian military.

On the night before the offensive, the Armed Forces delivered a car with a tank filled with an unknown substance to their positions. The tank was painted to look like a regular tanker and identified as a target by a Russian UAV operator.

During artillery preparation, it was destroyed. But instead of the usual explosion, a huge column of orange smoke was visible on the monitors of objective control. Probably, soon all Ukrainian media will distribute beautiful footage taken from the ground in this settlement, with the wounded and comments about chemical munitions allegedly used by Russian troops.

However, any expert in the field of chemistry will determine that, based on the color, speed and height of the spread of smoke, this composition is not similar to any chemical warfare agent, but can easily be given out by Ukrainian propaganda to viewers for it.

* * *

Offensive on Donbass from the north: situation by 17.00 on May 11, 2022 from Telegram channel Rybar:

The Ukrainian command, after breaking through the defense in the BELOGOROVKA area, is looking for ways to contain the advance of the RF Armed Forces in the Liman and Soledar directions

– In Novoselovka, according to local residents, units of the RF Armed Forces entered. Fighting resumed in Shandrigolovo. From the outskirts of Liman, active artillery fire is being fired at the positions of the allied forces. To the south of YAMPOL, the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was broken through: forests and fields around Ozerny were occupied.

– There are unconfirmed reports of a breakthrough of the enemy’s defenses from the side of PAPASNA after an attack on the command and observation post of the 24th Ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the vicinity of the settlement. Part of the Ukrainian forces retreated in the direction of LOSKUTOVKA.

– The Armed Forces of Ukraine are strengthening near GORSKY, waiting for the breakthrough of the defensive lines near Orekhovo from NOVOSHKOTOVSKY.

– At the front, the work of several radar stations was recorded. In Katerinovka, the AN / TPQ-36 Firefinder counter-battery radar is located, in the area north of Avdiivka, the AN / TPQ-50 LCMR radar. In New York AN / TPQ-36, and in Toretsk AN / TPQ-48.

– A partial rotation of units in this area was carried out by the forces of the 102nd from Ivano-Frankivsk and the 103rd territorial defense brigades from Rivne regions. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that several dozen mobilized servicemen of the 103rd Territorial Defense Brigade refused to perform tasks due to lack of experience and the necessary equipment.

In PAPASNA they took prisoners from the units of the Lviv Territorial Defense. The total irreplaceable losses in the 101st Territorial Defense Brigade exceeded 600 people.

– The most combat-ready units of the 54th and 110th brigade are suffering heavy losses near Kurakhovo, Kamenka and Novobakhmutovka.

For the completion of the brigades, there is a forced mobilization of citizens from the nearby regions of Ukraine. At the same time, preparation for dispatch takes no more than one week due to the urgent need for manpower. Moreover, due to the constant missile strikes and the activities of the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the number of irretrievable losses is growing. At present, the transfer of combat units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with equipment from other regions to this direction is being considered.

– Organized the supply of weapons and ammunition to the front lines. Over the past two days, trains with ammunition and diesel fuel arrived at the Udachnoye station. Unloading was carried out at night.

* * *

Writes Telegram channel Denazification U.A.:

During the shelling by Ukrainian militants of the village of SOLOKHI in the Belgorod region of the eponymous region, one civilian was killed. “According to confirmed information, at the moment one person has died, died in an ambulance, and three are injured, they are receiving all the necessary assistance.”, — said the Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov

* * *

In the Kharkiv region, the SBU blew up a tank with ammonium nitrate, there were no casualties, the Ministry of Defense reported, the Telegram channel writes Readovka.

According to the statement of the defense department, Ukrainian nationalists under the leadership of the SBU blew up a storage facility with fertilizers near the settlement DOLGENKOE in the Kharkiv region. They pursued the goal of poisoning the local population and blaming the Russian army for this.

What else was reported in the Ministry of Defense:

– in the Kramatorsk-Slavyansk urban agglomeration, the Armed Forces of Ukraine equipped a fortified area with large stocks of weapons and ammunition. The equipment was placed in densely populated areas, and the inscriptions “Attention! Children!”, “Children are here! Do not shoot!”;

– in residential areas and on the territory of more than ten large industrial enterprises in KRAMATORSK and SLAVYANSK, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blocked over 90 thousand civilians, hiding behind them as a “human shield”. The tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of turning cities into fortresses are completely copied from the tactics of the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War;

– militants of the territorial defense of Ukraine at the exit from the city of Dnipro through the Kaydaksky bridge let the population in the direction of the Kharkiv region and the DPR only for money – they demand $ 200 per person, which is an unbearable price for the majority of the population. It is also reported that the bridge is mined.

* * *

Briefing of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the results of the analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine:

– The Russian Defense Ministry has information about the Pentagon’s experiments on Ukrainian citizens in a mental hospital near Kharkov;

– The United States tried to hide its participation in biological experiments on patients in a mental hospital in Ukraine;

– Ukraine is a testing ground for the West for the development of biological weapons components and testing of new samples of pharmaceuticals;

– Counterfeit money widespread in the LPR in 2020 was infected with a strain of tuberculosis resistant to anti-tuberculosis drugs;

– The collection of Ukrainian biomaterials by epidemiologists of the Institute of the Bundeswehr confirms the military focus of research in Ukraine.

On the main photo: Denazification of Azovstal

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