Nov 19, 2021
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Spanish metallurgists go on strike, fight police and do not trust the authorities

In Cadiz, Spain, workers took to the streets to demand higher wages amid rising inflation and food prices in the European Union. The demonstrators smashed cars, burned car tires, and clashed with the police. The police used rubber bullets and truncheons to disperse them.

Minister of Economy Nadia Calbino (Nadia Calvin) urged workers to end the violence, but protesters do not believe the authorities, suspecting the government of wanting to stifle the protest without making concessions. “The situation has reached an impasse. There are no phone calls or other signs that [власти] intend to enter into negotiations with us “– said the head of regional trade unions Juan Linares (Juan Linares)

Later, the negotiations did take place, but they did not give any result. The mayor of Cadiz came out to the protesters Jose Maria Gonzalez, but he could not achieve anything either. To the applause of the residents of nearby houses, who came out onto the balconies to support the protesters, the workers moved towards the building of the Federation of Metallurgical Industrialists, where they erected a barricade.

In October, the inflation rate in Spain reached 5.5%. The financial assistance provided by Germany and the EU did not affect the economic recovery. Berlin demands from Madrid radical cuts in social programs. In 2020, the rate of decline of the Spanish economy reached the rates of the Civil War (11%) of the 1930s. At the same time, the German press reported that during the period of the program for providing financial assistance to Spain, the German side also earned more than € 1 billion in interest.

The workers of Cadiz intend to continue the strike. They said that from November 19, their protest will become indefinite and will continue until their demands are met by the leadership of the metallurgical industry.

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